Chapter 372: The Fight Begins (3)

Meatball was happy to be set free.
Although it couldn’t leave this room and had to stay with Yun Feng, it was still very delighted and made all kinds of sounds every day.
Obviously, it was chatting with Yun Feng.
Although Yun Feng couldn’t understand, she simply gave positive replies to everything it said.
It was actually fun to talk to that little creature.

There was one month to go until the international contest.
All the contestants fell quiet.
Sangqu and Kai held a meeting to discuss the strength of the other empires’ contestants.
Kai frowned and said, “I wish we knew more about them, especially the Ovey Empire.
I heard that they have a trump card too, and are confident they will win.”

Kasa nodded.
“Uncle Wang, I’m on it.”

Yun Feng sneered.
You’re on it? Let’s find out how you can take care of the problem.
Hearing what Kasa said, Kai smiled in delight.
“As expected of a royal princess.
You are dutiful and courageous.
The task is yours, Kasa.
You must find out everything.”

Kasa nodded.
She felt happy to be complimented.
The others remained silent.
After Kai and Sangqu left, Yun Feng was going to leave too, but Kasa said, “All of you, stay here.”

“What’s the matter, princess?” asked a warrior curiously.
Kasa smiled, “This is an opportunity for you to make contributions to the Karan Royal Family!”

Yun Feng raised her brows.
She could easily tell what was on Kasa’s mind.
“I give away the opportunity to others.” After saying that, Yun Feng walked to her room.
Seeing that, Kasa burst into an outrage.

“Yun Feng, what’s the meaning of that? You have no respect for me or the Karan Empire?”

Yun Feng came to a halt and looked at Kasa in amusement.
“Can’t I give away the opportunity to others?”

“It’s everybody’s responsibility! Nobody can get away!” roared Kasa angrily.
“You must find out the Ovey Empire’s trump card as soon as possible!” Kasa was quite delighted after saying that.
It was the first time that she had ever given a command like a boss.

Yun Feng was slightly enraged when the matter was brought up again.
“Speaking of investigation, I actually did some work.”

“Is that so? You’re not entirely useless.
Then tell me!” Kasa was quite delighted to hear that.
However, what Yun Feng said next completely embarrassed her.
“Unfortunately, an idiot ruined my efforts.”

“Who are you talking about? You dare to call me an idiot? Yun Feng, don’t presume that I don’t dare to touch you!”

Yun Feng replied with a smile, “If you consider yourself an idiot, then there’s nothing I can do.
It was you who accepted the task.
I won’t help.
Since you were so confident, I’ll wait for your good news.” After saying that, Yun Feng turned around and entered her own room.
The others seized the opportunity and left too.
Seeing that everybody had left, Kasa felt very angry.
“You… You…” She suddenly felt that she shouldn’t have applied to be the leader.

Kasa was unable to find out anything on her own.
When the international contest drew near, Kai found Kasa and asked her the result of her investigation.
Kasa stammered and couldn’t reply.
Kai looked awful and left angrily.
Kasa’s face was entirely red, and blamed everything on Yun Feng again.
Her hate for the Yun family had approached a new height during this international contest.
She was going to ask her father to teach the arrogant Yun family a lesson after the contest.
There was also Murong Yuntian.
She decided to ask her father to impose pressure on Murong Yuntian, so that he couldn’t marry any woman except her!

Although the representatives of the other three empires came to the Cashya Empire a month early, they didn’t know each other very well.
They never met again after the skirmish on the street.
That was the case for Ovey, Shengyao and Karan.
There was no telling how much the Cashya Empire, as the host, knew about them.
Soon, the international contest was held.
It was not open to all civilians.
After all, the contestants were all very strong, and if the host lost, the dignity of the royal family would be tarnished, and it would be difficult to restore it.

Because of that, the international contest was not held in the capital.
The day before the contest, the royal family had the contestants take to the place of flying mounts, where a row of hippogryphs were standing intimidatingly.

Unlike the other contests, the international contest was cruel and about interests.
The royal families of the four empires all knew that it wasn’t just about honor, but about the qualification to explore the relics.

The young contestants didn’t know that.
They were only fighting devotedly for the honor of their country.
They didn’t know that an important secret was behind the competitions, and that the royal family would take everything.

“Kai.” A friendly-looking middle-aged man stepped forward, and Kai walked to him after seeing him.
Yun Feng and the others quietly waited not far away.
Kai patted his shoulder.

Oulian smiled peacefully, which made him seem even more approachable.
“It seems that Karan is determined to win this contest.” Oulian said with a smile.
Kai slightly changed his expression, and laughed too.

“Isn’t Ovey the same? You’ve been hiding your trump card really well.”

Oulian wore the same smile on his face, but light glittered in his eyes.
“It remains a mystery whether or not Cashya has any trump card.”

Kai looked in the direction of the Cashya Empire’s team, and chuckled in a low voice.
“The Cashya Empire is the only empire that has a summoner.
How can it not have a trump card? It will probably surprise everybody.”

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