There were guests? Yun Feng raised her eyebrows in confusion and she quickly stepped out of the door silently, walking towards the main hall of the mansion of the Yun family.
After walking for a bit, Yun Feng heard a familiar voice from afar.

“Uncle Yun Jing, my father asked me to visit Chunfeng Town this time to talk to you about something.
I hope you will agree with it.”

Yun Jing narrowed her black eyes.
Wasn’t this the voice of that spoiled, willful Murong Ran she met in the Foggy Forest? What was she doing here?


In the main hall of the Yun family, Yun Jing was sitting in the main seat indifferently.
A charming little girl was sitting in a chair on his right.
She seemed to be a teenager only, but her facial features carried a hint of wisdom and her black eyes didn’t have the innocence that kids of this age should have, making her look very cunning.

The fact was, children on the Vast Continent were all precocious.
Under the cruel rule of survival of the fittest, children’s naive childhood was gone forever.

“Uncle Yun Jing, about the marriage arrangement between the Murong family and the Yun family, my father asked me to tell you something.
That was only a joke between old people.
Why take it seriously?”


Yun Jing sat in the main seat and his stern look didn’t move a bit.
Only his eyebrows twitched a few times.
He glanced at Murong Ran who was sitting next to him lightly.
Meanwhile, she was smiling, but there was great impatience in her eyes.

In fact, Murong Ran didn’t want to come to Chunfeng Town, especially when the thing her father asked her to do was to cancel the marriage arrangement between the Murong family and the Yun family.
Speaking of this marriage arrangement, Murong Ran was enraged.

The person who was engaged wasn’t someone else, but Yun Feng of the Yun family and Murong Ran’s brother, Murong Yuntian!

Who was Murong Yuntian? He was the top genius of the Murong family.
He was now sixteen and had become a level-5 warrior.
The status of Murong Yuntian in the Murong family was second only to those few senior members.
Apart from the senior members, everyone had to yield to Murong Yuntian and be obedient.
Murong Yuntian was someone who couldn’t be provoked even in the entire Park City!

And yet, the former leader of the Murong family, Murong Yuntian’s deceased grandpa, had a very close relationship with Yun Feng’s grandpa who had also passed away.
The old man of the Murong family ignored the opposition of everyone in the family and made this engagement with the Yun family forcibly.
This enraged all of the members of the Murong family at that time.

What family was the Yun family? It was a broken, declined family.
How could the Murong family become relatives by marriage with such a family? Let alone the problem of the Murong family’s face, their status didn’t match as well! Besides, the one who was engaged was Murong Yuntian.
If it was someone else, the Murong family would be fine with it, but it was Murong Yuntian, the future leader of the Murong family.
If he had to marry someone from the Yun family, the Murong family would lose face!


When the old man of the Murong family was still alive, the other members of the family couldn’t say anything.
Luckily, the two children were still young and they were far from reaching the suitable age for marriage.
After a few years when the old man of the Murong family and the old man of the Yun family both passed away, the Murong family was completely relieved.
Without the old man, they wouldn’t allow this marriage arrangement!


A while ago, they heard that Yun Feng of the Yun family was beaten to death by someone.
The Murong family was thrilled for some time.
That was great.
If she was dead, the marriage arrangement would naturally be cancelled.
However, they also had to observe formality, so the leader of the Murong family sent his daughter here to talk to the Yun family casually.
After all, Yun Feng was already dead and even the Yun family couldn’t do anything about it.
And yet, nobody had thought that Yun Feng would be alive!


If she was alive, the marriage arrangement certainly still held so the Murong family didn’t procrastinate anymore.
They told Murong Ran that it would be great if the Yun family agreed, but if they didn’t, she must cancel this marriage arrangement by all means!


Murong Ran sat there patiently.
Even though she was talking quite gently, the thoughts in her mind had been shown very clearly on her face.
Yun Jing sat in the main seat without saying a word.

The Murong family had truly overrated themselves.
What family was the Murong family? They were just a small family in a second-rate city.
And what about the Yun family? They were a glorious family that once stood on the top of the Karan Empire.
Even the royal family had to respect the members of the Yun family!


The Murong family wasn’t the only one who opposed the marriage arrangement between the Murong family and the Yun family.
The Yun family also disagreed with it.
Although the Yun family had declined by that time, Yun Jing still didn’t agree to make a marriage arrangement with the Murong family.
The pride in the bones of the members of the Yun family was still there.
The Murong family didn’t deserve to become relatives of the Yun family by marriage!

As the old man of the Yun family passed away, Yun Jing had already forgotten about this marriage arrangement between his family and the Murong family.
If Murong Ran didn’t come for a visit all of a sudden, he really didn’t remember it and he also wouldn’t want this marriage arrangement to proceed forcibly as the Murong family thought.

“Uncle Yun Jing, think about it.
How can the Yun family climb on the Murong family? If the Yun family has any difficulties, the Murong family can offer you some money for the sake of the friendship between our old men.” Murong Ran said with a hint of disdain in her black eyes.
It was hard to believe that she could say something so unpleasant at such a young age.

Murong Ran couldn’t help but feel a bit angry when she saw Yun Jing remained silent.
Was the Yun family so thick-skinned that they were thinking of clinging on the Murong family? They were just a declined family and they wanted to climb to a higher branch of the tree.
Weren’t they afraid that they would fall and die accidentally?

“Yun Jing! I call you uncle only because you’re a senior to me.
The Yun family has never thought about if Yun Feng deserves my brother.
Does the Yun family deserve to be relatives of the Murong family by marriage?” Murong Ran stood up from the chair and her aggressive words made Yun Jing frown slightly.
The person before him was a junior.
Even though she was so disrespectful, he didn’t say anything as well.

“Murong Ran, my father’s not arguing with you only because you’re a junior.
Don’t press your luck.” A cold voice came.
Yun Jing turned around in shock and saw the figure walking in.

“Yun Feng!” Murong Ran’s face tightened and darkened a bit.
She was even more enraged especially when she saw that white meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder.

Yun Feng came over and smiled at the poker-faced father who had been remaining silent.
She then stood in front of Murong Ran.
She heard everything Murong Ran said.
Great, it looked like the Murong family was looking for trouble.

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