heir eyes again, they saw that the dazzling ray of light entered the Forsaken Maze and disappeared.

“What’s that?” Ze Ran’s eyes widened.
What was it that just entered the Forsaken Maze?

Zheng Ran, on the other hand, frowned.
He remembered the pressure and the dazzling golden light.
Suddenly, an idea occurred to him.
Could it be…

The golden light dashed into the Forsaken Maze and stopped somewhere.
After it dispersed, a handsome young man was revealed.
He glared at the walls of the maze that blocked him with appalling fury in his golden pupils.

“Girl, where are you?” Ao Jin roared at the loudest of his voice, which echoed again and again, spreading to every corner of the Forsaken Maze.
In another corner of the maze, a person who was rushing suddenly stopped and narrowed their eyes.
Who was the master of the voice? Girl… Was he looking for her too?

They rushed quickly inside the Forsaken Maze.
Due to the constant changes in the Forsaken Maze, although they had been moving forward, they experienced a lot of zigzagging.
Although they were approaching the enormous square where Yun Feng was at, they couldn’t reach there in one day.

Deep inside the enormous square in the Forsaken Maze, a slim girl was lying on the ground, as if she was already exhausted.
Her clothes had been drenched in sweat, and she could not move again.
The creature that was shrouded in the heavy fog stared at Yun Feng with golden eyes, and a cold and ancient voice echoed.
“Are you still struggling?”

The girl who had been lying still suddenly jerked.
The golden pupils contracted in disbelief, and the cold voice sounded surprised too.
“Are you… still able to move?”

As long as I don’t give up, I can always rise again!” announced a stubborn voice.
She supported herself with her slim arm and got back to her feet.
Her face was covered in sweat and blackened by dust.
She seemed quite overpowered.
Even her breath was unstable.
She shivered when she stood up.
For two weeks, she had been fighting this creature.
Although she knew she didn’t have any chance of winning, she didn’t plan to wait to die! After fighting with her best for two weeks, this unknown creature seemed to have developed an interest in her, and was not in a rush to kill her, as if it was testing her endurance.
They had confronted each other for two weeks.

After two weeks of consecutive battles, Yun Feng’s mental strength was already exhausted even though she was a genius.
In the last few days, she had been fighting purely with physical strength.
Her Commander Level strength couldn’t cause any damage to that creature.
She knew that her struggle was futile, but she was unwilling to give up just like that!

The black jade pendant on her neck emitted warm air currents, reinvigorating her exhausted body again.
She smiled in her heart.
Without the black jade pendant, she couldn’t have survived so long.
At this moment, her recovery ability was as good as that of a Magic Beast.

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