Chapter 404: Yun Feng Wakes Up (2)

“That’s Yun Feng,” said Elder Qi in a low voice.
Thinking how bold his granddaughter was, Elder Qi felt a strong headache.

“Humph, it’s indeed her, but how exactly did she leave the Dragon Palace?” Yan Ting was puzzled by another question.
How could she have gotten out of the Dragon Palace after the Young Master closed the channel?

“That’s not important.
Let’s instead consider the consequence of lying to the Young Master.” Elder Qi frowned.
Yan Ting, however, laughed after hearing that.
Elder Qi looked at him.
“Why are you laughing? You think the Red Dragons will be fine?”

Yan Ting laughed and looked at Elder Qi with mockery.
“Elder Qi, Xiao Ling is your only daughter, isn’t she? It will be slightly regrettable if we lose Yan Yu, but we have other geniuses.
Xiao Ling is much more important to you, isn’t she?”

“You…” Elder Qi changed his expression.
Yan Ting put on a smile, “Elder Qi, please come up with an excuse for them.
Don’t forget to share it with me, or Yan Yu will surely announce that it’s Xiao Ling’s idea.
The Black Dragons cannot get away with this.
I’m going back.” Yan Yu left with the Red Dragons after saying that.
Elder Qi was enraged, but unable to do anything.
He waved his sleeves angrily.
“Let’s go!” The Black Dragons left too.

Ao Jin flew deep into the Dragon Valley in his original form.
Qu Lanyi sat on his back with Yun Feng in her arms, sending light elements into her body.
She was frowning.
There was an obvious stream of vitality energy circulating in Yun Feng’s body.
She knew that Yun Feng probably wouldn’t die, not with the support of the vitality energy.
However, the expanding mental strength inside Yun Feng worried her too.
If they didn’t do anything and Yun Feng didn’t absorb the strength, she would be either weakened or paralyzed! Then, she would be completely useless!

“Yun Feng…” Qu Lanyi lowered her head and looked at Yun Feng whose skin was red.
Yun Feng looked like a person of blood at this moment.
Qu Lanyi heaved a sigh.
“How could you have been so reckless?” Qu Lanyi stuck her hand to Yun Feng’s chest, feeling her heartbeat.
Then, she held her more tightly, hoping that she would get well soon…

Ao Jin flew straight to his palace in the Dragon Valley.
Many other dragons on his way were shocked and had to make way for him.
When he arrived at the palace, Ao Jin turned back into a handsome young man.
Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, landed gracefully with Yun Feng.

“How’s she doing? Tell me what she needs!”

Qu Lanyi smiled.
This young dragon was truly concerned for Yun Feng.
If it weren’t for him, they probably would’ve been buried in that cave.
“Brother Ao Jin!” exclaimed Xiao Ling in surprise.
She immediately ran to him.
Her appearance triggered Ao Jin’s fury that he had been holding back.

“F*ck off!” roared Ao Jin towards Xiao Ling with the intimidation of a dragon.
Xiao Ling failed to dodge and staggered palely.
Ao Jin gazed at Xiao Ling.
“You dared to lie to me.
Are the Black Dragons going to rebel?”

Xiao Ling turned pale and shook her head quickly.
“How is it possible! Grandpa is always loyal to you, and so are the other Black Dragons! Don’t listen to their slander, Brother Ao Jin!”

Ao Jin sneered.
Qu Lanyi was not interested in the dragons’ business at all.
She asked, “Where’s the room?”

Xiao Feng glanced at Qu Lanyi, and was rather astonished.
Who was this woman? She was even more beautiful than her! Did Brother Ao Jin like her? Yun Feng was gone, and her replacement was here?

Qu Lanyi raised her head and looked back at Xiao Ling in the eyes.
Xiao Ling immediately withdrew her gaze.
For a moment, she was slightly scared of that woman.
Why was that?

“Follow me.” Thinking of Yun Feng’s situation, Ao Jin led Qu Lanyi onward.
Xiao Feng glanced at them curiously again, and saw Yun Feng in Qu Lanyi’s arms.
Although Yun Feng had been heavily wounded, Xiao Feng recognized her immediately.
Her heart palpitated.
Yun Feng was still alive! How was it possible?

Ao Jin and Qu Lanyi left quickly.
Xiao Ling was already panicking.
She thought that the lie that she and Yan Yu had told would never be seen through, because Yun Feng would never come out of the Dragon Palace.
However, she surprisingly escaped.
Xiao Ling was dumbfounded.
How could she get away with lying to the dragons’ Young Master?


The ancestor who resided in Yun Feng’s spiritual space kept calling her name, but Yun Feng didn’t respond at all.
She was deep asleep.
Feeling the great pressure in the spiritual space, the ancestor looked terrible.
If things went on like this, her spiritual space would surely explode, and then she would be disabled! It would be such a shame!

“Kid, wake up, wake up!” The ancestor’s voice echoed in Yun Feng’s head.
However, Yun Feng didn’t open her eyes at all.
Her skin was as red as fire, and her veins were clear.
Her body temperature was shockingly high too.
She looked like a piece of coal that was burning in the fire.
She was almost turning transparent, but nothing except redness could be seen in her body.

The black jade pendant that Yun Feng wore on her neck continuously transmitted vitality energy.
Gradually, a vague stream of black aura was sent into Yun Feng’s body along with the vitality energy.
The ancestor raised his head in shock, and examined the vague black aura.
His eyes widened quickly.

The spiritual space, which was about to explode, underwent tiny and gradual changes.
The crazily surging mental strength, upon encountering the vague black aura, vanished!

The ancestor looked at what was happening in the spiritual space, shocked.
That was Swallowing, the darkness element’s ability! However, where was the darkness element from? The girl didn’t have dark elements.
What was going on?

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