Chapter 369: Chaotic Battle (4)

An attack of fire elements was launched towards them with scorching heat.
All of them dodged.
The attack hit the ground, blackening a large area.
All of them frowned.
The girl considered for a few seconds, and soon made a decision.
“She’s a level-7 mage.
Let me fight her! The rest are yours.”

“Alright!” All three boys roared at the same time.
Inside the girl’s hand, purple elements were seething.
Yun Feng raised her brows.
Oh? The lightning element?

“Four versus four.
Let’s be fair,” said Yun Feng.
Qu Lanyi immediately stepped back and stood aside.
“I won’t participate.
They’re yours.”

Ze Ran and Murong Yuntian had already dashed forward.
They had both shown their weapons, each holding a long sword.
With their level-9 and level-8 strength, they kept three warriors occupied!

“Rumbling Lightning, go!” the girl suddenly roared.
The purple lightning elements roared and came like a ferocious dragon.
Standing next to Yun Feng, Yun Sheng invoked water elements in her hand.
“Water Shield!”

The lightning elements and the water elements collided.
Ripples instantly spread out on the surface of the Water Shield.
Yun Sheng frowned hard.
Yun Feng quickly dragged her brother aside.
The next second, the water elements were penetrated by the lightning elements and shattered on the ground.

“She’s a tricky level-8 lightning element mage.
It seems that my brother won’t have any advantage confronting her,” Yun Feng concluded in her head.
The girl frowned when she saw that Yun Sheng invoked water elements.
Two mages? She glanced at Qu Lanyi.
The situation would be even more terrible if that woman participated.

“What a fierce battle.” There were four boys who were standing on a high wall.
One of them was looking down at the battle with arms crossed in front of his chest.

“I really want to join them.
I feel like fighting too,” said another boy, chuckling.
He rubbed his hands, as if he was eager to step up.

“Let’s just watch,” said a soft voice.
All other three boys nodded and watched the battle down below attentively.
All of a sudden, one of the people down below raised her head and looked the young man in the eyes.
He was slightly stunned by the cunningness that flashed in her eyes.
The next second, a stream of red elements was launched to him.

“The observers up there, come down here.”

The scorching fire elements rose from the ground to the wall with her teasing voice.
The four boys who had been watching from the wall managed to dodge them by jumping to the ground.

“Did you enjoy watching the fight?” Yun Feng stopped and casually smiled at the four boys.
All of them felt somewhat nervous.

“You’re… the contestants from the Ovey Empire!” exclaimed the female mage from the Shengyao Empire.
Yun Feng smiled even more delightedly.
Except the local contestants, those of the Karan Empire, the Shengyao Empire and the Ovey Empire had met, though not all of them.
Yun Feng observed them.
This should be a meeting of the core contestants of the three empires.

“You may continue.” The weakest of the four boys looked around and was about to leave.
Yun Feng put on a smile.
Fire elements quickly arose in her hand.
Her mental strength and the elements were so perfectly melded that she could invoke them with a thought.
The speed astonished the other girl.

“Why are you leaving? Now that you’re here, let’s have some fun together.” Yun Feng gathered the fire elements into an arrow that darted towards the weak boy’s back.
“Bam!” An explosion between elements and metal burst out.
A sword had appeared behind the boy.
The sword was broad and seemed heavy.

“You’re bold enough to attack Young Master Muqing!” Muscles were bulging on the arms of the boy who was holding the longsword with fury all over his square face.
The other boys all showed their weapons too.
Yun Feng’s attack had obviously provoked them.
It seemed that Muqing was the leader of the Ovey Empire’s team.

Seeing that, Yun Sheng condensed water elements in his hand, ready to fight.
The female mage from the Shengyao Empire, seeing that, quickly stepped back.
Three warriors against two mages.
It seemed that the Karan Empire’s representatives would be beaten up.

The girl turned around, and saw that her three warriors were still fighting Ze Ran and Murong Yuntian, and that Qu Lanyi was still casually watching.
She couldn’t help but furrow her brows.

Muqing stood behind his teammates, without any emotion on his face, as if Yun Feng’s strike was not worth mentioning at all.
His reaction made Yun Feng even more interested in him.
A man who could endure and ignore such provocation must be very considerate.

“We have no time for you! If you want to fight, the people of the Shengyao Empire are right here!” roared the boy who was holding the longsword.
Yun Feng raised her brows, as the boy was speaking as if they were clowns.
She gradually turned cold.

“Let’s go,” said Muqing casually.
All the boys looked at Yun Feng vigilantly.
Yun Feng didn’t attack again.
They finally put down their weapons and turned around.

“But I want to fight you.” Her unhurried response completely infuriated the boys of the Ovey Empire.
They all turned around, but when they saw what was beside Yun Feng, they all fell quiet.
Muqing glanced at it with glittering eyes.
“Elemental simulation?”

A fiery wolf was standing next to Yun Feng, emitting scorching heat, while it gazed at everybody with bloodshot eyes.
The girl from the Shengyao Empire was quite surprised at the scene, as elemental simulation required a great amount of mental strength.
No mage would use it so easily.
Once the simulated elemental beast was defeated, the mage’s mental strength would be exhausted!

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