Chapter 392: You Are Too Unworthy To Know My Name (1)

Zheng Ran…” Yun Sheng mumbled.
Zheng Ran smiled and turned around.
“Naturally, we cannot violate the rules.
However, the Mercenary Union will help and protect the Yun family wherever the rules allow.”

Zheng Ran left after saying that.
It was obvious that the Yun family would be exiled again as a public enemy if it lost Yun Feng.
Zheng Ran’s promise was truly important for the Yun family.

After Zheng Ran left, Murong Yuntian and Ze Ran came to Yun Sheng and stood on his sides.
Ze Ran gazed at the Forsaken Maze, and felt like breaking into it, but he knew that there was nothing he could do even if he did.
He was too weak! Thinking about that, Ze Ran was caught by the feeling of helplessness.
Was he still no good? He had worked hard for so long, yet he was still unable to protect her!

Murong Yuntian was silent and grave.
He was never in a good mood over the past days, as that stupid Kasa had been rambling to him all the time.
He would’ve slapped her away if he had lost all his rationality.

“Don’t worry.
Nothing will happen to Yun Feng,” said Murong Yuntian.
Then, all three men were quiet.
That was the only thing they could say to each other during these days.
Yun Feng would be fine! They comforted themselves every moment and every day.
How could anything happen to Yun Feng, who was formidable? However, when they remembered the gargantuan creature and the irresistible pressure when they escaped, they felt that their self-comfort was too pale and unconvincing.

“Yuntian, what are you doing here?” Hearing the voice, all the three men couldn’t help but frown.
Kasa, the stupidest of the Karan Royal Family, was undoubtedly the happiest person in these days.

Murong Yuntian didn’t even bother to look back at her.
Kasa, however, shamelessly walked close and reached for Murong Yuntian’s arm.
Murong Yuntian jumped back and asked coldly, “Anything I can help you with?”

Seeing how rejective Murong Yuntian was, Kasa became solemn too.
“There’s one week to go.
In another week, we will leave Cashya.”

“But Yun Feng is still in there!” roared Ze Ran in disbelief.
How could they abandon Yun Feng?

“Why are you yelling? Everybody knows she’s in there! But so what? Whether she comes out or not, the Karan Empire doesn’t need her anymore.
However, for the minor contribution she made to the contest, Karan will reward the Yun family accordingly.” Kasa glanced at Yun Sheng, as if she were doing charity.

Ze Ran was already so infuriated that he gnashed his teeth and clenched his fists.
He was a student of the Karan Empire’s School of God of War.
He had been taught to pledge his loyalty to Karan since the moment he entered the school.
That was what he did.
Karan was his homeland.
What else could he be loyal to? However, he was disappointed again and again at this moment.
Was that really the honorable royal family that he thought would protect its people?

“Did the prince tell you that, or is it your own idea?” asked Murong Yuntian coldly.
Kasa snorted delightedly, “Naturally, it’s Uncle Kai’s intention too.
Yun Feng has died a worthy death.
Everybody should die for the royal family.” After saying that, Kasa turned around and walked away.
She had planned to talk to Murong Yuntian about their engagement, but then she realized that he must be into Yun Feng.
In that case, she might as well go straight to the Murong family.
She didn’t think the Murong family would dare to turn her down.
Thinking about that, Kasa was even more delighted and walked back with a smile.

“What a shameless and unscrupulous bastard!” roared Ze Ran furiously.
His respect for the Karan Royal Family fell apart like broken glass.
He had no more fondness for it at all.

“I misjudged too,” said Murong Yuntian sullenly.
His face was filled with scary gloom.
Yun Sheng had been silent the whole time.
He raised his head and smiled at Ze Ran and Murong Yuntian in the end.

“You’d better not get involved with the Yun family.
With your strength, your future is nothing but promising.
There’s a grudge between the Yun family and the Karan Royal Family.
Don’t ruin your prospect for the Yun family.
We appreciate your kindness.”

“What are you talking about?” Ze Ran quickly said.
“Does such a royal family deserve anyone’s loyalty? It abandons anyone who is no longer valuable.
Such a royal family makes me feel cold.”

“If you want to go, just go.
I’ll just wait for her to come out,” said Murong Yuntian casually.
He stared at the Forsaken Maze with hope and stubbornness.
He would wait until she came out safely!

“You…” Yun Sheng glanced at Murong Yuntian curiously.
Murong Yuntian simply smiled and didn’t say anything.
Ze Ran nodded too.
“So will I.
I won’t leave until Yun Feng comes out in one piece!”

Yun Sheng was stunned again, and glanced at Ze Ran.
He shook his head helplessly.
His dear sister did have a lot of pursuers… Feng, your brother is waiting for you.
You must come back safely!

Another week passed.
The international contest was already over.
Yun Feng, who had been stuck in the Forsaken Maze, never showed up, not even in the last moment.
When Zheng Ran announced that the contest was over, many people were finally relieved.
Apart from the Cashya Empire, the other three empires all ranked top for having five survivors.
That was a rather dramatic result.
The royal members of the three empires were all delighted.
After all, it was the first time that three countries had won the qualification to explore the relics.

Ovey’s and Shengyao’s representatives returned happily.
Karan didn’t expect this result, but was not entirely dissatisfied.
Just like Kasa said, the Karan Royal Family intended to go back without caring about Yun Feng’s safety.

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