Chapter 384: Gathering (4)

Hearing that, Kasa immediately shut her mouth.
She looked around and saw that the other contestants were all looking at Karan’s with complicated expressions.

This was a subtle situation.
The Karan Empire had the greatest advantage in number.
Even if it didn’t do anything, it would still win as long as it endured a month.
However, the other three teams each had five people, and were very close to Karan’s numbers.
Also, their survivors were all elites.
It was hard to predict who would win in the end.

Kasa finally shut up, but the eyes of the other three empires’ contestants made her feel panicked.
She thought that the three empires might cooperate against her team.
Then, her chance of winning would be slim even with Yun Feng.

“A summoner?” said Muqing of the Ovey Empire in a low voice, fixing his eyes upon Little Fire and Lan Yi.
Little Fire was in the form of a wolf, and Lan Yi still had its wings.
They were obviously not human.
The only reason why the two Magic Beasts had appeared here so peacefully was that the Karan Empire had a summoner.

All the contestants realized that.
Carson gritted his teeth so hard that they were almost ground into pieces.
A summoner! The Karan Empire had a summoner! It meant that the balance on the East Continent would be changed, and Ovey and Shengyao would be left far behind due to the lack of a summoner!

Muqing and Xiaoxiao both frowned and glanced at Yun Feng.
Little Fire and Lan Yi were both standing next to her, so it was obvious that she was the summoner.
Yun Feng didn’t wear the Ring of Contract, or she would’ve been the center of attention.

“Guys, the Karan Empire has six contestants left, and all our three countries only have five.
Besides, there’s even a summoner on Karan’s side.
Don’t you think we should do something?” Carson said to Muqing and Xiaoxiao with obvious instigation.
Kasa immediately changed her expression.
“Cashya, what’s the meaning of this?”

Carson smiled gloomily.
“Kasa, you’re just as stupid as before.
This time, Karan will be everybody’s enemy!”

“You…” Kasa was too angry to say anything.
Muqing and Xiaoxiao were silent.
They had to take sides at this moment.
Should they join hands with Cashya and beat Karan, or should they stay neutral, or should they cooperate with Karan and kick Cashya out?

Both of them were silent for a long time.
Carson was rather anxious.
As long as the two empires cooperated with him, Karan would surely be eliminated.
Then, it would be easy to deal with them! As long as Yun Feng stayed in the Karan Empire’s team, the Cashya Empire’s odds of winning couldn’t be greater than 50%!

Carson was thinking about something else too… He had to kill Yun Feng here and now! Forcing her to quit was already a secondary option.
Killing her and ensuring Cashya’s absolute advantage on the East Continent was the most important thing! Cashya’s summoner had made a lot of sacrifices for the international contest, and was not as strong as before.
Yun Feng was young and talented.
If she grew up, Karan would dominate the East Continent.
The Cashya Empire would never allow that to happen!

While Carson was planning, Xiaoxiao and Muqing were certainly no idiots.
They were not as emotional as Kasa, and analyzed the situation calmly.
Whichever side they were to take, they couldn’t benefit from it.
Their safety would only be ensured if both of the other teams existed.
Xiaoxiao and Muqing looked at each other, and realized what was on each other’s mind.
Xiaoxiao smiled.
“Carson, we don’t care about Karan.
If you’re afraid that Karan will surpass Cashya, that’s your business.
Don’t get us involved in this.
We aren’t your free fighters.”

Muqing added softly, “My opinion is the same as hers.
If you want to fight, be my guest.”

As a result, Shengyao and Ovey took one side, and the three parties were balanced.
Cashya and Karan couldn’t attack each other, because if they suffered any loss, Shengyao and Ovey would benefit as observers.
Thinking that through, Carson snorted and didn’t dare to do anything even though he was infuriated.

Yun Feng was greatly relieved.
The leaders of Ovey and Shengyao were truly smart.
They knew how to protect themselves in this situation.
However, Yun Feng knew that they might not stay peaceful until the end of the game.
After all, they surely wouldn’t let the Karan Empire win so easily.

Yun Feng finally looked around and observed the environment.
They were in an enormous square, which was absolutely empty.
One side of the square was blocked, and the other three sides were open.
The contestants had come from those sides.
Should they return? Yun Feng frowned and thought for a moment.
It was hard to say what the other three empires would do, so she might as well wait for a moment.

The other empires’ contestants all observed curiously.
What was this enormous square for? Why had all the contestants come here? After careful observation, Kasa snorted.
“There’s nothing here.
It’s a dead end.
We should go.”

Yun Feng glanced at her and didn’t move.
The others remained still too.
Seeing that, Kasa became anxious.
“What’s the meaning of this? Do you want to stay here and be beaten up? If they change their mind and cooperate against us, we won’t win!”

Yun Feng smiled.
“If you’re so scared, princess, why don’t you go first?”

Kasa blushed.
“I’m not scared! I’m just considering the big picture!”

Yun Feng became cold.
“The big picture? Staying here is the wisest choice in this situation.
There’s no telling what other traps and dangers lie in the maze.
Are you confident that we won’t lose anyone in the coming month?”

Kasa almost couldn’t say anything.
“But if we stay here…”

“Although it may be dangerous to stay here, our odds of winning will be higher.
Also, since they won’t attack us easily, we may still be able to win.
But if we leave, we won’t win at all if we lose anyone on our way,” Yun Sheng analyzed calmly.
The Karan Empire’s advantage was its one extra contestant and Yun Feng as a summoner.

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