A pair of slightly rough hands moved over her face as they shook softly.
There was a tremor in Yun Lianyi’s heart and a warm current was slowly infused in her.
Yun Sheng, the big brother who doted on her like she was his life, the big brother who was willing to do anything for her!

“Sheng, don’t be like this…” An old voice sounded with irrepressible anger and remorse.
Yun Lianyi’s soul trembled again.
That was her father, the father who had protected and spoiled her since she was little!

“I’m going to kill that bastard.
I’ll tear his skin off!”

“Yun Sheng! Shut up!” A shout made Yun Sheng stop talking.
Only a panting sound was left.
Yun Lianyi lay there quietly with sorrow in her heart.

“Sheng, the Yun family has only you left.
For the sake of the Yun family, you can’t do that!” The old voice sounded helpless, but it also carried the dignity and responsibility of the leader of the Yun family.
Yun Sheng didn’t say anything else, but Yun Lianyi, who was closing her eyes, could still feel the anger repressed in his body, mixed with sorrow and irresistible remorse!

“It’s enough to have you in the Yun family.
Let me take revenge for Feng!” The old voice raised.
“I’ll never let anyone who hurt Feng go!” Every word was spoken clearly with a sonorous and powerful voice, as if a sharp iron tool carved this sentence onto a giant rock, creating sparks.

“Father!” Yun Sheng’s surprised voice came.
Then, the old voice sounded again, “Sheng, you must leave now.
Since I want to take revenge for Feng, I’ve prepared to sacrifice myself! You must survive for the Yun family.
You have to live no matter what!”

There was a wail deep inside her soul.
Yun Lianyi listened to it quietly, while there was like a volcanic eruption with magma boiling in her heart.
In her previous life, she and her father depended on each other.
Her father was everything she had.
Family affection took root in Yun Lianyi’s heart.
Yun Feng’s father and big brother also protected her like she was their life and they would die for her! At this moment, she was Yun Feng and Yun Feng was her!


Her soul released some energy to push Yun Lianyi to open the heavy eyelids.
She wanted to see her big brother and have a look at her father!

Light flooded into her eyes immediately.
Yun Lianyi’s pupils tightened reflexively.
After getting used to the light, she saw the back of a skinny young man in front of her.
That back looked lonely and desolate, and he was clenching his fists so hard that blue veins appeared.

Only this young man was left in the house.
The old man who was talking was already gone.
Yun Lianyi moved her lips a bit and her hoarse voice sounded, as if she broke some restrictions.

The young man with his back facing her immediately shook.
It seemed that he couldn’t believe what he heard.
Yun Feng opened her black eyes and stared at that back as an indescribable sorrow surged in her heart.
She wanted to speak again, but her throat didn’t seem to be cooperating.
A fire was burning fiercely in her throat.

The young man turned around the next second.
What Yun Lianyi saw was a face full of sadness and joy.
Those red eyes were bloodshot and his young, handsome features carried a hint of excitement.
Looking at Yun Lianyi who opened her eyes, he couldn’t say anything.


Suddenly, the young man rushed over quickly to Yun Lianyi’s bed and his shaking hands slowly caressed Yun Lianyi’s face.
“Feng’s awake.
Feng’s awake…”

Seeing the young man’s face which almost cried joyful tears, Yun Lianyi also had a lump in her throat.
Her black eyes seemed a bit tearful as well.
Family affection kept rippling in her heart.
The person in front of her was her family, her beloved brother of this life!

“Oh right! I must tell father.
He…” After being thrilled, the young man suddenly remembered something.
He looked anxious, but he didn’t move yet.
His black eyes were still looking at Yun Lianyi, who had just opened her eyes.
He was worried that this was just a dream and that everything was only his illusion.

Yun Lianyi felt warmth surging in her heart.
The family affection she didn’t have in her previous life seemed to have filled in this life.
Yun Lianyi couldn’t speak at the moment, so she could only tell the young man with her eyes that she was alright and she was alive.

The young man looked at her for a while and was finally sure that his sister was indeed alive.
He couldn’t waste any time anymore.
He wiped his eyes with his hand and quickly stood up.
“Feng, wait here.
I’ll go to find father!” As he finished talking, he had disappeared from the room.
Yun Lianyi watched the back of the young man and the corners of her lips raised slightly.
Although she didn’t know where she was, she knew she was someone who had already died.
Now that she got a new life again, Yun Feng… I’ll live well for you.
I’ll help you protect your brother, father and the Yun family, and I’ll certainly not let go of the murderer who killed you!


Yun Feng lay on the bed quietly and felt her soul gradually merge with this body.
Perhaps it was because she had just got here, the body and her soul didn’t sync perfectly.
She received all the memories of this body and Yun Feng was also sorting out things she knew silently.

This was a different dimension.
It was completely different from Earth where she used to be in the past.
The Vast Continent, the name of the land she was living in.
The Vast Continent was boundless and covered a terrifyingly huge area.
There were also as many residents on this continent as there were hair on an ox.
The central area of the Vast Continent was a tall ridge like a trident, dividing the continent into three parts.
Many beasts with unpredictable power lived in the ridge and the ridge also became the natural shield that separated the three divided lands.
So gradually, the Vast Continent was divided into three parts, the East Continent, the West Continent and the Central Continent.


The periphery of the Vast Continent was said to be an ocean.
Since that ocean was vaster than the continent, no one could reach the end and rumor had it that the ocean was extremely fierce as well, which was why it was called the Endless Ocean.
Nobody knew what was on the other side of the Endless Ocean so far.


The three continents were separated by the ridge, so the possibility of invasion was very small, as it was impossible to go over the frightening Beast Ridge.
The three empires on the West Continent once gathered a few hundred thousand troops high-profile and tried to cross over the Beast Ridge forcibly.
In the end, all of them died there.
Nobody survived.
Since then, the three continents were all at peace.
The lesson of blood taught everyone that the rule was to protect their own land.


Chunfeng Town, where the Yun family lived, was a small town in one of the four empires on the East Continent, the Karan Empire.
Although it was a small town, the geographical location of Chunfeng Town made it become a paradise for adventurers, since the Karan Empire was the empire closest to the Beast Ridge among the four empires of the East Continent and Chunfeng Town was the only place that bordered the Karan Empire and the Beast Ridge.
This small town became famous only because of the Beast Ridge.
Countless special and capable people came and Chunfeng Town eventually became a small place that couldn’t be ignored in the Karan Empire.


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