Chapter 380: Fighting the Bees (4)

“I’m really running out of patience,” mumbled Qu Lanyi.
The red mole between her eyes was so deep that it was almost bleeding.
The people who were peeping from behind were so shocked at the scene that they were unable to say anything.

“Y-Your Highness… S-She’s gone…” said a warrior with shivering lips, describing what he saw.
Carson’s lips were rather pale.
“I saw that.
Do you think I’m blind?”

“Your Highness, what do we do?” The female mage finally came back to herself, and looked at Carson anxiously.
She thought they could take down the two women easily, but those two women were much stronger than they expected! The Magic Beasts couldn’t hurt them at all! They would’ve leftp if Prince Carson weren’t controlling all the bees!

“It seems like we’ve met the trump card of the Karan Empire.” Carson thought for a moment, and smiled in the end.
Considering the girl’s strength and behavior, and because she was a double-element mage, he knew exactly how she disappeared.

She was a Commander Level double-element mage.
Who could the Karan Empire’s trump card be if not her?

“We must kill them.
We can’t let them go!” Carson gritted his teeth and declared.
Then, he immediately closed his eyes, attempting to command the bees to attack again.
He still had a chance.
As long as the queen remained under his control, there would be an infinite number of bees.
He could suppress and kill them sooner or later!

However, the next moment, Carson became pale and suddenly opened his eyes, with hate and a hint of fear in them! His companions all asked, “Your Highness, what’s wrong?”

Carson’s lips were shivering.
He clenched his fists, and his eyes were bloodshot.
“The queen… is dead.”

The people of the Cashya Empire were all shocked to hear the news.
They didn’t know how Carson controlled the queen, but they knew that if the queen died, the bees would be out of control.
Those bees were one of the Cashya Empire’s trump cards!

“Damn it!” Carson smashed his fist into the wall.
Then, he became solemn and cold.
Which between those two killed the queen?

“Your Highness, the queen is in the… Commander Level, right?” mumbled one of the warriors.
Carson became solemn, and everybody else pulled a long face.
A Commander Level queen! Yet it had been killed.
Had the two women of the Karan Empire reached the Commander Level?

“We have to eliminate those two women, whatever it might take!” Carson whispered, gnashing his teeth.
His companions all seemed anxious.
One of them swallowed and said carefully, “Your Highness, even if we join our hands, I don’t think…”

“If we cannot defeat them openly, we’ll use tricks! We cannot leave them alive! If they grow up, Karan will be a threat to Cashya!” Carson gnashed his teeth again.
The Cashya Empire was the only empire that had a summoner, and ranked top among the four empires on the East Continent.
Although the empires were basically balanced, Cashya had its own advantage.

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi had proven that they were among the strongest geniuses.
If they grew up, they would pose a threat to Cashya and the other empires.
Naturally, they must be eliminated as early as possible!

Carson stopped talking, and simply gazed at the humming bees.
Without the queen, the bees didn’t disperse immediately, but they were no longer organized either.
He narrowed his eyes.
Who killed the queen? He would surely kill whoever did that! Remembering the item in his storage container, Carson put on a smile.

The space trembled again, emitting invisible waves.
After the tremble, Yun Feng reappeared in front of everybody, with countless things falling around her.
The people who had been observing from the distance all craned their heads, only to be disgusted, as the falling things were blackened bodies of the bees that looked like burnt coal.
They were all over the ground.

After Yun Feng came out, she saw that there were still a large number of bees, but they weren’t as aggressive as before.
“The leader of the bees seems to have been taken down…” mumbled Yun Feng.
The bees were no longer a threat without the queen.
Many of them were flying aimlessly.
Yun Feng gathered fire elements in her hand and aimed at the bees.
“Fire Arrow!”

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” More and more Fire Arrows were shot at the bees, further disrupting the formation of the bees.
Many of them fled in panic.
Very soon, few of the bees were left.
Most of them had flown away.

“Qu Lanyi, are you alright?” After the bees dispersed, Yun Feng finally saw that Qu Lanyi was standing in the depths of the bees.
She didn’t see her until the bees dispersed.
She walked to her in a hurry.
Had she entered the swarm of bees on her own? That was so risky!

Hearing Yun Feng’s voice, Qu Lanyi turned around and smiled at Yun Feng.
She then grabbed her and pulled her closer.
“Fengfeng, are you concerned for me?”

Yun Feng was about to move away, when Qu Lanyi quickly whispered to her ear.
“This is the queen of the bees.
It seems to be manipulated.” Qu Lanyi opened her hand, revealing a black bee that was lying in her hand.
The bee was very small.
Although it was dead, it was still emitting vague pressure.

Yun Feng frowned, and observed the queen carefully.
It had a black body and a hard shell.
All of a sudden, Yun Feng discovered some unusual tiny marks on the queen’s abdomen, which made her narrow her eyes.

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