Chapter 376: Entering the Forsaken Maze (3)

Murong Yuntian gloomily gazed at Kasa.
He had never found that woman more annoying! “No,” said Murong Yuntian briefly, making it impossible for Kasa to react.
Yun Feng chuckled, “In such a case, we’re leaving now.”

Seeing that, Kasa’s eyes turned bloodshot.
“Stop!” she roared.
Yun Feng and her companions halted, and Yun Feng turned around.
“Princess, do you have any other order?”

“Don’t you know that I’m a royal princess of Karan? You have no respect for me at all! I will ask my father to punish you!”

Yun Feng chuckled.
“Be my guest, if you’re lucky enough to return alive.”

“You… What do you mean?” Kasa’s heart trembled.
If she was lucky enough to return alive? How could she not return alive? “You go left! We’ll take right!” Kasa thought of something and roared.
Yun Feng walked back unconcernedly.
When she passed Kasa, she said in a low voice, “Coward.”

Kasa’s face turned completely red.
She didn’t say anything, and simply led the other four contestants to the path on the right.
Yun Feng and her companions went to the path on the left.
They split up from here.
The warriors that followed Kasa were all quite strong, and Kasa felt quite safe.
She wished that Yun Feng would bump into the experts of other empires.
At this moment, Kasa’s personal bias got the better of her.
She only wanted Yun Feng to quit in humiliation.
If the emperor knew that her daughter didn’t consider the big picture at all, he probably would’ve burst into fury.

Yun Feng and her companions took the path on the left, and walked onward.
Yun Feng felt like the path seemed to be stretching infinitely.
In such a case, they might meet the Ovey Empire’s team in that direction.

Moving on along the path in the maze, they saw a stone wall in their way.
This was a dead end.
Yun Feng frowned.
Qu Lanyi heaved a helpless sigh.
“If I had known that the contest would be so boring, I wouldn’t have come.”

Yun Feng looked at the stone wall, and felt somewhat weird.
“If it’s a dead end, let’s just head back.” Everybody else nodded, and returned on the same path.
When they passed an intersection, Yun Feng suddenly stopped and stared at the intersection for a long time.

“What’s the matter, Feng?” Yun Sheng asked in a low voice, and Yun Feng frowned hard.
“I’ve made marks all the way.
Here…” Yun Feng looked at the intersection again.
“There shouldn’t be a path in that direction.
It was blocked just now.”

Hearing that, everybody became anxious, even including Qu Lanyi who just complained about boredom.
“So in conclusion, this maze is changing constantly?” Ze Ran concluded.
Yun Feng nodded.

“It depends on luck if we want to get out of the maze,” mumbled Yun Sheng.
Qu Lanyi suddenly chuckled.
“But isn’t this more fun and exciting? Don’t you agree, Fengfeng?”

Hearing that, Yun Feng put on a smile too.
That was indeed the case.
If the Forsaken Maze was just a simple maze, then it would be too boring.
“I wonder where the maze will lead us.” Then, Yun Feng walked to the new intersection.
Qu Lanyi chuckled and followed her.
The other people dropped their anxiety, and followed her with a smile.
Although the maze was constantly changing, they were certain that the girl would direct them to the right path.

Yun Feng stopped making marks, as they wouldn’t help at all.
In this place, everything depended on luck.
Yun Feng summoned Little Fire and Lan Yi, as they were more sensitive than human beings.
Both of them were surprised after they were summoned, and sent the same message to Yun Feng: Master, something very dangerous seems to be hiding here.

Yun Feng smiled.
She walked in the lead with Little Fire and Lan Yi, and gazed at the high walls and the clouds that never dispersed.
She was going to find out what was hiding here.
It would be best if it was a Magic Beast…

Little Fire and Lan Yi detected what was on Yun Feng’s mind, and looked at each other with a smile.
Their master was truly extraordinary.

The Forsaken Maze was changing constantly.
The contestants of the four empires had already realized.
There was no telling where they would be led, or which empire would be lucky enough to reach the destination.
In the maze that was constantly changing, the odds of running into other contestants weren’t certain.
It was possible to not meet any in three months, and to meet them on a daily basis.

In the blink of an eye, the contestants had stayed for one month in the Forsaken Maze.
Yun Feng’s group didn’t know the situation of the other contestants, as they didn’t meet any during the month.
They did run into some Magic Beasts and ghosts, which were mostly around level-8 and not weak at all.
However, they were no problem for Yun Feng’s team.
Lan Yi and Little Fire took care of most of them.
They would only be a problem when a swarm of them was gathered.

Every team had prepared enough food.
They had a storage ring that stored enough food for them to eat for half a year.
Sleeping was another problem.
The contestants usually slept in turns.
They couldn’t relax at all in this enormous maze.

On another night, in a remote and dry corner in the Forsaken Maze, a few people were sound asleep on the ground.
They were actually very tired after a month of intense exploration, so they were sleeping tightly.
Yun Feng was on guard.
She was leaning against a wall.
Little Fire was lying in front of her, and Lan Yi stood not far away vigilantly.
Meatball seemed drowsy on her shoulder, and nodded now and then.
Yun Feng smiled and picked up Meatball.
Meatball opened its eyes in confusion and patted the back of Yun Feng’s hand with its tail.
Yun Feng smiled and put Meatball in her bracelet.
That little guy should enjoy the sleep.

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