Chapter 402: Accident (4)

Yun Feng held her stomach that had almost been stabbed through.
Blood was gushing out.
The black jade pendant on her neck seemed to have detected her wound, and sent warm currents into her body again.
The attack that could’ve killed her only caused a heavy wound.

“I’m fine,” said Yun Feng palely.
Lan Yi folded all of its wings, and looked at Yun Feng anxiously.
“I was too useless.
It’s my fault,” said Lan Yi guiltily.
Yun Feng shook her head with a smile.
She was about to open her mouth, when a man emerged from a dark corner and walked close.

“Since it’s useless, why don’t you let me keep it?” Carl licked his lips, with greed bursting out of his eyes.
He sized up Lan Yi.
As a wind element summoner, he found the four-winged griffin perfectly suitable!

“Little girl, it was lucky for you to contract the four-winged griffin, but you’re incapable of reining it, or carrying out its maximal abilities.
Why don’t you give it to me? I’ll make the best use of it.”

Yun Feng chuckled palely.
“Old fart, you are not qualified to make use of my contracted Magic Beast.”

“Humph! Let’s find out how capable you are!” Carl moved his hand.
Yun Feng knew that he was going to activate the Array of Contract.
Lan Yi immediately turned into a streak of green light and returned to Yun Feng’s Ring of Contract.
Seeing that, Carl put on a cold smile.

“If I kill you, the contract will be lifted! Little girl, your griffin and the Divine Essence Grass will both be mine!”

Holding the Divine Essence Grass in her hand, Yun Feng looked at the unscrupulous man who was trying to take advantage of her, and laughed.
She held the Divine Essence Grass more tightly and smiled.
“They’ll both be yours? Not a chance.”

Carl’s eyes widened.
Yun Feng quickly inserted the Divine Essence Grass into her mouth with her other hand.
The Divine Essence Beast instantly turned into liquid, and a tremendous amount of energy surged from the liquid into Yun Feng’s spiritual space quickly!

“Asshole!” Carl had no time to stop Yun Feng at all.
He could only watch the Divine Essence Grass that he had found arduously be eaten just like that!

The powerful energy surged into Yun Feng’s spiritual space.
She felt like she was a balloon that had been filled up and would explode very soon.
In Yun Feng’s spiritual space, the surging energy gathered into water drops that occupied Yun Feng’s spiritual space, which had already been filled up.
However, even more water drops were condensing and occupying!

“Kid, disperse the energy immediately! You will explode if you don’t do something!” The ancestor’s anxious voice echoed in Yun Feng’s head.
Yun Feng unconsciously tried to push away the energy that was about to make her explode.
She stretched her arms and cried painfully, “Ahhhhh…”

Massive energy gushed out of Yun Feng’s body.
Seeing that, Carl changed his expression, and hurriedly fled.
This was an easy death for that girl! Judging from the trend, she would explode sooner or later! He couldn’t get the Divine Essence Grass anymore, but after the girl died, he might be able to pick up that griffin!

The painful scream spread out with a massive amount of energy.
The four people who were fighting fiercely at the edge of the cave all stopped.
Hearing the scream, Ao Jin and Qu Lanyi were shocked and rushed into the cave without another word.
At this moment, Carl just came out of the cave, but Ao Jin and Qu Lanyi had no time for him.
They rushed in.

Carl said gravely the moment he came out, “That girl ate the Divine Essence Grass, but she’ll explode sooner or later! Let’s get out first!”

Both warriors were shocked to hear that, and ran out quickly along with Carl.
Ao Jin and Qu Lanyi rushed into the cave and saw Yun Feng, whose skin was red and swollen.
Although she had discharged a lot of her energy, even more was accumulating inside her.
After the furious roar, Yun Feng collapsed on the ground.

“Yun Feng!” The two people immediately approached her.
Seeing Yun Feng’s misery, Qu Lanyi tried to heal her wounds with the light element, only to be shocked when she touched Yun Feng’s body!

“Girl, what’s wrong?” asked Ao Jin anxiously.
Qu Lanyi furrowed her brows.
At this moment, the cave suddenly trembled violently, with stones falling from the top.
After the fierce battle, and because of the energy Yun Feng released, this cave would collapse soon.

Qu Lanyi held Yun Feng in her arms and said to Ao Jin, “Let’s get out of here.
This cave is about to collapse!” Ao Jin nodded.
The two of them rushed out.
When Carl sensed that the cave was falling, he put on a smile and waved his hand, invoking wind elements that sped up the collapse.
Very soon, the exit of the cave had been entirely blocked.

Both Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin looked awful when the exit was blocked.
Stones were constantly falling in the cave.
Gritting his teeth, Ao Jin unleashed golden light! The cave was too small to accommodate Ao Jin who had assumed his original form.
He penetrated from the rear of the cave! Qu Lanyi seized the opportunity to sit on Ao Jin’s back.
The Golden Dragon flew from the rear of the cave, and rose to the sky as a streak of golden light.


The emperor of Karan wasn’t entirely satisfied with the result of the international contest, but since he won the qualification of exploration, he could live with it.
He didn’t care whether or not Yun Feng was alive.
Although Yun Feng was a summoner that the Karan Royal Family had looked forward to, the emperor was not a fool, and knew that Yun Feng disliked the royal family and the Yun family would not do anything for the royal family.

So, even if she was a summoner, she wouldn’t help the Karan Royal Family at all.
Since she wouldn’t help the Karan Royal Family, the emperor certainly wouldn’t allow her to help other countries.
He was rather happy that Yun Feng didn’t leave the Forsaken Maze.
If she was removed just like that, then he would have one fewer problem to worry about.
The Yun family would be easy to deal with now that Yun Feng was gone.

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