Chapter 383: Gathering (3)

“Some of them seem to have met.
More than ten people have quit.
They’ve saved a lot of my time.” Carson checked the jade and inferred the situation.
The Ovey and Shengyao Empire seemed to have encountered each other.
Both teams lost five members.
On the Cashya Empire’s side, three people were missing, but the Karan Empire didn’t lose any contestants!

Carson clenched the jade.
It seemed that he only had to deal with the Karan Empire! He glanced at Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi.
As long as those two people were taken care of, nobody else from the Karan Empire would be able to do anything, and the Cashya Empire would surely win!

“Be prepared to take action during today’s rest.
We’re going to annihilate them!” declared Carson brutally.
His companions all nodded.
They had been waiting for this day for a long time.
With Prince Carson’s trump cards, it was impossible for them to lose!

He had patiently waited for a month to ease Yun Feng’s vigilance.
Little did he know that Yun Feng had seen through everything.
She was only pretending that she was fooled.
The fox was trying to hunt the prey, but it didn’t know that the prey was planning to kill it too.
Then, who was the prey and who was the fox?

The final episode was about to start, but an accident disrupted everything.
Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi were walking in the lead.
Having zigzagged for two months in the Forsaken Maze, they couldn’t tell the direction, and could only move based on their instincts.
However, after they took a turn, they found themselves on a straight path that was broader than any they had walked.
Both Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi became nervous.
Everything here was utterly unreasonable.
They couldn’t be more careful.

It was impossible to just recklessly rush forth.
Examining the length of the path, Yun Feng whispered to Qu Lanyi behind her, “I’ll take the lead.
Follow my footprints.
Don’t walk on the edge.”

Qu Lanyi put on a sweet smile and nodded.
Yun Feng led the way, and Qu Lanyi walked exactly on her footprints.
They behaved as naturally as usual, so the four people of the Cashya Empire didn’t notice anything wrong.
After they took the turn and walked the path, Carson was walking in the lead and his companions were walking behind him in a row.
After they took only one step, a scream burst out.

“Ahhhhhhh…” It was the female mage’s scream.
She was walking in the middle, with the two warriors on her sides, filling up the length of the path.
However, the path had collapsed before they stepped onward, and underneath the path was a deep abyss!

“What?!” Carson had no time to rescue them at all after seeing the scene.
Both of the warriors fell in.
How could there be an abyss underneath the maze? There were two flashes from the deep abyss.
Both of the warriors had squeezed their lifesaving jade and left.

Carson gritted his teeth.
Damn it.
There were only five members of the Cashya Empire left! Looking at Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi who were walking ahead, Carson said coldly to the female mage behind him, “Follow their footprints.” Carson followed Qu Lanyi’s footprints.
The female mage nodded palely, shivering.
The collapse path was restored, as if it had never collapsed.

“Master, be wary of the broader paths.
You must walk in the middle.
There are traps on their edge!” Little Fire and Lan Yi both sent a telepathic message.
Yun Feng was stunned.
Had they run into the same thing? “How is my brother?” “Don’t worry, master.
Yun Sheng is fine,” said Lan Yi.
Yun Sheng had been held in Lan Yi’s hand, and Lan Yi was flying very close to the ground.
They avoided the disaster.

“What’s the situation over there?” asked Yun Feng telepathically.
Little Fire and Lan Yi immediately reported that eight people of the Karan Empire had been gathered, but due to the same traps Yun Feng encountered, they lost four people!

“That idiot, Kasa, survived,” said Little Fire in disdain.
All that was left on the Karan Empire’s side were Yun Sheng, Murong Yuntian, Ze Ran, Kasa, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi.

Yun Feng walked in the lead cautiously.
She had a feeling that this path would lead to the deepest part of the maze.
What was lying ahead? Little Fire and Lan Yi were walking the same path.
Maybe others were the same.
It looked like they were reaching the same place!

Yun Feng walked in the lead carefully, and finally approached the end of the weird path.
She saw dazzling light and had to narrow her eyes.
Qu Lanyi stood next to her.
After the dazzling light, they finally managed to open their eyes.

“Master!” Little Fire’s and Lan Yi’s voices came close.
Yun Feng turned around and saw a few people who had just emerged from another turn.
Yun Sheng, Murong Yuntian and Ze Ran all rushed to her in delight upon seeing her, but Kasa was quite sullen.
It seemed that her good days were over.

“We meet again,” another voice came softly.
A few other people emerged from a turn.
All of them were in ragged clothes.
The weak young man was in the lead, followed by another four people.
They were the Ovey Empire’s representatives.

“You…” Another few people emerged from a turn, headed by the mage named Xiaoxiao.
They were surprised to see Yun Feng and Ovey’s representatives.
When the representatives of the Cashya Empire came out, all of them gathered.

The four empires’ contestants reunited with their compatriots.
Obviously, the Karan Empire had six contestants left, and the other three empires all had five.
Seeing that, Kasa announced in delight, “It seems that the Karan Empire will surely win!”

Yun Feng glared at her coldly.
“You’d better keep your mouth shut, princess!”

“Yun Feng, you…” Kasa blushed and was about to argue with her, but Murong Yuntian scolded her coldly, “Princess Kasa, if you want the other empires to cooperate against us, please continue.”

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