Chapter 406: Yun Feng Wakes Up (4)

The preparations for the exploration of the relics had been mostly done during the three years.
The exploration of the relics wouldn’t begin in another two years.
The emperor thought for a long time, and asked in a low voice, “Randal, is it time?”

Randal, who had been hiding next to the emperor as a bodyguard, revealed himself and smiled at the emperor.
“If you give me an order, I’ll carry it out immediately.”

The emperor smiled.
“It’s time we got rid of the fish bone that has been stuck in our esophagus.
Do it fast.
Don’t care about the Mercenary Union.
I’ll deal with it.”

Randal smiled and then disappeared.
The emperor gradually relaxed, and leaned against the back of his chair, tapping the red wood of the chair with a smile.
“Yun Feng, and the Yun family… If you don’t work for me, what’s the point of keeping you alive?”


All dragons had been living ill at ease during the three years, because their Young Master’s temper had gotten even worse.
Xiao Ling and Yan Yu were punished.
They weren’t sentenced to death, but they did suffer a lot.
The dragons became more scared of their Young Master.

There was a girl who had been asleep during the three years in one of the rooms in the dragons’ main palace.
She had never opened her eyes or moved in the three years.
Like a doll, she simply lay peacefully.
She seemed to be entirely frozen, except that she was still breathing steadily.

Qu Lanyi had been staying with the dragons and looking after Yun Feng during the three years.
She seemed to have become even prettier in the three years.
Yun Feng looked maturer too.
The shocking redness on her skin was already gone.
She became as fair as before, but she was still not waking up.

Gently stroking Yun Feng’s cheeks with her fingers, Qu Lanyi sat next to the bed and stared at Yun Feng.
“Fengfeng, you’re still not waking up? How selfish…” Qu Lanyi put on a smile of affection, and put her hand on Yun Feng’s chest.
The sleeping girl’s body remained as attractive as before.
Her graceful curve was underneath Qu Lanyi’s hands.
“Fengfeng, you’re truly sexy.
If you still don’t wake up, I’ll touch all of you.” Qu Lanyi put on an alluring smile, and sent light elements into her body.
That was what she had been doing every day in the three years.

After transmitting the light elements, she stared at Yun Feng for another while, and then walked away, leaving the room.
Ao Jin was out for business.
During the three years, Yun Feng’s condition had been stable.
Besides, Qu Lanyi was there to look after her, so he left for business without worries.
Soon, the sound of flowing water came out.
It seemed that a girl was taking a shower.

The girl, who had been asleep on her bed, suddenly moved her fingers.
Then, a powerful aura suddenly burst out of her body.
The sound of the shower was gone, and someone crashed the door and broke into the room, with her body still wet.
“Yun Feng!” she called.
The girl on the bed opened her eyes that had been closed for three years, with dazzling light!

Hardly had Yun Feng opened her eyes when she detected the abundant energy inside her body that was completely different from that of the Commander Level.
The energy was a lot purer, and made her agile.
She examined her spiritual space.
The water drops in her spiritual space had transformed again! The colorful water drops that floated in her spiritual space were consolidated and turning into real entities.
They were still glittering, but they were no longer illusionary.
Rather, they looked like gems.

“Kid, congratulations! You’re now a Monarch Level summoner!” The ancestor’s voice echoed in her head.
Yun Feng was dazed for a moment.
Then, she realized that her ability had surpassed the Commander Level and reached the Monarch Level!

After Yun Feng woke up, her ancestor woke up too, and saw the changes in Yun Feng’s spiritual space.
He couldn’t be more comforted and delighted.
The girl wouldn’t have advanced beyond the Commander Level without the accident.
She was like a phoenix that was reborn after enduring the most excruciating pain!

The ancestor examined her carefully, and found that Yun Feng’s spiritual space had completely stabilized.
The dark elements that swallowed Yun Feng’s mental strength were gone too.
After the examination, the ancestor was relieved.
If the dark elements hadn’t swallowed Yun Feng’s expanding mental strength, she would’ve exploded, but if they lingered in her body, they would cause fatal damage to her too.

Fortunately, the darkness elements were completely gone.
The ancestor had been quite suspicious about the source of the dark elements.
How did they enter the girl’s body?

Feeling the abundant energy in her body, Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile.
She raised her head, and saw a gorgeous person with wet hair standing in front of her.
She blinked her eyes, and waved her hand, smashing the person in the chest.

“Who are you?” Yun Feng found that she was not wearing the clothes she knew, and was greatly shocked.
She quickly examined the environment, and frowned suspiciously.
Wasn’t she in a cave? What was this place? Also, she was looking at a man who was wearing nothing but a bath towel! Although the man was quite stunning, why was he here?

“Fengfeng, is this how you repay your lifesaver?” After being hit by Yun Feng, Qu Lanyi staggered back and held his chest, rubbing it.
Yun Feng was already as strong as a warrior.
Qu Lanyi felt agony in his chest.

Fengfeng… Hearing that, Yun Feng turned around and gazed at the… man who wore nothing but a bath towel.
There was only one person who called her Fengfeng, and that was Qu Lanyi! Yun Feng squinted and stared at the man’s face.
He looked familiar, and a bit maturer and more attractive than Qu Lanyi.
However, when she observed more carefully, she found that he was indeed Qu Lanyi.

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