Chapter 388: Disaster (1)

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“Little Fire, I won’t let anyone take you away.
You’re my contracted Magic Beast and my friend.
I’ll protect you.” Yun Feng smiled at Little Fire that was inside the Array of Contract.
Her smile made Little Fire’s eyes glitter.
Little Fire’s heart was filled with indescribable feelings.
It lowered its head.
There was no telling what it was thinking.

“Yun Feng, you think there’s nothing I can do? Hahahaha! Today will be the day of your death!” Carson laughed crazily, but deep down in his heart, he was already getting anxious.
He was not a real summoner.
He was able to wield such enormous mental strength because of the Cashya Empire’s summoner’s help.
It couldn’t last too long.
If he didn’t hurry up, he would be caught in an awkward position! Yun Feng seemed exhausted at this moment, since it was difficult to contract the Fire Cloud Wolf, he might as well…

Carson put on a wicked smile.
“Yun Feng, I will kill you first and then contract this Fire Cloud Wolf.
Don’t worry.
Your teammates will join you in the other world soon!” Carson brutally raised his hand, unleashing the violent mental strength as an invisible whip that slapped Yun Feng brutally!

“Pa!” The invisible whip hit Yun Feng with an enormous noise.
Yun Feng stood straight like a stone tablet without moving at all.
There was stubbornness all over her face.
Seeing that, Carson sneered, “You do have bones.
Let’s see how much longer you may stand!”

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” The long whip attacked consecutively, making Yun Feng’s skin red and swollen.
Yun Sheng, Murong Yuntian and Ze Ran were all angry, but Lan Yi simply stopped them.
Lan Yi looked awful too, and its body was trembling with fury!

Qu Lanyi stood aside and gazed at Yun Feng.
Seeing her stubborn face and her body that was still standing.
She suddenly realized something.
She put on a smile, with admiration and affection.
“Fengfeng, you’re truly bold…”

Yun Feng stood still.
Although she was being brutalized and her spiritual space was shaking, she didn’t fall.
She was still standing with her head held high!

“Master, retract your mental strength! I’m fine! That bastard is incapable of contracting me! Retract it!” Seeing how miserable Yun Feng was, Little Fire knew that she was suffering from physical and mental damage, and that she would be in danger if she didn’t do anything! It couldn’t allow anything to happen to Yun Feng!

“Little Fire, do you not trust me at all? Am I a meek person that never fights back?” Yun Feng sent a telepathic message.
With the protection of Yun Feng’s mental strength, the mental strength at Carson’s disposal couldn’t contract Little Fire just yet.
They were still competing.

Little Fire was dazed.
Seeing that Yun Feng was smiling despite being hit, it put on a smile.
Seeing that, Carson’s eyes turned bloodshot.
Damn it, what kind of freak was that woman? She was still standing under such mental attacks! If anyone else were here, they would’ve been whipped into pieces!

No, he was running out of time.
He couldn’t waste any more time on her! Carson gritted his teeth, and concentrated all of his mental strength.
A vague pressure was rising.
Everybody’s senses seemed to be covered in clouds.
They even had trouble breathing.
Carson roared, “Yun Feng, die!” The concentration of mental strength even slightly twisted space.
This strike would surely kill her!

“You’re running out of patience, Carson??” Yun Feng put on a cold smile, and examined the concentrated mental strength, wondering if she could survive it… Seeing that, Lan Yi urged everybody to retreat.
Qu Lanyi furrowed her eyebrows.
Things seemed to be getting out of control.

Ovey’s and Shengyao’s observers could feel the pressure even though they were far away.
They unleashed their fighting energy and mental strength to ease the pressure.
Both Muqing and Xiaoxiao were astonished, not expecting the Cashya Empire to be so powerful!

“It seems that the Karan Empire will suffer a heavy loss,” said Muqing softly, while she gazed at Yun Feng who was standing there with furrowed brows.
Xiaoxiao stood aside palely.
As a mage, she better felt the massiveness of the mental strength.
It was so overwhelming that she was scared just looking at it.
Could Yun Feng win? How could she possibly resist such mental strength?

The space was twisted.
Everybody felt gloomy and pressured.
Carson was laughing arrogantly.
Yun Feng was wearing a mocking smile.
The battle would be ended with this one strike, except…

“Boom!” There was a sudden earthquake on the enormous square.
Everybody became anxious.
Carson, who was about to launch the critical strike, was disrupted by the unexpected event.
He roared, “Which bastard is ruining my plans?”

Nobody replied.
Everybody anxiously stepped back.
Even Yun Feng didn’t persist in standing.
She staggered back.
The ground was cracking, as if something was going to rose from the bottom of the square!

“Back off!” Muqing and Xiaoxiao shouted at their companions.
The two teams instantly retreated to the wall.
The Karan Empire’s and the Cashya Empire’s teams did the same.
Carson was infuriated.
He was about to succeed, and could’ve destroyed the Karan Empire’s summoner and contracted her Fire Cloud Wolf, initiating a killing spree.
However, all his plans were ruined by the thing that was about to appear.

“You dare to ruin my plans!” There was no telling whether his wrath eclipsed his rationality, or he was simply too crazy, but while everybody was retreating, he dashed forward and smashed the abundant mental strength against the ground that was falling apart!

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