Chapter 399: Accident (1)

Adjusting herself to the dazzling light, Yun Feng slightly opened his eyes, and found herself standing on solid ground.
She saw an enormous cave.
Water was dropping from the top of the cave, and the air was cold and damp too.
They all checked the environment, and saw a path on the other end of the cave that led to somewhere unknown.

“Let’s go.
We have to find a way out.” Yun Feng frowned and walked in.
She was quite anxious.
The Forsaken Maze had been ruined.
Her brother definitely thought that something happened to her.
When Yun Feng had an accident last time, the Yun family almost couldn’t make it, but fortunately, her soul resurrected her.
This time, although she was still alive, who would think that she wasn’t killed in the collapsed maze? The news would definitely devastate her brother and father.
More importantly, how would the Karan Empire treat the Yun family without her?

Thinking about that, Yun Feng became so anxious that she walked a lot faster.
Qu Lanyi followed her and grabbed her.
Her cold hands slightly soothed Yun Feng’s anxiety.

“Don’t worry.
The Yun family will be fine.
Even if the Karan Empire wants to eradicate the Yun family, it has to take a lot of factors into consideration and cannot attack recklessly.
Besides, they have more important things to do, don’t they?” Qu Lanyi’s soft words finally eased Yun Feng.
The Karan Empire had something more important to do, which was to explore the relics of the gods! The Karan Empire needed to make a lot of preparations for the exploration, because three empires would explore it together and the competition would be fierce.

Even though the Karan Empire intended to deal with the Yun family, it didn’t have the time to do that.
The Yun family was safe, at least for now! Yun Feng became a lot more relaxed.
She had thought of informing her family of her situation, but the Sound Transmission Jade was not working in this unknown cave.

Ao Jin was walking on Yun Feng’s other side.
He had been staring at Yun Feng and observing her expressions.
He never withdrew her gaze from Yun Feng’s face.

“Ao Jin, why are you staring at Fengfeng” asked Qu Lanyi with a cold smile.

“Girl, after I come back to the dragon clan, I’ll surely kill those two bastards,” cursed Ao Jin, without replying to Qu Lanyi’s question.
When he saw Yun Feng, he realized that Yan Yu and Xiao Ling had lied to him! Instead of claiming that they didn’t know Yun Feng’s condition, both of them swore that Yun Feng died in there, which frustrated Ao Jin for a long time.
He even left the dragons’ home.
However, it never occurred to him that the two people were lying to him!

Yun Feng was fine, which delighted Ao Jin.
It seemed that his empty heart had been filled up again.
After these years, the girl was completely different from when they first met.
He could never see enough of her.

Hearing what Ao Jin said, Yun Feng knew that he was referring to Yan Yu and Xiao Ling.
Earlier, those two people were certainly not friendly to her.
Now that Ao Jin had seen her, their lie had already fallen through.
They wouldn’t end well after Ao Jin came back to the dragons.
She didn’t need to say anything else.

Yun Feng smiled.
Her charm immediately stunned Ao Jin.
Seeing that Ao Jin was stunned, Qu Lanyi looked awful and held Yun Feng’s hand more tightly.
Yun Feng turned her head around.
“What’s up?”

Qu Lanyi chuckled and didn’t say anything.
She simply held Yun Feng’s hand even more tightly.
The three of them walked forward in a weird atmosphere.
The road was long and damp.
They were sweating hard after walking for only a brief while.
They continued moving.
When they approached the end of the road, they found a rather spacious field, and another cave where the air was fresher.
There were unknown flowers and grasses growing on the ground.
The moment Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi came, they captured the abundant elemental aura that just couldn’t be ignored.

Both of them looked in the same direction.
A lot of unknown plants were growing there.
In the middle of the plants, a white grass was growing.
It looked like a glimmering piece of jade.
Few people would’ve noticed it if it wasn’t releasing a powerful elemental aura.

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi looked at each other.
Both of them knew that the grass was quite advanced.
The ancestor’s voice suddenly came from her head.
“Kid, that’s the Divine Essence Grass that appears once in ten thousand years! It can improve a mage’s level without restraint! Kid, go get it!”

The ancestor sounded quite excited.
The Divine Essence Grass could improve a mage’s level without restraint.
Yun Feng was already in the final of the Commander Level, so the Divine Essence Grass might raise her to the Monarch Level!

Yun Feng’s eyes were filled with passion too, but she didn’t do anything.
After all, Qu Lanyi was with her, and she might need the grass too.
Yun Feng didn’t want to compete with her… Qu Lanyi chuckled.
“Fengfeng, I don’t need that.”

Yun Feng was stunned, and looked at Qu Lanyi in surprise.
Did she not know what it was? Or was she giving it away even though she knew what it was? Qu Lanyi put on a sweet smile at Yun Feng, without any greed for the item in her eyes.
Yun Feng thought for a moment.
Whether or not Qu Lanyi knew what it was, she decided to accept her kindness.

Yun Feng stepped forward and was about to pick the Divine Essence Grass, when voices came from the other side of the cave loud and clear.

“It wasn’t easy to lure that thing away.
Hurry up! I was really a fool to accept the task to come here with you!”

“Haha, stop whining.
You’re truly lucky to be appreciated by the summoner of the Cashya Empire!”

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