Chapter 401: Accident (3)

“Little Fire, Lan Yi, come out!” As Yun Feng roared, a glittering red ball and a green one erupted from the Rings of Contract.
When they appeared, greed flashed in Carl’s eyes.
Neither of the Magic Beasts was ordinary! One of them was a mutant Fire Cloud Wolf, and the other was a rare griffin!

After the two Magic Beasts appeared, the Divine Essence Beast let out an even more furious roar, and extended its sharp claws.
Seeing that, Little Fire opened its mouth, with brutality flashing in its dark eyes.
After a howl, it lunged forward and collided with the Divine Essence Beast.
Then, Little Fire’s eyes widened, and it was flung away.
It finally came to a halt.

“Monarch Level?” Little Fire mumbled in shock.
The Divine Essence Beast roared again, and charged like lightning.
Lan Yi quickly unfolded its wings, and its eyes were filled with coldness.
“Wind blade!” A sharp blade formed with wind flew towards the Divine Essence Beast, which opened its mouth with bloodshot eyes and spouted a stream of powerful air, blowing apart Lan Yi’s wind blade!

“Damn it!” Seeing that, Little Fire quickly jumped, and left a trace in midair.
It opened its mouth and quickly gathered fire elements.
Lan Yi carried Yun Feng to another direction, and Little Fire launched a cannonball of fire elements!



The highly-concentrated fire elements hit the Divine Essence Beast like a cannonball.
Although the Divine Essence Beast narrowly dodged it, its abdomen was hit by some of the fire elements, which caused a big wound.
The Divine Essence Beast roared furiously and smashed the ground, making the ground tremble hard!

After the smash, countless cracks appeared on the ground, like those on a broken eggshell.
Lan Yi carried Yun Feng and flew into the sky.
Little Fire stood on the ground.
The next second, infinite green plants erupted from the cracked ground crazily, forming a shackle that confined Little Fire to the ground tightly.

“You want to confine me? Not a chance!” Dark red fire elements were burning around Little Fire, making the plants around it flinch.
However, they still struggled and tied up its limbs.
Little Fire roared furiously, and the Divine Essence Beast charged at it again.
This time, Little Fire didn’t even have the chance to dodge!

“Brother Fire!” cried Lan Yi anxiously.
Yun Feng quickly extended her other hand.
“Earth Shield!” Immediately, an Earth Shield appeared in front of Little Fire, blocking the Divine Essence Beast’s attack.
Little Fire was restricted by the plants, and couldn’t scare them off with fire elements.
It was already caged.

Seeing the Earth Shield in front of Little Fire, Carl narrowed his eyes hard.
Three kinds of elements.
She was a three-element summoner! Carl gritted his teeth.
The Cashya Empire’s position on the East Continent must not be surpassed, and neither should his! This girl must die! He couldn’t let her grow up!

“Little Fire, come back!” Yun Feng roared.
Little Fire then turned into a streak of red light and came back to Yun Feng’s Ring of Contract.
The plants that restrained Little Fire disappeared into the ground after Little Fire vanished.
Seeing that, Yun Feng came up with a battle plan.

Yun Feng sent her battle plan to Lan Yi telepathically.
Lan Yi instantly nodded and narrowed its eyes.
Lan Yi had one pair of wings at first, but when he opened his eyes, he had two!

Carl, seeing that from the distance, was so greedy that his eyes turned bloodshot! A four-winged griffin! That was so rare! Carl was enthused and determined to get that Magic Beast!

All four of Lan Yi’s wings appeared, boosting it to the highest speed.
It turned into a blue streak of light, and swooped towards the Divine Essence Beast.
The Divine Essence Beast raised its head and roared furiously, and then flew towards it as quickly as lightning.
Seeing that, Yun Feng invoked the wind elements in her body, and chased after the Divine Essence Beast.

While Lan Yi kept the Divine Essence Beast distracted, Yun Feng had caught up to it from the rear.
She clenched her fist and smashed the Divine Essence Beast in the back!

“Bam!” A dull noise burst out.
The Divine Essence Beast was badly wounded by her fist, and enraged! It turned around, with brutality flashing on its hideous face.
It opened its mouth and spouted another powerful air current.
Yun Feng jumped aside, and the Divine Essence Beast’s claws came at her!

“Ugh!” Yun Feng had no time to dodge, and was hit precisely.
She staggered.
Seeing that, Lan Yi unfolded its wings.
The pattern of the griffin that was depicted on the four beautiful wings appeared, gathering wind elements quickly.
Lan Yi solemnly flapped the wings, launching arrows of wind elements so overwhelmingly that it was impossible to dodge!

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” The Wind Arrows were darting so crazily that the Divine Essence Beast couldn’t dodge.
It simply lunged, as if it didn’t care about its life.
Lan Yi narrowed its eyes, and watched the Divine Essence Beast which was covered in blood but even more maddened.
It only needed more time.
Given a bit more time, the Divine Essence Beast would be killed by the barrage of arrows!

The Divine Essence Beast opened its mouth and launched air currents again.
Lan Yi was hit and trembled hard.
Its wings were shivering too.
However, Lan Yi was still standing firmly and launching the dense Wind Arrows!

The Divine Essence Beast was completely infuriated.
It charged with glittering claws, which were twice as long as before! Yun Feng was grave when she saw that.
Considering the Divine Essence Beast’s speed and the length of its claws, it would pierce through Lan Yi the next second! Having no time to think, Yun Feng pushed Lan Yi’s body back quickly!


“Master!” Lan Yi quickly moved back.
It gathered a blue ball of light in its hand, and smashed it into the Divine Essence Beast’s body.
The Divine Essence Beast, which had already been wounded, struggled and collapsed on the ground.
It twitched for a moment before it stopped moving.

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