Chapter 405: Yun Feng Wakes Up (3)

The ancestor observed the black aura calmly.
After swallowing some of the mental strength, the darkness elements were completely gone.
Then, more darkness elements flowed in, and swallowed the mental strength that was about to make Yun Feng’s spiritual space explode.
The ancestor was relieved after a moment of observation.
Was this a bliss in disguise? Although everybody feared and disliked the darkness element, it was a lifesaver for Yun Feng at this moment! Only the darkness element could resolve the mental strength that was about to cause an explosion!

Although the swallowing was slow and insignificant, it resolved the crisis inside Yun Feng’s body.
The ancestor heaved a sigh.
“Kid, you’re truly lucky.
You will surely accomplish something great.” After saying that, the ancestor smiled and closed his eyes.
The girl was fine.
It was only a matter of time before she woke up.
He needed to take a rest too.


Three years passed in the blink of an eye.
Nothing changed on the East Continent.
The Cashya Empire had been keeping a low profile since the international contest.
What other people didn’t know was that the Cashya Empire’s summoner dropped by one level for the contest.
Because Yun Feng took away the Divine Essence Grass, he hadn’t fully recovered in three years.
Also, the failure in the international contest deprived the Cashya Empire of its qualification of exploration, which angered its royal family.

The other three empires were much happier than the Cashya Empire.
They were all delighted to win the qualification to explore the relics.
There were five years until the relics reappeared.
All three empires had been hiring as many experts as possible, hoping to be the biggest winner in the exploration.

The Karan Empire was the busiest of the empires.
The Karan Royal Family made a lot of preparations for the exploration, and hired many experts.
The Karan Royal Family had been devoted to that during the three years, and didn’t do anything to the Yun family.
After Yun Feng went missing, Yun Jing proposed to move back to Chunfeng Town from the capital.
The emperor thought for a moment and accepted the proposal.
To deal with the Yun family, it didn’t matter where it was.
It was even better if the Yun family wasn’t in the capital, so that it wouldn’t cause any trouble.

Yun Jing moved back to Chunfeng Town as fast as possible, raising a round of discussions in Chunfeng Town.
What happened to the Yun family? Why did they move back from the capital? Did something happen to the girl in that family?

The news that Yun Feng went missing didn’t spread out.
Nobody knew what happened.
Yun Jing never explained either.
Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin went to the Masang School of Magic.
It was the beginning of a new semester.
They were both quiet on their way, and in the campus.
It felt terrible to lose someone so important to them.

Yun Feng’s disappearance was shocking news in the Masang School of Magic.
She was already a legend in the school.
Naturally, her disappearance raised a lot of curious discussions.
Both Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin remained silent on the subject.
They didn’t really care about anything except for cultivation in the Trial Tower.

The members of the Constellation Society were most curious about Yun Feng’s disappearance.
Yun Sheng’s only reply to them was that Yun Feng was temporarily occupied and would be away for now.
That was not a convincing answer, but everybody could only accept.
The first day Yun Sheng returned to the Masang School of Magic, he applied for suspension of schooling for Yun Feng.
The Vice Principal of the Masang School of Magic didn’t ask anything.
He simply patted Yun Sheng’s shoulder and accepted the proposal.

However, certain people would rather see miseries than happiness.
What Kasa said raised discussions in the Masang School of Magic again.
“She’s away for now? Humph! She’s buried in the Forsaken Maze.
She’s probably dead for a long time!”

Yun Feng was dead!

The news shocked most students of the Masang School of Magic.
The members of the Constellation Society immediately surrounded Yun Sheng.
“Leader, is it true that Yun Feng is dead?”

“I don’t believe that Yun Feng is dead.
How could anything happen to her?”

“That’s right.
Nothing will happen to Yun Feng!”

Yun Sheng couldn’t say anything.
In the end, Mu Xiaojin replied for him, “Xiao Feng is fine.
As the leader says, Xiao Feng is away for now.
She will come back soon.”

Everybody of the Constellation Society fell quiet.
They all knew how unconvincing the answer was.
Then, one of the members suddenly smiled, “If the leader has put it that way, Yun Feng will surely come back! Do you not trust her?”

All the members of the Constellation Society nodded quickly.
Yun Feng will come back!”

“I believe that she’ll come back too! How can anything happen to that genius?”

Yun Sheng raised his head, looking at the members of the Constellation Society and hearing their hopeful prayers.
He then lowered his head.
Feng, so many people are looking forward to your return.
You’re coming back, aren’t you?

Since the Yun family moved back from the capital, it had become as unpopular as before.
The families large and small in Chunfeng Town were unable to tell the current situation, and didn’t dare to adulate it like before.
Yun Jing was happy to see that.
He never liked socializing anyway.
However, he received a bunch of surprising guests from the Mercenary Union.

The arrival of the Red Maple Mercenary Team surprised Yun Jing and made him feel warm.
The Mercenary Union had extended its hand to Yun Jing, as Zheng Ran promised.
It would help and protect the Yun family wherever the rules allowed.

During the three years, the Red Maple Mercenary Team had been dutifully protecting the Yun family.
They had heard what happened to Yun Feng.
However, every member of the Red Maple Mercenary Team believed that their Young Lady was fine and would make an epic return!

Naturally, the Karan Royal Family was aware of what the Yun family did.
The arrival of the Red Maple Mercenary Team made the emperor vigilant.
He was slightly scared when the Mercenary Union blatantly showed friendliness to the Yun family, and was determined to remove the Yun family.
He had thought of postponing the matter, but if the Yun family got closer to the Mercenary Union, it would be more difficult to get rid of it in the future.

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