Chapter 386: Little Fire, Crisis (2)

The female mage observed them pretentiously and then said sarcastically, “That’s really true.
It’s no fun being a princess.
You can’t get anything.
Even this handsome man shuns you.”

“Are you done?” Murong Yuntian put on a solemn expression, with coldness accumulating in his eyes.
However, the two people from the Cashya Empire didn’t stop at all.
“If this handsome man isn’t the princess’s lover, he must be related to that summoner, isn’t he?”

“You…” Murong Yuntian seemed rather awkward.
Kasa saw his subtle expression clearly.
She had remained silent, and didn’t say anything back as she usually would.
As a matter of fact, the volcano in Kasa’s heart was almost erupting.
It had been activated by the mockeries and Murong Yuntian’s reaction.
She suddenly had a twisted idea.
Why not kill Yun Feng through Cashya? If so, Yuntian would be hers.
Nobody dared to despise her like Yun Feng did.
Even if she couldn’t win the contest this time, there would always be remedies! An evil idea occurred to Kasa.
Wasn’t she the princess of the Karan Royal Family? What couldn’t she get?

Kasa’s rationality was completely eclipsed by jealousy.
The sting in her heart was driving her crazy.
She simply wanted to retaliate against Yun Feng and make her as miserable as possible.
She had completely left everything else behind.
If Kai, who was waiting outside, knew what Kasa was planning, he probably would want to kill her.

Making up her mind, Kasa gathered red elements in her hand.
“Fire Arrow!” A Fire Arrow appeared out of nowhere.
The female mage widened her eyes and raised her hands.
“Earth Shield!” Immediately, the Fire Arrow was blocked by the Earth Shield, and shattered into red elemental pieces, dispersing in the air.

Kasa’s attack shocked everybody.
Yun Feng secretly cursed, “Idiot!” She then flashed towards her.
Carson, on the other hand, put on a smile of satisfaction.
It was indeed a smart choice to instigate Kasa.
The five people of the Cashya Empire arrived quickly.
Ovey’s and Shengyao’s teams watched the fight.
Xiaoxiao smiled mockingly, “Fight, fight.
I knew you couldn’t wait forever.”

In Ovey’s team, Muqing looked at the two teams that were about to fight, and put on a smile.
“It will be best if Cashya and Karan both suffer heavy losses in their fight.”

While Ovey and Shengyao were watching, Carson arrived with fury on his face.
“What’s going on here?”

“Your Highness, Karan attacked first!” said the female mage.
That was the fact.
Kasa did attack first.
Carson held back his satisfaction.
Yun Feng and the others arrived too, followed by Little Fire and Lan Yi.
Carson looked at Little Fire passionately.

“I attacked first.
So what?” Kasa raised her head and smiled at Carson coldly.
Carson laughed and replied ruthlessly, “So, is Karan declaring war on Cashya?”

“So what?”

“Kasa!” Yun Feng roared.
Kasa turned around slowly.
“Yun Feng, I’m the leader.
Shut up.”

Seeing the craziness in Kasa’s eyes, Yun Feng was stunned.
Although Kasa was an idiot, she should be aware of the situation.
Had she been somehow bewildered? Why was she reacting so strongly even though it was obvious provocation?

“You’re the leader? That’s hard to tell.” Carson looked at Kasa up and down.
“I think she’s more like the leader.” Carson looked at Yun Feng.
The people of the Cashya Empire all nodded.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
“Carson, you’re best at sowing discord, aren’t you?”

Carson laughed.
“It’s so obvious.
Everybody who’s not blind can see that.
You must be thinking the same, don’t you?”

Kasa’s face became completely dark.
Before anyone could react, she had gathered fire elements in her hand again.
“Fire Arrow!” Another Fire Arrow darted forward along with a lot of red fire elements.
Carson laughed inwardly.
Stupid Karan, take the bait!

“Fight! No mercy!” shouted Carson.
The Cashya Empire’s contestants immediately revealed their weapons.
Two warriors were already charging at Kasa.
The female mage was casting a spell too.
They intended to eliminate her in one attack!

“Earth Shield!” Yun Feng roared.
Kasa was immediately surrounded by an Earth Shield which blocked all attacks.
The Cashya Empire’s attack had already begun.
Yun Feng furrowed her brows.
Since it was unavoidable, they might as well kick Cashya out!

They had no more concerns.
The people of the Karan Empire realized what was going on.
Qu Lanyi stood aside, not intending to join at all, as if she was just enjoying the show.
Kasa couldn’t really do anything.
Being in level 6, she could only be beaten up in the battle here!

“Ho…” Little Fire roared and dashed forward.
Its body turned into a dark red streak of light that moved fast.
Seeing that, Carson was excited, and took out a small jade pendant.
He licked his dry lips, with passion in his eyes.
Right on time!

Everybody of the Cashya Empire dodged, leaving Carson to confront Little Fire.
Little Fire swung its claws brutally, leaving a silver track in midair.
Carson suddenly laughed crazily, and squeezed the small jade pendant.
Immediately, an immense stream of mental strength erupted and burst out of the jade pendant!

“What?” Yun Feng was stunned.
Lan Yi shouted anxiously, “Brother Fire!”

Feeling the enormous mental strength, Little Fire tried to jump aside, yet it was too slow.
The enormous mental strength grabbed it tightly like an invisible hand.
On the ground where Little Fire was standing, dazzling light was arising!

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