spiritual space might be completely damaged.
Either way, it will be a major strike for the summoner.”

Yun Feng understood.
The summoner of the Cashya Empire had truly put a lot of things at stake for the victory.
If they hadn’t met Yun Feng, maybe the Cashya Empire’s contestants would’ve won with all the bees, but the victory was impossible now that Yun Feng was here.

“So, it’s possible that Carson has another Array of Contract.
There are plenty of Magic Beasts in this maze.
That summoner is able to tame a Commander Level bee queen.
Remarkable.” Yun Feng thought.
If the Cashya Empire didn’t win with such a cost, that summoner probably would burst into tears.

After learning everything, Yun Feng became confident.
The mysterious and powerful method that Carson was proud of was nothing for Yun Feng.
To contract a Magic Beast very quickly was indeed astonishing, but for Yun Feng, it was just a mediocre technique.

During the half month, Little Fire and Lan Yi reported their situation every day.
To Yun Feng’s surprise, her brother had met Kasa’s group.
How unlucky was that? Both Little Fire and Lan Yi complained.
Yun Feng couldn’t help, but put on a helpless smile.

According to them, Kasa was very happy that she didn’t see Yun Feng.
She was finally able to stand straight again, and even wanted to command Little Fire and Lan Yi.
She dropped the idea when Little Fire bared its fangs, but she picked up her dignity as the leader.

According to Yun Feng’s command, both of them protected Yun Sheng.
Kasa intended to humiliate Yun Sheng, but she didn’t have a chance.
After all, she couldn’t afford pissing off the two Magic beasts.
However, Yun Feng’s disappearance removed all her dissatisfaction.
Besides, Murong Yuntian had returned.
Kasa had been having a great time ever since the reunion, and never left Murong Yuntian.

Yun Feng was no longer concerned about the situation over there.
Even if they ran into the contestants of other empires, Lan Yi and Little Fire should be enough to deal with them.
The most important thing at this moment was to finish off the guys from the Cashya Empire, who were the main problem.

Half a month passed in peace.
Neither Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi nor the four people of the Cashya Empire did anything.
As time went by, they had spent almost a month wandering in the Forsaken Maze.
They encountered some Magic Beasts on their way, but Carson didn’t do anything.
Perhaps he knew that those Magic Beasts were too weak to help him.

“Your Highness, we’re running out of time!” said a female mage anxiously.
It had been almost two months.
They didn’t deal with any empires, but wasted all their time on these two women.
That was truly…

Carson didn’t say anything.
He was quite sullen.
He was running out of patience too.
There was one month to go.
He had to finish off all the other contestants of other empires in the one month! He took out a piece of white jade that was the size of a hand.
On the jade, there were many glittering spots, which marked the locations of all the other contestants!

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