Chapter 375: Entering the Forsaken Maze (2)

The contestants were all standing at the entrance.
Zheng Ran shouted aloud, “Enter now.
Good luck!”

The contestants of the four empires looked at each other.
The weak young man of the Ovey Empire smiled at Yun Feng, and entered.
The young noble of the Cashya Empire that Yun Feng met earlier turned out to be one of the contestants too.
He glanced at everybody from the Karan Empire arrogantly.
“Karan Empire… Good luck.” After saying that, he led his team into the maze.

“Let’s go! The Karan Empire will surely win!” Kasa shouted in the lead.
None of her teammates echoed, which made her feel awkward again.
Yun Feng walked in the rear, with Yun Sheng and Qu Lanyi on her two sides.
Ze Ran and Murong Yuntian kept their paces slow and stayed in the rear too.
There was a minor difference between them and the five people in the front.

After everybody entered the maze, the royal member of the Cashya Empire asked with a smile, “Do you want to wait for the result in your home, or the exit?”

They all went to the exit and waited.
As the referees, Zheng Ran and Bi Xing certainly had to go there.
They rode hippogryphs to the other end of the maze.
Although it had never been explored, its exit and entrance were easy to find.
The hippogryphs flew above the enormous maze, the heavy clouds blocking everybody’s eyesight.

“Bi Xing, who do you think will win?” Seated on one of the hippogryphs, Zheng Ran asked Bi Xing who had been silent.
Bi Xing managed a smile on his solemn face.
“How do I know?”

Zheng Ran chuckled again, and didn’t say anything.
Bi Xing suddenly opened his mouth.
“Who do you think will win?”

Zheng Ran smiled again, with delight all over his face.
He winked at Bi Xing.
“I don’t know either.” Zheng Ran looked down, as if he could see through the clouds.
Kid, how will you perform this time? I truly look forward to it…


Yun Feng entered the Forsaken Maze.
On her sides were high walls.
Above her head were boundless dark clouds.
The ten contestants moved for a while.
Then, Kasa suddenly stopped.
“Yun Feng, ask your Magic Beasts to explore the way!”

Everybody turned around.
If Yun Feng’s flying Magic Beast could explore for them, then Karan would have a good chance of winning.
Qu Lanyi said coldly from the side, “Princess Kasa, Fengfeng is not your servant.
She won’t take orders from you.”

Kasa blushed, and dashed forward quickly.
“I’m the leader.
Everybody listens to my commander here! Yun Feng, do you hear me?”

Yun Feng glanced at Kasa coldly.
“There are clouds in the sky.
It’s impossible to see anything from the sky.
Are you an idiot?” She then passed Kasa and walked on.
Kasa suddenly turned around.
“Then ask your other Magic Beast to explore!”

Yun Feng halted and turned around.
“Little Fire doesn’t have a good temper.
If you intend to end up like your stupid sister, I can summon it.”

Kasa became pale.
She remembered Kaqi’s miseries and her ruined room vividly.
That Fire Cloud Wolf truly didn’t have a good temper…

“Never mind.
She’s useless.
Let’s go!” Kasa said and then walked forward in frustration.
Some others shook their heads and mumbled, “She doesn’t help when she’s needed.
That’s truly…”

Yun Sheng was rather enraged.
Yun Feng, however, held his hand and smiled at him.
They didn’t need to care about those unimportant people’s opinions at all.
Yun Sheng petted his sister and held her hand.
They walked for a long time again.
Naturally, in a maze, none of the paths was straight all the time.

There was an intersection in front of everybody.
The ten contestants stood at the intersection, wondering whether they should turn left or right.
Kasa frowned and considered.
Should they split up? However, what if they ran into contestants from other empires? If they didn’t split up, what if the path they chose was a dead end?

“Princess, which way should we take?” asked Siqi in a low voice.
Kasa glared at her.
Didn’t that woman see that she was thinking?

While Kasa was thinking, Yun Feng had turned right.
The people around her turned right too.
Seeing that, Kasa roared aloud, “Yun Feng, what are you doing?”

Yun Feng stopped.
“We have to explore both paths.
Giving up either of them means that we might lose.
We can divide into two teams, one taking left and the other taking right.”

“I… I’ll take right!” Kasa was about to run there, when Qu Lanyi chuckled.
“Princess Kasa, do you not know how to count? Ten people are divided into two groups, meaning five people in each group.
Our group is full.”

Kasa looked at them.
Yun Feng, Yun Sheng, Murong Yuntian, Qu Lanyi and Ze Ran, five people exactly! Kasa gnashed her teeth, “You, come here! Take left!” Kasa was pointing at Ze Ran.
She wasn’t a fool, and knew the importance of staying with the strong.
Although she didn’t like Yun Feng, that woman could resist dangers in critical moments and give her enough time to escape!

Ze Ran became solemn.
Yun Feng grabbed his arm, hinting that he shouldn’t move.
“Kasa, if you come here, we’ll have four mages.
A team should be balanced, right? If we run into a team of warriors, we would have to run away.”

Kasa paused and almost wanted to ask Yun Sheng to come over, but then she bit her lips.
How could Yun Sheng and Yun Feng be separated? She didn’t dare to offend Qu Lanyi.
If she went there, that group would have four mages.
It seemed that she couldn’t go there.
In that case…

“Yuntian, come here with me,” said Kasa.
Murong Yuntian became gloomy.
Yun Feng chuckled, “If he’s willing to, he can go there.”

“Yuntian, come here!” said Kasa anxiously.
If she couldn’t join that team, she had to drag Murong Yuntian to this side.
She couldn’t let him stay with Yun Feng! Besides, Murong Yuntian was level-9, and could ensure her safety.

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