Chapter 370: The Fight Begins (1)

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Therefore, in the battles of mages, unless it was absolutely necessary, or the mage had a great amount of mental strength, they would never use elemental simulation.
They preferred other ways of fighting to such a costly method.

The Ovey Empire’s representatives were quite smart.
They had figured out what other representatives were capable of, without divulging anything of their own.
How could they not show anything? The fiery wolf immediately crouched and roared like a real ferocious beast.

“Go.” Under her command, the fiery wolf roared and charged at the four representatives of the Ovey Empire with scorching heat.
“Hoooo…” The wolf’s howl stunned Murong Yuntian and Ze Ran, who were fighting the three boys from the Shengyao Empire.
All of them stopped fighting and looked in the same direction.

“Is that an elementally simulated beast?” mumbled a warrior in surprise.
Then, he became anxious.

His fellows remained silent.
Murong Yuntian and Ze Ran watched quietly.
In the end, they turned around.
“I think we should stop fighting.” The three warriors looked at each other in embarrassment.
They couldn’t defeat the two guys even though there were three of them.
It would still be a tie no matter how much longer they fought.

All three warriors nodded.
The confrontation between the Shengyao Empire and the Karan Empire came to an end.
As the Ovey Empire joined, a new round of clash began!

“Damn you, Karan mages! This is too outrageous!” The wolf was already roaring and lunging.
The boys all became nervous.
One of them grabbed Muqing and dodged, and another fought against the fiery wolf with his weapon!

Level 9, level 8, level 8, and unknown.
Yun Feng concluded their strength.
Those three warriors were quite strong, and the only person unknown was the seemingly vulnerable young man.
His strength was unknown… Yun Feng narrowed her eyes.
Was he stronger than her? If so, the Ovey Empire seemed determined to win the contest.

“Careful!” Yun Sheng roared and quickly pushed Yun Feng aside.
Yun Feng came back to herself and saw a glittering sword that was about to cut her brother.
Although Yun Sheng had already activated the Water Shield, the enemy warrior was a level stronger than him.
His water elements couldn’t resist the attack!

Wind elements burst out instantly.
Yun Feng moved as fast as a bullet and appeared in front of Yun Sheng, protecting her brother behind her.
Seeing that, Yun Sheng couldn’t help but roar, “Yun Sheng, move away!”


The warrior who was slashing his sword was shocked too.
Wasn’t she a mage? How could she be so fast? However, the warrior didn’t slow down at all, instead he used all of his strength.
“You dared to provoke Young Master Muqing? Die!”

Yun Feng smiled with coldness all over her face.
She suddenly stepped forward against the warrior’s sword, instead of moving back! She’s trying to kill herself! The warrior’s eyes widened! Nobody else could do anything.
It only happened within a few seconds.
They had no time to react!

“Yun Feng!” Seeing that, Ze Ran roared and was about to rush to her, only to be pulled back by Murong Yuntian.
“What are you doing? Let go of me!” Ze Ran exerted his strength, but failed to throw Murong Yuntian away.
His eyes turned bloodshot.

“She’ll be fine!” roared Murong Yuntian.
He was absolutely confident in her.
He remembered her performance back in the Mercenary Union vividly.
Yun Feng’s physical strength would startle all of them!

The sword hummed and caused a fierce wind as it was swung down.
Yun Feng went forward and raised her arm towards the sword.
The warrior who was holding the sword smiled, and slashed down!

“Is she crazy? She’s having a head-on clash with a warrior? What’s she thinking?” mumbled the girl from the Shengyao Empire.
When she found that none of Yun Feng’s partners was doing anything, she shook her head.
“Is she overestimating herself?”

“Pa!” Everybody heard a feeble noise.
The warrior who was holding the sword was stunned.
Underneath his giant sword was a fair and tender hand that stopped it from moving any further.
Yun Feng said coldly, “Is this your best?”

Everybody fell silent after seeing that.
The contestants of the Shengyao Empire all opened their mouths, but were unable to say anything.
The girl, seeing that Yun Feng emerged unscathed with the giant sword in her hand, was dumbfounded.

She was a mage! How could she have survived a warrior’s strike? That was absolutely impossible!

The warriors of the Ovey Empire were stunned too.
Muqing, who remained tranquil the whole time, furrowed his eyes and eyed Yun Feng up and down.
Everybody was having the same question.
When did mages become as physically strong as warriors? Or was this woman just an exception?

Murong Yuntian put on a vague smile, and Ze Ran took a long breath in relief.
How could he have forgotten that she was Yun Feng, a well-acknowledged genius ever since she was born? Yun Sheng, who was behind Yun Feng’s back, put on a helpless smile and canceled the Water Shield.
How could anything happen to his sister?

“You…” The warrior who was holding the sword said one word, but Yun Feng had clenched her other fist and smashed the warrior in the stomach!

“Ouch!” The warrior grunted and staggered back, stabbing his giant sword into the ground.
He had to lean his body against the sword to prevent himself from falling..
His hands covered where Yun Feng punched a moment earlier, and his face was already pale.

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