Chapter 408: I’m Back (2)

She searched her bracelet, and noticed a round white ball.
The next moment, Meatball had dashed out of the space.
Its fur glistened under the sunlight.
After it came out, it jerked and raised its little head dizzily.
It opened its big eyes, and there was nothing but sleepiness in them.

Yun Feng smiled.
So, Meatball had taken a good sleep in the past three years too! She flicked Meatball’s forehead.
Meatball shivered, and was about to bite her finger, but after recognizing that it was Yun Feng who flicked it, it jumped to Yun Feng’s shoulder.
“Nana, nana…” It kept murmuring.
It must’ve been worrying for Yun Feng for a long time.

Yun Feng rubbed Meatball’s furry body, and it kept nuzzling against her face, making her itchy.
Little Fire looked at Meatball in disdain.
“What a sycophant,” It said in a low voice, but Meatball widened its eyes and nuzzled again.

Right, she needed to contact her father and brother and inform them that she was fine.
They must be very anxious during the three years! She immediately took out the Sound Transmission Jade, only to find that it was not working.
After trying a few times, Yun Feng finally confirmed that the Sound Transmission Jade was useless in the Dragon Valley.
It seemed that she must leave the Dragon Valley and return to the human world as soon as possible.

She patted her clothes and stood up.
Taking a deep breath, she filled her body with the air of lightness, and rose into the sky.
She looked around at the palaces, and found the meeting hall based on her memories.
Little Fire and Lan Yi both rose and accompanied her.
All three of them flew towards the meeting room.

Inside the meeting hall, the Black Dragons and the Red Dragons were discussing something.
When Ao Jin was out, these two factions managed the clan as usual.
Elder Qi and Yan Ting had been arguing, when they suddenly changed their expression.
They rose and shouted, “Who dares to break into the Dragon Valley?” Both of them ran out, only to be astonished to see Yun Feng.

“Are you… Yun Feng?” asked Elder Qi uncertainly.

Yun Feng landed from the sky and smiled at Elder Qi.
“Elder Qi, I am.
I must thank the dragons for looking after me.”

Leaving aside what Xiao Ling and Yan Yu did to her, the dragons had indeed protected her during the three years, and she must express her gratitude.
Both Elder Qi and Yan Ting detected that Yun Feng was releasing an aura that was even more powerful than theirs! Both of them had complicated feelings.
This girl was obviously much more mature and strong than the last time they met.
Even Ao Jin, the most talented Young Master of the dragons, couldn’t keep up with her…

With envy and jealousy, Elder Qi and Yan Ting both smiled.
They wanted to have such a talented descendant too, but unfortunately… “It’s great that you’re fine.
You must be here for the Young Master, right?” asked Elder Qi.
He was quite friendly to Yun Feng.

Yun Feng nodded.
“I’m here to tell Uncle Flirtatious… Uncle Ao Jin that I’m going back.”

Elder Qi’s cheeks cramped.
The most handsome Young Master of the dragons was called uncle.
That was true… “Miss Yun Feng, Young Master is on a business trip.
I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for him to return.
Only he can open the barriers of the Dragon Valley.”

Yun Feng furrowed her brows.
So, Uncle Flirtatious had already left.
No wonder she didn’t see him.
She had planned to say goodbye to him and then leave, but it seemed that she had to wait.
She smiled.
“Okay then.
Then I’ll just go back.”

It was actually easy for Yun Feng to go.
She could leave via the Teleportation Array in the Dragon Palace.
However, she wasn’t the only one with the dragons; there was also Qu Lanyi.
Remembering the man who had been pretending to be a woman, Yun Feng blushed again.
She couldn’t leave him here.
The dragons always disliked humans, and only tolerated her because of Uncle Flirtatious.
If she left, Qu Lanyi would be in danger.

Yun Feng frowned.
She was eager to tell her father and brother that she was safe, yet she couldn’t leave just yet.
That was truly…

“Is there anything that bothers you, Miss Yun Feng?” asked Elder Qi, seeing that Yun Feng was frowning.
Yun Feng came back to herself and smiled.
I wanted to tell my family that I’m fine, but it seems that the Sound Transmission Jade doesn’t work in the Dragon Valley.”

“Naturally, human beings’ items do not work in the Dragon Valley,” said Yan Ting.
He glanced at Yun Feng.
“If you need, the dragons can send a message for you.”

Yun Feng was quite surprised.
Back then, Yan Ting was quite condescending.
Why had his attitude changed so much? Yun Feng didn’t know that it was because of her own change.
She left a deep impression on the two old dragons, who knew that she wasn’t simple.
Yun Feng was even stronger than them.
How could they remain condescending?

“Elder Yan is right.
Whatever you need, Miss Yun, the dragons can help you.”

“Isn’t Uncle Ao Jin the only one who can open the barriers?”

Elder Qi smiled.
“Don’t worry about that, Miss Yun Feng.
The barriers are meant to prevent outsiders from breaking in.
The dragons have our own passages, but they’re not accessible for you, because only the dragons may pass through.

Yun Feng nodded.
She couldn’t leave just yet, but she was worried for her brother and father.
Since the dragons were willing to help, she might as well ask them to give a hand.
“Thank you, Elder Qi.
Please tell my father, Yun Jing, and my brother, Yun Sheng, that I’m safe.”

“Is that all?” asked Yan Ting.
Yun Feng smiled.
My father and my brother must’ve been worried for me while I was missing in the past three years.
I want to tell them I’m safe.
I wouldn’t have asked for your help if the Sound Transmission Jade was usable here.”

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