Chapter 379: Fighting the Bees (3)

Yun Feng suddenly stopped and let go of Qu Lanyi.
Very soon, the people who were busy running caught up to her.
The one who shouted a moment earlier was Carson, the member of the Cashya Royal family who welcomed Kai earlier.

“Hu… Hu… Hu…” Carson was running in the lead.
He was greatly relieved to see Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi.
There were three people behind him, including a female mage and two male warriors.
All four of them were sweating hard.
It seemed that they had been running for a long time.

“You, finish off the things behind, or neither of you will get away!” Carson announced at Yun Feng ruthlessly.
Yun Feng’s eyes glittered.
Those people were truly shameless.
They wanted her to resolve the trouble they caused.
However, she didn’t have a choice at this moment.
The people of the Cashya Empire could locate her precisely.
It would be terrible if those people found and followed her brother.

“Hum…” Noises that hurt eardrums echoed from behind.
The contestants of the Cashya Empire all ran ahead, keeping their distance from Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi, who stayed while the swarm of creatures pressed close.

Their flapping wings caused humming noises that tortured whoever heard them.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
In front of her eyes was a group of insects that looked like bees.
However, their number was shockingly great.
Had they all come?

“Fengfeng, we’re in trouble,” said Qu Lanyi.
Yun Feng was quite cold.
Those Magic Beasts were in level 8 and level 9! Their numbers were frightening, and their strength was remarkable too.
This was indeed a tricky situation.

Both Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi had reached the Commander Level.
It was easy to deal with the level-8 and level-9 Magic Beasts.
However, there were too many of them.
Their hums almost rumbled.
Yun Feng didn’t know how many more were coming, but those in the front were already nauseating enough for her!

“Let’s finish them as quickly as possible,” said Yun Feng in a low voice.
Qu Lanyi nodded.
Most gregarious beasts, like the Lion-Tailed Baboons Yun Feng met earlier, attacked in groups.
However, the number of the Lion-Tailed Baboon was not nearly as great as that of the Magic Beasts here.
Facing an overwhelming number of Magic Beasts, even an expert might be killed instantly.
That was the advantage of gregarious beasts!

“Your Highness, is this going to work out?” asked a warrior from the Cashya Empire in the distance.
Carson put on a grim smile.
“Why won’t it work out? I’m already controlling the queen of the bees.
They all have to listen to my command.
They’re strong enough as individuals, not to mention that they’re attacking together.
The Cashya Empire will surely win!”

“The prince is right.
The other contestants will have to quit when they face the bees if they don’t want to die!” The female mage chuckled too and looked at Carson with admiration.
Her face was flushing too.

“Your Highness, you even know all the other contestants’ locations.
They will surely fail.
However, didn’t His Majesty ask us to kill as many of them as possible?”

Carson waved his hand.
“My father did say that.
But do you think the other contestants are fools? They are not easy to deal with.
Let’s finish off those two first.
Don’t give them a chance to squeeze their jade pendant!” Carson closed his eyes, and then the bees moved!

“They’re moving.” When the bees moved, Qu Lanyi spoke in a low voice.
Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
“Fire Arrow, go!” A roaring Fire Arrow immediately darted from Yun Feng towards the swarm of bees.
The bees didn’t seem able to resist fire elements at all.
Yun Feng’s fire arrow caused an opening in them.

“Light Hammer, smash!” Qu Lanyi took action too.
When she roared, the whole space seemed to be illuminated.
The light and the heat smashed into the bees like a hammer!

“Hum…” The bees seemed infuriated, and surged forth like a tide.
Yun Feng immediately roared, “Earth Shield!” The bees’ first wave of attack was immediately resolved by the Earth Shield.
The Light Hammer kept smashing the bees from the sky, wreaking havoc on them.
Yun Feng closed her eyes.
When she opened her eyes again, an enormous fire wolf had appeared next to her!

“Ho…” The wolf opened its mouth and roared at the bees furiously.
Then, it threw itself at the bees like a cannonball.
“Fire Arrow!” cried Yun Feng, launching Fire Arrows into the bees.
Many bees were burnt up, but even more bees replaced them.
After attacking for a while, Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng realized that the situation was even trickier than they thought.

There were an infinite number of bees.
How many more were out there? Yun Feng was thinking quickly, wondering how she could finish off the bees.
In the war of attrition, her mental strength would be exhausted even though it was abundant…

Right… Yun Feng’s eyes glittered.
Since there were too many bees, she might as well annihilate them on a large scale, even though it would expose her strength.
She didn’t forget the people who were peeping from behind, but she didn’t have another solution.

Qu Lanyi tilted her head and glanced at Yun Feng.
“Fengfeng, any idea?”

Yun Feng nodded.
“You should be able to do that.” She smiled at Qu Lanyi casually, and unleashed her mental strength.
The fiery wolf instantly turned into sparks of fire elements.
The space here trembled.
Yun Feng extended her hand at the void, with glittering light in her eyes.
“Space blockage!”

The air trembled.
After the tremble, Yun Feng and a large area of bees were gone, as if they had been wiped out.
Qu Lanyi put on a smile.
“Fengfeng is truly smart.”

The bees that had been wiped out instantly caused a vacuum in this space, but very soon, another swarm of bees surged forward.

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