en suppressed underneath for a long time and the people who had always been on top suddenly fell down.
If the Lin family didn’t step on them a few times, it would not be consistent with their style.

From the leader to the younger generation, the members of the Lin family had some kind of weird twist and a struggle against being a lowly family in their minds.
They knew from the bottom of their heart that they couldn’t compare to the Yun family, but they still plucked up their courage to put their hands to the Yun family.
The Yun family was a declined family, a family that moved back to Chunfeng Town from the Imperial Capital.
Even if they once had a summoner, so what? Even if they had once been glorious, so what?

Like rats leaving a sinking ship, the few large families that had a pretty good relationship with the Yun family in the past also watched from the sidelines.
Why did such a Yun family deserve to own such abundant assets? And why could they still act so arrogant in front of other people?

The Lin family gnashed their teeth with hatred and they were so greedy that their eyes turned green.
So many assets! How wonderful would it be if they were the Yun family… Why did a declined family deserve all these? Even if they owned them, they wouldn’t be able to keep them sooner or later.
If they were going to lose them anyway, it was best for the Lin family to put them in their pocket.

The Lin family perfectly showed the others how shameless they were.
The Mei family watched on the sidelines and didn’t offer help, which made the Lin family more presumptuous.
They courageously let go of themselves and did whatever they wanted.
Apparently, although the Lin family was shameless to a certain extent, they were also clever.
The assets the Lin family plundered from the Yun family gave them an abundant foundation and also supported the development of this small family.
Under the plan of the Lin family, the title of the wealthiest family in Chunfeng Town finally landed on the Lin family’s head.

However, the Lin family’s wealth encountered a great crisis in this period of time, which put the senior members of the family in a fix.

The Lin family didn’t have many businesses in Chunfeng Town, but all the pubs and inns in town belonged to them.
The two industries that made the most money were put in the Lin family’s bag.

Since Chunfeng Town became famous, more and more explorers gathered here and the profit the Lin family earned increased year by year, which made the Lin family laugh more savagely every year.
And yet, almost half of the huge number of customers in Chunfeng Town strangely disappeared recently!

The disappearance of over half of the customer base gave the catering and accommodation industry in Chunfeng Town a severe blow.
The losses were calculated by the hour.
As time passed, the number of people reduced again and the losses also doubled up.
Without the customer base, the pubs and inns only had a few guests.
Chunfeng Town relied on the Foggy Forest.
Apart from those explorers, no one would be free and bored enough to come here.
And the Lin family, who operated the catering and accommodation industry here, was the most unfortunate family in this weird crisis.

The Yun family and the Mei family only suffered a little bit of a loss, but the Lin family lost an astronomical amount of money.
Watching their money drain out and their business get worse day by day, the senior members of the Lin family were so frustrated that their hair turned grey.

Even though the Lin family was very rich and their title of the wealthiest family was real, they couldn’t afford such a loss…

It was fine if they only suffered a loss in business.
After all, they could just shut their business down if they couldn’t make money.
And yet, this wasn’t the only thing that made the Lin family frustrated.
There was a more important reason, Lin Meng.

After all these years of development, although the Lin family had already earned an incomparable amount of money, their background and power were too inferior.
If the Yun family didn’t have so few members, how would they be persecuted by the Lin family?

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