Chapter 400: Accident (2)

“Guys, enough kidding.
Please stay here on guard.
I’ll be back very soon.”

Yun Feng and her companions heard the conversation loud and clear in the cave.
Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi glanced at each other, and knew what was on their mind.
The summoner of the Cashya Empire? He must’ve been weakened because of what he did for the international contest, or he wouldn’t have needed the Divine Essence Grass.

Looking at the glittering grass, Yun Feng put on a mischievous smile.
Summoner of the Cashya Empire, you surely won’t have this Divine Essence Grass! Yun Feng quickly extended her hand and picked the Divine Essence Grass.
The moment she did that, she heard a furious roar in the distance!

The summoner of the Cashya Empire who was going to fetch the Divine Essence Grass rushed forward with widened eyes.
After he entered the cave, he saw Yun Feng and her companions.
With a closer look, he found that Yun Feng was holding the Divine Essence Grass he needed!

He narrowed his eyes.
“Put down the Divine Essence Grass.
It doesn’t belong to you!”

Yun Feng was holding the Divine Essence Grass.
She could feel the powerful energy from it just by holding it in her hand.
She had planned to put it in her bracelet, but her ancestor warned her that the Divine Essence Grass would lose its energy quickly if she did that.
It had to be preserved in special magic jars, or swallowed as quickly as possible!

“Carl, what’s going on? You’ve returned so quickly?” A roar came from outside, and two men rushed in anxiously.
Both of them were stunned when they saw Yun Feng and other strangers.

“They stole the Divine Essence Grass,” said Carl, the only summoner of the Cashya Empire, who was actually much older than he looked.
The other two men were immediately enraged.
“Little girl, that grass is ours!”

Yun Feng laughed.
Stole? Weren’t they planning to steal it too? Ao Jin roared furiously, “You’re obviously thieves too, yet you’re shameless enough to accuse us?”

“Hooooo…” Furious roars came from the distance, and drew closer and closer.
Both of the warriors became anxious and unleashed their fighting energy.
Yun Feng frowned.
Both of them were stronger than her!

Ao Jin and Qu Lanyi became anxious too, as the two warriors were stronger than they expected.
The two warriors showed their weapons and said, “We’ll deal with them.
You take back the grass.
Then we’ll leave!”

Carl nodded.
Both warriors charged at Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin! Ao Jin roared and fought back, and so did Qu Lanyi.
Yun Feng quickly made the decision.
It was impossible to go forward, as something seemed to be approaching.
She had to run back!

“Girl, run!” roared Ao Jin.
The two warriors fought Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin, and couldn’t win! Both of them were shocked.
How could those two brats be evenly matched with them?

Yun Feng flashed.
Enhancing herself with wind elements, she flashed into the narrow long path she came from.
Carl chuckled and chased after her.
Both of them entered the path.
Then, a furious roar echoed in the cave, and a creature had dashed in.
It didn’t bother to look at the four people who were fighting, and simply flashed into the narrow long path.
Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin turned back and both looked awful.
Oh no!

Yun Feng was running on the narrow long path, with the furious roars closely behind her.
She was quite solemn, knowing that the creature must be the Divine Essence Beast that grew with the Divine Essence Grass.
Otherwise, it couldn’t have detected that the Divine Essence Grass was picked so keenly.

Yun Feng ran forward desperately, and the creature behind her chased her relentlessly.
To her surprise, it was not just the Divine Essence Beast, but also Carl, the summoner of the Cashya Empire, that was chasing her.

Carl followed Yun Feng closely.
Very soon, he detected the powerful vibe behind him.
He looked back and saw the Divine Essence Beast.
He couldn’t help initiating a spatial barrier.
That Divine Essence Beast was as strong as the Monarch Level.
Carl wasn’t sure if it would notice him.
To his relief, the Divine Essence Beast simply ignored him and went after Yun Feng.

Carl was relaxed and delighted.
It seemed that the Divine Essence Beast’s fury was only directed to the person who held the Divine Essence Grass.
Carl laughed at the thought of that.
Not bad.
He could take advantage of them.

With a smile, Carl followed them.
He decided to let the Divine Essence Beast fight the girl, who couldn’t be easy to deal with.
After they were both weakened, he could finish both of them off.

Yun Feng rushed forward crazily, and soon came to the cave where the light had taken them to.
There was nowhere else she could go.
It was a dead end! “Hoooo…” A furious roar arose.
Yun Feng keenly jumped aside.
There was a claw that smashed where she just stood, causing a dent on the ground.

Yun Feng regained her balance and observed the creature in front of her eyes.
The Divine Essence Beast looked a lot like the Divine Essence Grass.
Both of them were white and glimmering.
The Divine Essence Beast was just an associated beast, and didn’t have any emotion or intelligence.
It was born to protect the Divine Essence Grass.
At this moment, it was gazing at Yun Feng with bloodshot eyes.
Carl had arrived and was hiding in a corner, ready to enjoy the show.

Yun Feng’s eyes darkened.
There was no telling what would happen if she swallowed the Divine Essence Grass.
To improve a mage’s level, it definitely contained a great amount of energy, so she might explode because of the overflowing energy.
A lot of preparations must be done before taking the Divine Essence Grass.
It would be very dangerous if Yun Feng were to swallow it just like that.

She might be able to fight a Monarch Level beast, and she wouldn’t necessarily lose! Making up her mind, Yun Feng took out two Rings of Contract.
Seeing that from the corner, Carl became gloomy.
That girl was a summoner? And a double-element one?

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