Chapter 367: Chaotic Battle (2)

Yun Feng didn’t intend to waste all her time in this yard.
In order to win the contest, she had to know her opponents well.
It would be best if she fought them before the contest.
Yun Feng made up her mind and walked out.
Seeing that, Yun Sheng asked, “Feng, you’re going out?”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Big brother, you should come together.
It’s our first trip to the Cashya Empire.
We should take a tour.”

Yun Sheng nodded.
He certainly would support his dear sister’s decision.
Hearing that, Qu Lanyi came too.
“Wherever you’re going, Fengfeng, I’m coming with you.”

Seeing that, Ze Ran ran to them too.
“Yun Feng, are you going out? Take me with you.”

Yun Feng nodded.
They were about to go out, when Murong Yuntian approached and gazed at Yun Feng.
“Take me with you.”

Yun Feng didn’t say anything.
If he wanted to tag along, so be it.
He was free to do that anyway.
Seeing that Murong Yuntian joined the team too, Kasa became anxious and strode over.
“Yun Feng, where are you going? This is the Cashya Empire, not Karan!”

Yun Feng glanced at Kasa and simply passed her, ignoring her completely.
So did the others.
Kasa was so angry that her face turned red.
“Yun Feng, I’m the leader! You will stay here! You’re not going anywhere!”

Yun Feng paused, and Murong Yuntian frowned.
“Kasa, are you overstepping the boundaries?”

Kasa was even more upset when Murong Yuntian scolded her.
She burst into an outrage.
“I’m the leader! You must listen to my command! Nobody is going out!”

Yun Feng sneered and walked forward.
Qu Lanyi glanced at Kasa sarcastically.
The others also followed Yun Feng out.
Kasa stomped in fury.
“Yun Feng! If you don’t listen to my command, I will disqualify you for the contest!”

Qu Lanyi laughed the moment she heard that.
“Princess Kasa, if Fengfeng is not participating in the game, you can just disqualify me too.”

Kasa was stunned.
She glanced at Qu Lanyi and gnashed her teeth in fury.
Disqualify them? She certainly knew she couldn’t do that.
It was just a threat.
However, those people simply disregarded it.

“Whatever.” After saying that, Yun Feng vanished from the yard.
Qu Lanyi followed her with a smile, and so did the other three companions.
They ignored Kasa’s threat.
The rest of the contestants slowly moved out too.
Kasa was quite infuriated to see that.
“You’re going out too?”

“Your Highness, well… it’s not a big deal to go out, right?” After saying that, the other contestants all ran out.
They were no idiots.
Why would they be intimidated? Siqi timidly stood behind Kasa, and eagerly looked out of the yard, but she didn’t go out in the end.
Kasa stood in the yard, with her face half pale and half red.
Those people had no respect for her as the leader at all!

“Hey, is she a princess of the Karan Royal Family?” A voice suddenly came close.
Kasa raised her head, and saw a few men on the wall.
“Who are you?”

“Tsk, tsk.
You’re even the leader.
It seems that your teammates aren’t very obedient,” said another mocking voice.
Kasa looked even more awful.
“Who do you think you are to judge me?”

“It’s pointless to talk to her.
Let’s go,” said the weak young man in boredom.
He then flashed from the wall to the outside of the yard.
His followers all laughed and looked at Kasa thoughtfully.
Then, they all flashed out.

Kasa was embarrassed by her teammates’ disobedience to begin with, and now she was mocked and insulted by outsiders.
She clenched her fists.
“Yun Feng! I’ve been humiliated because of you again!”


Yun Feng and her companions walked out of the royal palace.
They didn’t run into any contestants of the other three empires.
Those contestants should be easy to recognize, as they were all strong young people.

They walked for a while and came to the busy streets in the capital.
There were plenty of stores on the streets, and they all seemed to have a thriving business.
Yun Feng looked at the stores curiously.
The other four people all followed her.
None of them were in the mood for shopping.
They all gazed at her back.
She was so slim that they all felt protective of her, yet she was too strong to need any protection.

Yun Feng walked in the lead with her brother, talking and laughing.
She proposed to buy something for Mu Xiaojin, and Yun Sheng agreed.
The other three people followed them quietly.
Murong Yuntian had been gazing at Yun Feng the whole time.
The longer he gazed, the less willing he was to let go of the girl.

All five of them were attractive.
Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng, in particular, attracted a lot of attention for their beauty.
The guys were quite handsome too, and made a lot of girls’ hearts race.
They became the center of attention on the streets, but they didn’t consider it a big deal.
Yun Feng came to a store that sold jewelry, and found a cute jewel that was very suitable for Mu Xiaojin in the window.
She opened the door and walked in.

“Boss, how much is that jewel?” asked Yun Feng.
The boss replied with a smile, “Miss, you have keen eyes.
It’s the best seller in my store.
It’s the only one left in my store now.
Fifty gold coins.”

Fifty gold coins were rather expensive, but not really a big deal.
“I’ll take it,” said Yun Feng.
The boss reached for it with a smile.
At this moment, someone opened the door again, and said in an adorable voice, “Boss, I’ll take that jewel.”

Yun Feng turned back, and saw a sweet-looking girl entering with three boys.
The boss said, “How unfortunate.
This young lady has already picked the jewel.”

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