Chapter 390: Disaster (3)

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“Kasa, if you dare to say another useless word, stay here.” Qu Lanyi narrowed her eyes with fury.
When she glared at Kasa, Kasa was too scared to say anything.
Yun Sheng was already so infuriated that he looked grim.

“No need to waste time on her.
Let’s get out.” Yun Feng had no time to waste on that idiot.
Everybody else nodded.
The survivors of the Cashya Empire had already squeezed their jade pendant and escaped.
Ovey’s and Shengyao’s must’ve done the same, because Yun Feng saw flashing light.
They must’ve chosen to evacuate instead of fighting back.

The second wave of attack was coming fiercely.
As if it detected that someone had escaped, the unknown creature was exasperated.
Sensing that it was a lot stronger than before, Yun Feng changed her expression.
“Squeeze! Let’s get out!” Everybody held their white jade pendant and squeezed them at the same time!

“Don’t even try to run!” The furious voice drew near.
Flashes appeared one after another.
Sweat appeared in Kasa’s hand.
She squeezed her jade pendant.
After a flash, she regretfully disappeared.
She had no time to consider how she could explain everything, or whether the Karan Empire could win the international contest.
When Yun Feng squeezed her jade pendant, she felt cold.

The jade pendant in her hand had been crumbled.
However, what Yun Feng squeezed was not the jade pendant to escape, but the one Ao Jin gave her earlier! Because they were very similar, Yun Feng failed to recognize them in the emergency.
When she squeezed the jade pendant, the aura of the powerful Golden Dragon burst out.
It roared and charged at the black fog as a dragon!

In a certain corner of the world, Ao Jin suddenly opened his eyes.
His pure golden eyes glittered dazzlingly.
He found it hard to believe.
After a few seconds, he turned into a streak of golden light and disappeared.
He couldn’t be wrong.
The jade pendant that he gave the girl was squeezed.
The girl was fine!

The roaring dragon blocked the black fog’s second wave of attack.
Seizing the opportunity, Yun Feng quickly took out the other jade pendant.
She couldn’t help feeling impressed at Uncle Jin, whose aura remained so powerful after so many years.
She would’ve died here without the dragon aura!

Having no time to think, Yun Feng clenched her fist.
However, a violent air current came at her from her back.
She keenly jumped aside, but then felt stinging pain on her wrist.
Damn it! Yun Feng gritted her teeth.
She loosened her hand, and the jade pendant fell off.
It was then crumbled into smithereens by another air current.

She didn’t have any chance to escape.
She landed on the ground, and gazed at the fog in the center of the enormous square.
“Kid…” The ancestor saw everything, and felt helpless.
Was this just fate? Was Yun Feng doomed? She was so young, and such a distinguished descendant of the Yun family.
If her life ended here, all predecessors of the Yun family would be infuriated.

“Ancestor, I don’t think I can help the Yun family to rise again.” Yun Feng leaned against the wall, and looked up at the heavy clouds above the Forsaken Maze.
“Brother, father…” She mumbled in frustration.
Ao Jin’s roar was dwindling.
When it completely disappeared, Yun Feng would have to confront the unknown creature!

Feeling that the dragon roar was becoming weaker and weaker, Yun Feng patted her clothes and looked at the ruined square, as well as the enormous creature that was shrouded in fog.
Dropping her depression, she put on a smile.
The ancestor felt Yun Feng’s reignited faith again, and thought even more highly of her.
In such a moment when she was sure that she couldn’t win, she remained optimistic and hopeful.
That wasn’t easy! It was truly lucky for the Yun family to have such an excellent descendant!

“If so, I might as well fight that thing.
I would rather die than surrender!”

Even if she must die, she would still charge forward bravely and die a splendid death that she wouldn’t regret!

All the water drops in her spiritual space melted.
She unleashed all her strength in the final stage of the Commander Level.
At this moment, Ao Jin’s aura was completely gone.
The pair of golden pupils turned to Yun Feng, and squinted when Yun Feng released her aura.

“Who are you??”

Yun Feng laughed, with a proud smile on her face.
She stared at the golden pupils and reported her name forcefully, “Yun Feng!”

“Yun Feng…” The ancient voice repeated the name, as if it was quite interested.
Then, the ground trembled violently again.
“All trespassers will die!” The voice remained cold and bloodthirsty.
Yun Feng wasn’t scared at all.
She simply rose and floated in midair.

“Then try to kill me!” Her eyes glittered.
Yun Feng stopped worrying.
If a battle was inevitable, she should just enjoy it!

At the exit of the Forsaken Maze, the four empires’ people who had been waiting were getting more and more anxious towards the end of the contest.
When they were all eagerly waiting, light flashed at the exit of the Forsaken Maze one after another.
The royal members of the four empires all looked awful.
Which country had quit?

After the light disappeared, the royal members of the Cashya Empire changed their expression.
All the three people were from the Cashya Empire.
They had completely lost the game that was held in their own country, which was a disgrace to the Cashya Empire.

“You…” The royal members of the Cashya Empire looked at the contestants who had quit, not knowing what to say..
The other empires’ royal members were all looking at them with mockery.

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