Chapter 368: Chaotic Battle (3)

Hearing that, the girl frowned.
“If so, give me another one.”

The boss smiled awkwardly.
“This is the last one in my store.”

The girl became cold, and a boy behind her said to Yun Feng with a smile, “Miss, can you give this jewel to us? We can pay you fifty more gold coins.”

Yun Feng raised her brows, and took the jewel from the boss.
She played with it in her hand and then smiled.
“Sorry, I’m not selling it.”

“Miss, we…” The boy was going to continue, when another boy stopped him and shouted angrily, “Why bother wasting time on her? Who’s interested in such garbage? Xiaoxiao certainly isn’t!”

“Just go away if you can’t get it.
Why bother talking?” mocked Qu Lanyi.
The short-tempered boy was immediately infuriated, “What did you say, bitch?”

“Watch your mouth!” Yun Feng glared at him, and the boy became solemn.
Sparks seemed to be rising in the store.
Seeing that, the boss couldn’t help but step back.
The sweet-looking girl glanced at Yun Feng and waved her hand.
“Never mind.
I’m not interested in that.
Let’s go.”

The sweet-looking girl pushed the door and walked out.
The three boys who followed her left too.
The boss was quite relieved to see that.
After paying the money, Yun Feng put the jewel in her bracelet.
She then left the store and stared at the strangers who had left earlier.

“Fengfeng, what’s on your mind?” Qu Lanyi approached her and asked in a low voice.
Yun Feng replied, “They must be the contestants from one of the other three empires.
How can we not fight them now that we’ve bumped into them?”

Qu Lanyi chuckled and winked.
“Do you need my help?”

Yun Feng turned around and put on a mischievous smile at Qu Lanyi.
“If you voluntarily offer it.”

Qu Lanyi was dazed for a moment.
Then, she chuckled and caressed her finger on Yun Feng’s cheek.
“Fengfeng, you’re getting better at flirting.”

Yun Feng had goosebumps all over her body.
She moved closer to her brother.
She never felt comfortable when Qu Lanyi was around.
Qu Lanyi was just a woman, yet she always felt awkward when they were together, as if she was suppressed by her.

Yun Feng followed the strangers unhurriedly while they went shopping.
Ze Ran and Murong Yuntian realized Yun Feng’s purpose, and both felt puzzled, wondering why Yun Feng was following them.

They zigzagged with the strangers until they reached a remote corner where few people passed by.
Yun Feng stopped, as the four strangers ahead of her had turned around and walked to her.
“Why are you stalking us?” asked the sweet-looking girl, frowning.
The other three guys all seemed vigilant.

Yun Feng shrugged.
“We happen to have the same destination.”

“Is this place your destination? Do you take us for fools?” roared the short-tempered boy, who gazed at Yun Feng furiously.

“Do you have to admit it so quickly?” Qu Lanyi added, chuckling.
“We never said you’re idiots; you voluntarily admitted it.”

“What did you say?” The short-tempered boy was exasperated, and was about to dash forward, but the girl stopped him.
“Have you forgotten our teacher’s reminder!”

“But they’re too outrageous!” snorted the short-tempered boy, before he finally moved back.
Yun Feng couldn’t help but heave a sigh.
What a shame.
She almost had an excuse to fight back.
That girl seemed quite patient.

“You’re the Karan Empire’s contestants, right?” asked the girl.
Yun Feng raised her brows, but didn’t say anything.
The girl smiled.
“We’re the contestants of the Shengyao Empire.
It’s an honor to meet you.”

The Shengyao Empire… Yun Feng mumbled to herself.
She suddenly extended her hand.
“Fire Arrow, go!” Before everybody realized what was going on, an arrow made of fire elements had darted towards the girl!

What’s she doing? Yun Sheng, Ze Ran and Murong Yuntian all widened their eyes.
The Fire Arrow was so fast that the girl couldn’t react at all.
“Asshole!” One of the guys roared and slashed his long saber, cutting the Fire Arrow apart one meter in front of the girl, causing a huge explosion.

The short-tempered boy glared at Yun Feng furiously.
The other people realized what was going on too.
The girl suddenly became cold.
“What are you doing? Just attacking me for no reason?”

Yun Feng chuckled and gathered fire elements in her hand again.
Seeing that, the girl became even grimmer.
The boys behind her all took out their weapons, ready for battle!

Yun Sheng, Ze Ran and Murong Yuntian were puzzled at Yun Feng’s behavior, but they were ready for battle.
Now that Yun Feng had started the fight, they might as well join it!

With fire elements hopping in her hand dazzlingly, Yun Feng smiled.
“It’s just Karan’s way of saying hi.”

Did the Karan Empire ever have such a way of saying hi? Yun Sheng and the others were completely stunned.
The girl became completely gloomy, “If so, we have to say hi back to you in exactly the same way.”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Be my guest.”

The girl was silent for a few seconds.
It was obvious that a fight was inevitable.
Those people were clearly trying to infuriate them.
If they retreated, those people would only catch up.
If so…

“Let’s warmly greet our friends from Karan.
Attack!” At the girl’s order, all three boys showed their weapons.
“Xiaoxiao, it’s about time!” The short-tempered boy shouted excitedly.
The girl frowned.

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