Chapter 407: I’m Back (1)

Yun Feng looked at Qu Lanyi’s flat chest, which didn’t carry any female characteristics.
She immediately turned gloomy.
“Qu Lanyi, you are a man?”

Holding his chest, Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng sorrowfully.
“I never said I was a woman.”

Yun Feng was almost lost for words.
“But you… you lived in a girl’s dormitory!”

“I’ve always been alone.
They simply assigned me to a girl’s dormitory.
There was nothing I could do.” Qu Lanyi shrugged, and leaned close to her, holding his chest.
Seeing that, Yun Feng tried to dodge, but Qu Lanyi extended his arm and grabbed Yun Feng’s wrist.

“Fengfeng, I’ve been looking after you for three years while you were asleep.
I changed your clothes, helped you shower, fed you food, and treated your wounds.
I’ve seen and touched everything I should and shouldn’t have.
It’s impossible for me to undo any of that.” Qu Lanyi held Yun Feng by her wrist and spoke.
Yun Feng’s face became redder and redder, until it almost looked like a red apple.

Qu Lanyi chuckled and bent forward, putting his stunning face right in front of Yun Feng.
Before Yun Feng could do anything.
he had laid his lips on hers.
Yun Feng shivered, with anger and awkwardness in her eyes.
Qu Lanyi put on a smile.
“Naturally, I didn’t forget to kiss here.”

“QU LANYI!” Yun Feng gnashed her teeth, with fury glowing in her eyes.
She withdrew her hand from Qu Lanyi’s, and pushed him away heavily.
With a smile, Qu Lanyi moved back cooperatively, but the towel on his waist fell to the ground at some point.

Yun Feng was completely dumbfounded.

Qu Lanyi stood in front of Yun Feng at ease, not feeling awkward at all.
His attractive body was fully exposed.
There was no flaw on his body at all.
Qu Lanyi was very beautiful when he pretended to be a woman, and when he was a man.

Qu Lanyi was wearing a smile the whole time, and didn’t care at all that he was naked.
He even shook what was between his legs and winked.
“Fengfeng, are you satisfied with your husband’s body?”

Yun Feng’s face was like boiling water.
She was reddened from her forehead to her neck.
There even seemed to be steam popping up on her head.
She quickly closed her eyes, but she couldn’t forget the man’s perfect body anymore.

That goddamn b*stard! What did he do to her? If they had lived the past three years like that… Qu Lanyi chuckled, and picked up the towel that he had “accidentally” dropped.
He then opened the door to the bathroom.
Yun Feng was still sitting tightly, with her eyes closed and her teeth gritted.
Qu Lanyi put on a smile.
“Fengfeng, you must keep your husband’s identity a secret, otherwise…”

Qu Lanyi chuckled.
Yun Feng didn’t open her eyes until the door was closed.
The sound of flowing water came from inside the bathroom again, mixed with someone’s whistle.
Yun Feng blushed again, and remembered how Qu Lanyi called himself.
Your husband… What a jerk!

Yun Feng looked at her new clothes.
She was quite positive that what Qu Lanyi said did happen.
She opened the door angrily, and saw many familiar buildings outside.
She thought for a long time, and then realized that they were the dragons’ palaces!

Did Uncle Flirtatious save her? Yun Feng wondered.
She had already left the room.
There was nobody near Yun Feng’s room.
Ao Jin had announced that whoever disturbed Yun Feng would be skinned.
Thanks to his warning, none of the dragons dared to approach this place.
They didn’t dare to examine what was going on here except when they were delivering food.

Yun Feng walked for a long time and didn’t see anyone.
She intended to ask where Uncle Flirtatious was, but couldn’t find anyone.
She sat down.
She had been walking much faster than before, and her body was a lot lighter.
There was a significant improvement from the Commander Level to the Monarch Level.
She could stay airborne for a long time at this moment.

With a thought, Yun Feng took out two Rings of Contract.
While Yun Feng was unconscious, Little Fire and Lan Yi were unconscious too.
Once a summoner contracted a Magic Beast, they would be linked.
The two Rings of Contract had changed again.
Half of the dark red Ring of Contract had been covered in fiery patterns, and the other half was smooth.
The green Ring of Contract was the same.
Half of it was covered in tree leaves, and the other half didn’t have any patterns.

Little Fire and Lan Yi woke up too after Yun Feng did.
She smiled and touched the two Rings of Contract, feeling their warmth.

“Master, you’ve woken up!” Little Fire’s voice came over.
Yun Feng chuckled.
Lan Yi’s voice came again.
“Congratulations, master.
You’ve risen again to the Monarch Level.”

Without another word, Yun Feng summoned them.
Lan Yi was still as handsome as before, and its blue face was glimmering.
It looked much more intimidating than before.
Little Fire was still unwilling to transform into a human being.
It revealed its gigantic wolf body, and its fur color had changed significantly.

Little Fire, which had been dark red, looked different after reaching the Monarch Level.
The dark red was split up into pure black and bright redness, which were mixed on Little Fire’s fur, making it even more mysterious and beautiful.

Little Fire shook its head and almost wanted to howl excitedly, but then it decided to hold back.
“Master, where’s that meatball?” asked Little Fire.
Yun Feng finally remembered that she had thrown Meatball back into her bracelet.
How was it doing? Had it starved during the three years?

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