Chapter 366: Chaotic Battle (1)

“Foreign flying mounts aren’t allowed to enter the capital.
Please land and proceed on foot.”

Kai nodded.
The four griffins landed.
Because Lan Yi was too big, it had to fly further before it landed.
Yun Feng and her companions jumped off when it approached the ground.
Then, Lan Yi turned into a streak of light that disappeared into her Ring of Contract.
Then, Yun Feng threw the Ring of Contract into her bracelet and walked forward.

“Please give your griffins to us.
We’ll look after them for you,” one of the city guards said.
Sangqu nodded.
Kai had reported their identity.
They were respected as honorable guests.
When Yun Feng came close, the city guard looked at her and asked curiously, “Where’s the last flying mount? Please give it to us, miss.”

Yun Feng’s lips cramped.
You want to have Lan Yi? “That’s unnecessary.
It can just fly around here for a while.” Yun Feng waved her hands and walked in.
The city guards were all stunned and looked at each other.
One of the soldiers asked in a low voice, “Is that… allowed?”

“I don’t know.
It’s not stipulated that they must give the mounts to us.
It’s fine as long as the mounts don’t enter the city…”

“Okay then.
But we will have to intervene if your mount flies into the city.”

Yun Feng nodded and didn’t say anything.
Kai didn’t say anything either.
Yun Feng’s identity as a summoner was supposed to be kept a secret until the international contest.
Once it was exposed to the other three empires, she wouldn’t be a trump card in the contest.

Yun Feng never liked to swagger around.
She didn’t like wearing the Ring of Contract either, which was the symbol of a summoner.
She was perhaps the most low-profile summoner in history.

They entered the Cashya Empire’s capital on foot.
The Cashya Empire’s capital was very similar to the Karan Empire’s.
Their architectural styles were similar too, and they were equally busy.
Very soon, a crowd of people, led by a tall young man in luxurious clothes, walked to them.
The young man greeted Kai with a gentle smile.
“Uncle Wang, I hope the trip wasn’t too exhausting.”

Kai smiled.
“Carson, you’ve grown much taller than you were when we last met.”

The young man smiled.
“Uncle, come with me.
My father is waiting for you.”

Kai smiled and walked in the lead with the young man.
The others all followed them.
Qu Lanyi whispered to Yun Feng, “Another arrogant noble.”

Yun Sheng raised her brows curiously, as if he was puzzled.
Yun Feng smiled.
“Just now, this Carson only greeted Kai and simply ignored everyone else.”

Yun Sheng smiled and petted Yun Feng.
Kasa followed Kai, feeling insulted.
She was Carson’s peer, and a royal princess.
Why didn’t he even bother to greet her? It almost seemed that she was redundant here.

Under Carson’s lead, they arrived at the royal palace, which was quite enormous too.
After they came in, Carson said to a soldier, “Take those people to the place we prepared.
Uncle Kai, please come with me.” Carson smiled at Kai, who nodded and followed him.

“Guests, please come with me,” said a soldier solemnly.
Sangqu nodded.
Regarding Carson’s nonchalance, he didn’t seem upset or embarrassed at all even though he was just as old as Kai.
Kasa, on the other hand, blushed and felt insulted.

The soldier led everybody to a spacious yard.
Yun Feng looked around and saw another two yards not far away.
It seemed that the contestants of the other two empires would reside there.

“Guests, you will live here during the contest.
The contestants of the other empires will be your neighbors.
You may go there now.”

Sangqu led the ten kids into the yard.
The soldier then left.
This was a free area without any guards.
That was the Cashya Empire’s special arrangement.

After the Karan Empire’s representatives walked in, one of the boys who were standing on the high wall of the yard next to the Karan Empire’s asked in a low voice, “Young Master Muqing, how strong are they?”

A boy who was handsome and had fair skin frowned.
He seemed quite weak, if not sick.
He frowned, and another boy laughed.
“What’s there to worry about? How can they be stronger than Young Master Muqing?”

The other kids all smiled too, and looked at the weak boy confidently.
The boy opened his mouth and whispered, “There’s one of them that I cannot see through.”

“Even Young Master Muqing cannot see through them? Has the Karan Empire sent a real expert here?” asked a boy with an awful expression.
The others looked anxious too.
Muqing smiled and landed on the ground agilely.
The others jumped off the wall too.
Muqing went back without saying anything, but his companions were quite nervous.


Yun Feng glanced at the wall.
She had keenly detected that a few strangers were examining them from there.
She thought for a moment and suppressed her strength to level 7.
After the examination was over, they all left.

“Fengfeng, how strong are they?” Qu Lanyi lowered her back and whispered to Yun Feng’s ear.
Yun Feng smiled.
“Not too bad.”

Qu Lanyi smiled and didn’t say anything else.
They were the only two who noticed the observers.
The others were not nearly as sensitive as Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng, who were both on the Commander Level.
There was just no telling which the country the observers were from.
Yun Feng smiled.
Never mind.
She would meet them sooner or later.

All the contestants from the other three empires had absolute freedom.
They could enter the royal palace without any restriction.
That was the Cashya Royal Family’s respect for the other three empires.
It was probably confident enough to give such freedom because it was the only empire who had a summoner.

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