Chapter 394: You Are Too Unworthy To Know My Name (3)

“You are a human being.
If you don’t carry the unique aura of human beings, I would’ve thought that you’re one of my kind,” said the ancient voice.
It was a compliment for Yun Feng.
After all, no human could’ve been restored so fast.

“Thank you for your compliment then!” Yun Feng curled her lips with glittering eyes.
Her body that was exhausted a moment earlier suddenly unleashed pure strength.
There was sweat and persistence on her face!

“I’ve not fallen yet! Take this one!” Yun Feng roared and stomped on the wall behind her.
Like a cannonball, she threw herself towards the heavy fog.
She didn’t really suffer any loss during the days of physical combat.
Although she failed to hurt the creature, she had figured something out!

She punched heavily and brutally, and heard the noises with a bigger and bigger smile.
She had touched the creature’s body in the fog.
Although she couldn’t tell what it was, she detected a heavy and hard shell on the surface of the creature.
She had been hitting the shell for days.
Her Commander Level physical strength failed to hurt the creature at all.
She knew that the creature’s shell was its biggest reliance.

The shell also indicated something else: no matter how strong the creature was, it definitely had weaknesses that weren’t protected by the shell!

Yun Feng punched fast and ferociously.
Her attacks seemed to be in vain, but she was actually only running tests! When her fists finally approached the edge, Yun Feng put on a bigger smile.
Finally, she found a weakness!

Yun Feng raised her arm high.
There was nothing but coldness in the golden pupils, as if it was ready to laugh at her and confident that Yun Feng couldn’t hurt it.
However, when Yun Feng’s fists smashed again, the heavy fog was suddenly twisted!

“You dared to hurt me!” a furious roar burst out.
The heavy fog moved abruptly, as if the body that was shrouded in it was struggling hard.
“Swoosh…” Yun Feng heard something flying in the air.
Then, her body was slapped in the middle.
She felt excruciating pain on her abdomen, and her body was flung away! She fell from the sky like a kite whose string had been cut off.
Looking down at the angry golden pupils, Yun Feng smiled at them proudly.

She could die without regret.
At least, that creature had finally suffered… Hehe, how could Yun Feng just stand the humiliation? Whoever bullied her must be ready to pay a price!

“Prepare to die!” There was fury mixed in the ancient voice.
A horrifying aura rose from the fog down below.
Yun Feng slowly closed her eyes.
Her physical pain had been cured by the black jade pendant, but she didn’t have the strength to dodge anymore.
She knew she couldn’t survive this one.

“Nana!” Yun Feng suddenly heard Meatball’s voice.
Meatball suddenly nuzzled against Yun Feng’s cheeks and rolled its eyes quickly.
It ran back and forth on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
“Nana! Nana!” Meatball scratched Yun Feng’s cheeks.
Yun Feng opened her eyes and saw Meatball.
She smiled, “Meatball, you’re out.”

Meatball was rather angry, as if it didn’t want Yun Feng to talk to it like that in such an emergency.
It laid its furry tail on Yun Feng’s arm, and the horrifying aura down below had already been aimed at Yun Feng.
Meatball leaped off and slid in another direction, dragging Yun Feng by her arm.
She was taken away just like that!

“Boom…” A ferocious blast erupted from down below.
Yun Feng saw an exceptionally bright pillar of light darting from the heavy fog, and she had dodged it thanks to Meatball’s pulling.
If she were hit, she probably would’ve been obliterated!

“Fengfeng, I was truly worried for you.” A low and gentle voice sounded next to Yun Feng’s ear.
Yun Feng raised her head, only to see Qu Lanyi’s beautiful face by her side.
The next second, Qu Lanyi had held her in her arms.
Meatball seemed to be relieved too, and breathed heavily on Yun Feng’s shoulder.

“You…” Yun Feng looked at Qu Lanyi, who had appeared out of nowhere, puzzled.
Hadn’t she already left? Why was she here? Why? A lot of questions popped up in her head.
Qu Lanyi smiled at Yun Feng and held her tightly.

Qu Lanyi laid her hand on Yun Feng’s chest in an intimate position.
Yun Feng had no time to bother about that, as Qu Lanyi was healing her exhausted body with the light element.
The warm currents that flowed into her body made her feel comfortable.

“Who are you?” Seeing that its attack was dodged, the ancient voice echoed again.
Qu Lanyi landed slowly with Yun Feng in her arms.
She said with coldness all over her eyes, “Old fart, you’re too unworthy to know my name.”

Yun Feng glanced at Qu Lanyi in surprise.
“It’s already beyond the Commander Level.
You’re no match for it.
Also, are you an idiot? Why did you come in?”

Qu Lanyi chuckled and slowly laid Yun Feng on the ground.
“For you, Fengfeng, of course.
I couldn’t have just left you alone.
You’re finally concerned for me now.

Yun Feng was not in the mood of playing with Qu Lanyi.
She truly didn’t know why that woman had come back.
Even if she considered her a friend, she needn’t have done so much, right? Yun Feng was going to say something else, when Qu Lanyi said, “If I were you and you were me, what would you have done? Would you have abandoned me?”

Yun Feng couldn’t say anything.
Qu Lanyi smiled and threw Yun Feng a kiss, before she turned around.
Yun Feng looked at her back, and somehow felt relieved.
Although that woman was just as slim as her, she was so high and lofty at this moment, like a tall tree that could block all the storm for her.

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