Chapter 409: I’m Back (3)

“You’re most welcome,” said Elder Qi in a hurry.
“I wonder, where are your brother and your father, Miss Yun Feng?”

Yun Feng thought for a moment.
“My brother is probably in the Masang School of Magic.
My father should be in Chunfeng Town.” Yun Feng knew her family quite well.
Yun Jing had indeed returned to Chunfeng Town.

The dragons will take care of everything.
Don’t worry, Miss Yun Feng.”

The dragons were quite efficient.
Soon, they reported that both Yun Sheng and Yun Jing had been informed of her safety.
Yun Feng was greatly relieved.
She could imagine how happy her brother and father were when they learned that she was still alive.
She stayed with the dragons, less worried, but there was one other thing that she was concerned about, which was the Karan Empire.

The Karan Empire didn’t do anything to the Yun family in the past three years, maybe because it was still waiting to confirm her death.
Yun Feng knew that her brother and father wouldn’t tell everybody that she was still alive.
The Karan Empire would surely do something to the Yun family.
It may be a chance for the Yun family to break free from the Karan Empire!

“Fengfeng, what’s on your mind?” Qu Lanyi spouted hot air on Yun Feng’s cheeks and leaned closer to her.
Ever since Yun Feng recognized Qu Lanyi’s gender, he seemed to have become even stickier, and approached her intimately now and then.
Yun Feng gloomily dodged.
However, just like every time, Qu Lanyi followed her and held her in his arms.

“Qu Lanyi, let go of me!” Yun Feng roared.
Qu Lanyi, however, simply chuckled and stroked Yun Feng’s cheeks.
“Fengfeng, we’ve known each other for a long time.
Why are you so shy? I’ve seen everything I should and shouldn’t.”

Yun Feng blushed again.
Qu Lanyi seemed to love teasing her, and wouldn’t stop until she was like a little hedgehog that was pricking its spines.
Meatball bared its fangs on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Seeing that, Qu Lanyi immediately released Yun Feng.
“Meatball, what are you doing? I’m Fengfeng’s.”

Yun Feng turned gloomy again.
“Qu Lanyi, you’re not mine!”

Qu Lanyi chuckled, with an attractive expression on his face.
“Then you’re mine.”

Yun Feng didn’t know what to do with Qu Lanyi.
She would rather not say anything, as he would find a way to take advantage of her anyway.
After making fun of Yun Feng, Qu Lanyi suddenly put on a solemn expression and sat straight, “When do you plan to go, Fengfeng?”

Yun Feng glanced at him.
“When Uncle Flirtatious comes back.
He’s the only one who can open the barriers of the Dragon Valley.” I would’ve already left if it weren’t for you.

“Do you want to see him?” said Qu Lanyi sullenly in a male voice, lowering his head.
Yun Feng was dazed for a moment.
“I want to go too, but we cannot leave just yet.”

“If we can leave, do you want to?” asked Qu Lanyi again.
Yun Feng looked at him.
“Of course.
I’ll certainly go.”

Qu Lanyi suddenly smiled delightedly.
His handsome and alluring features became even more tempting with the smile.
Yun Feng’s heart raced as she watched, and moved her eyes aside in a hurry.

“Girl!” Ao Jin’s voice came from far away.
Then, the room’s door was pushed open.
The man emerged with glittering golden hair.

“Girl, you want to go?” Ao Jin walked to Yun Feng.
The dust on his clothes indicated that he had just returned.
Yun Feng nodded.
“I’m concerned for my brother and father.
The Karan Empire might do something too.”

Ao Jin considered for a few seconds and nodded.
“Alright, I’ll go back with you.”

“Uncle Flirtatious, there must be a lot of things here that you need to attend to.
You should…”

“Cut the nonsense! When I say I’m going with you, I will.
Let’s go.
Aren’t you worried for them? Let’s go now!” Ao Jin grinned.
His handsome face was truly unfit for his bad temper.
He should’ve had a rougher face.

Qu Lanyi chuckled, and Yun Feng somehow felt cold.
“If so, let’s go.” Qu Lanyi came to Yun Feng and smiled at her while holding her hand.
Looking at their hands, Ao Jin somehow felt comfortable.


It had been three years since the Yun family moved back to Chunfeng Town from the capital.
It had been keeping an even lower profile.
Yun Jing was sitting in the meeting hall, with Wang Ming of the Red Maple Mercenary Team next to him.
Ever since the Red Maple Mercenary Team and the Yun family became close, Wang Ming had been freed from the duties on Shiny Plains and was responsible for protecting the Yun family.
Many of the ores that the Red Maple Mercenary Team earned every month was given to the Yun family, making the Yun Army stronger.

“Leader Yun, the Karan Royal Family seems to be taking action,” said Wang Ming to Yun Jing solemnly.
The Red Maple Mercenary Team had been spying on the Karan Royal Family.
Recently, the Karan Royal Family seemed to be doing something.
Randal and some men had gone missing.

Yun Jing remained silent at the host’s seat.
It was only a matter of time for the Karan Royal Family to deal with the Yun family.
Despite knowing that it was inevitable, Yun Jing still felt sad.
After all, the Yun family had been loyal to the royal family for hundreds of years.
Such an ending was truly tragic.

“Red Maple will send more men to ensure the Yun family’s safety.
As for Young Master Yun Sheng, it won’t be easy for us to intervene.”

Yun Jing nodded.
Sheng was still in the Masang School of Magic.
It was time to summon him back.
After all, the Masang School of Magic was the Karan Royal Family’s territory.
“Thank you for your efforts, Captain Wang.”

Wang Ming laughed.
“You’re too kind, Leader Yun! Red Maple will surely protect Young Lady’s family well!”

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