Chapter 371: The Fight Begins (2)

“We don’t mean to fight you? Why are you being so aggressive?” Muqing emerged from the rear and stood in front of the embarrassed boy.
The boy looked at Muqing awkwardly.
The fiery wolf that had been fighting fiercely with another warrior instantly disappeared.
The warrior was greatly relieved.
He wiped the sweat on his forehead and became nervous, wondering who the mage was.

“Fight? When did I say this is a fight? This is just the Karan’s way of saying hi,” said Yun Feng with a smile, which made the people of the Shengyao Empire speechless.
The same excuse again?

Muqing narrowed his thin eyes.
“Now that we’ve said hi, good bye.”

Yun Feng’s eyes glittered.
This guy was simply unwilling to attack, but why? There were only two possibilities: either he was too weak, or he was the ultimate weapon of the Ovey Empire.
He didn’t want to attack? Not so easy.

Without another word, Yun Feng was going to attack again.
The more reluctant Muqing was to fight, the more curious Yun Feng became.
She had to force him to attack.
If he was the ultimate weapon of the Ovey Empire, then things would be a lot easier after his capabilities were figured out.

“What are you doing, Yun Feng?” Unexpectedly, a roar burst out, and a person strode to the battleground.
Yun Feng glanced at her, and immediately felt angry and impatient.
Why was that woman everywhere?

Kasa walked close furiously.
After clearly seeing the people standing in front of her, she had a rough idea of what happened.
She glanced around, and became sullen.
“Yun Feng, you boldly attacked contestants from other empires before the contest.
You…” Kasa was inwardly smiling.
She certainly wouldn’t let go of the chance to scold Yun Feng.

Before Kasa finished, Yun Feng had turned around and glanced at her coldly.
“Kasa, do you feel good taking other people’s side?”

Kasa blushed and roared furiously, “Yun Feng! How dare you speak to me like that? Don’t forget your identity, or mine!”

Yun Feng coldly pursed her lips.
Thanks to this idiot, the test was over.
She probably wouldn’t have another chance like today’s.
The Karan Royal Family was truly full of fools.
Ignoring Kasa, Yun Feng passed her and walked out.
Standing behind her, Kasa roared with her arms akimbo, “Yun Feng, I remember everything you did! I’m going to tell my father!”

Yun Feng didn’t even bother to look back.
Yun Sheng followed her with a cold expression.
Ze Ran glanced at Kasa with fury in his eyes, before he caught up to Yun Feng.
Qu Lanyi walked over lazily and glanced at Kasa in disdain.
“You’d better not waste your time.”

After saying that, Qu Lanyi walked forward gracefully, catching up to Yun Feng.
Murong Yuntian looked quite awful, with his lips pursed.
He stepped forward and was about to catch up with her too.
Seeing that, Kasa became anxious and grabbed Murong Yuntian’s sleeve.
“Yuntian, was I wrong? Yun Feng was outrageous.
Why didn’t you help me?”

Murong Yuntian was stiffened.
He exerted strength on his arm, and withdrew his sleeve.
Losing the sleeve, Kasa was going to extend his arm again, but Murong Yuntian simply dodged.
“Princess Kasa, please be a lady!” What he said stiffened Kasa.
She stood there and gazed at Murong Yuntian.
How… How could he have said that?

Murong Yuntian turned around and left.
Kasa could only watch his back.
Everybody was following Yun Feng.
Kasa stood there in a daze.
Siqi, who was not far away, felt too awkward to draw close.
She didn’t think it would be good if she went there immediately.

“Thank you, Princess Kasa,” Muqing approached and said softly.
Then, he turned around and left.
Although he was saying thanks, there was no sincerity in his voice at all.
The people from the Ovey Empire all left.
Those from the Shengyao Empire were leaving too.
The girl named Xiaoxiao glanced at Kasa and said, “She killed all the fun.
Let’s go.”

Kasa was even more stunned.
“Stop! Explain yourselves!” She shouted to the people from the Shengyao Empire, but they didn’t even bother to reply.
As a princess of the Karan Empire, she meant nothing to the people of the Shengyao Empire.

Everybody left.
Kasa stood alone, and felt like she was a clown that everybody laughed at.
She was the leader of the Karan Empire’s representatives, but nobody took her side.
They completely ignored her!

For the first time, Kasa felt that her title as a princess was not important at all, and that her identity as a member of the royal family didn’t matter at all beyond the Karan Empire.
All of this was because of one person!

Kasa gritted her teeth.
Yun Feng, Yun Feng, Yun Feng!

Kasa’s intervention disrupted Yun Feng’s reconnaissance.
After the skirmish, the contestants of the empires had few conflicts.
They became more cautious.
Yun Feng knew it was hard for her to create an opportunity to fight them again.

Since there was no opportunity to fight, Yun Feng decided to cultivate in her room instead of roaming about.
She had to hide her identity as a summoner, so she had thrown Meatball into her bracelet.
Now that she was free before the contest, she released Meatball and fed it an ultimate ore.
Meatball ate the ultimate ore, and didn’t seem to be full.
Yun Feng observed it carefully, only to find that it seemed to have grown bigger.

Yun Feng grabbed Meatball by its neck and observed it carefully.
Meatball rolled its grape-like eyes, and looked at Yun Feng innocently.
Yun Feng observed it for a long time, before she finally put it down.
She was right.
Although there were no obvious changes, Meatball was indeed different from before.

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