Chapter 365: To the Cashya Empire (4)

“Everybody, be prepared for battle!” Sangqu shouted.
Then, the swarm of bats surged towards them like a tide and a huge dark cloud.
Yun Feng gently stroked Lan Yi’s back.
Lan Yi immediately realized what she meant.
It flapped its wings, with scary light in its blue eyes.
“Scumbags, get out of my way!”

A fierce air current was launched towards the bats, blowing some of them away.
The bats seemed to be completely infuriated.
They all roared and lunged at the griffins.
Seeing that, Kasa shouted gloomily, “Yun Feng, see what you’ve done?”

The five warriors had already started fighting, and so had Sangqu and Kai.
Hearing Kasa’s exclamation, Yun Feng simply turned around and smiled at her in disdain.
Then, Lan Yi dashed forward and disappeared.
Kasa couldn’t help but shout aloud, “Yun Feng, you coward! You’re escaping!”

Kasa’s voice echoed in the sky.
The others had no time to care if Yun Feng was running.
They had to defend against those tricky bats.
Kasa tried to stand up, “Fire Arrow, go!” She launched plenty of Fire Arrows to the bats, only to no avail.
She became quite anxious, and remembered Yun Feng again.
She bit her lips hard.
She wanted to run too, but the griffin didn’t listen to her command.

“Those bats won’t go away.
What do we do, Sangqu?” While killing as many bats as possible, Kai roared.
The number of bats didn’t seem to be changing at all.
Countless more bats seemed to be joining.
They would all be worn out very soon!

Sangqu gritted his teeth.
“We can always jump off!”

Jump off? Karan Empire was stunned for a moment.
He and Sangqu would be fine, but the kids wouldn’t be.
Murong Yuntian, whose level was highest, was only in level 9, and couldn’t stay airborne at all.
He would be killed in the fall! If all the Karan Empire’s contestants were killed before the contest started, the Karan Empire would be a laughingstock!

“What do we do? There are too many of them!” One of the warriors punched a few bats apart and asked angrily, “Isn’t Yun Feng a summoner? Where is she? She didn’t really escape, did she?”

“Yun Feng is not a runner!” Ze Ran roared and shattered a few bats.
“I trust her!”

Murong Yuntian took out his weapon and waved it with a combat technique, eliminating hundreds of bats.
He took a deep breath and said solemnly, “I trust her too.
She won’t escape.”

“You…” The other three warriors were all rather stunned.
It was a fact that Yun Feng was already gone.
What could she do if not running?

“Fire Field, rise.” When everybody was caught in panic and desperation, they heard a pleasant voice.
They couldn’t help raising their heads, but were unable to see anything except the swarm of bats.
Still, they were sure that they heard it right!

“It’s Yun Feng!” Ze Ran shouted aloud.
Sangqu and Kai were greatly relieved.
Murong Yuntian put on a smile, and waved his weapon fiercely again.
“She won’t run away.

After Yun Feng’s declaration, bright red appeared in front of everybody’s eyes, and they felt a scorching heat.
The sky instantly turned into an ocean of flames.
Countless sparks were dancing.
The fire swallowed the bats, which screamed and tried to fly away, only to be seized by the fire.
They couldn’t escape!

The bats that couldn’t be eradicated were all swallowed by the flames and turned into ashes.
When they disappeared, everybody saw the slim and beautiful girl who was standing on the giant beautiful griffin.
She smiled like a natural-born queen, and her aura was accentuated by the flames around her.
She was none other than Yun Feng!

The Fire Field was an advanced spell of the fire class.
In the space surrounded by fire elements, the bats were eaten up by the fierce fire elements.
All of them were burnt into nothingness amidst screams.
Yun Feng waved her hand and dismissed the fire elements.
Seeing that, everybody else was finally relieved.
Kasa sat down with sweat all over her head and face.
Her body was shivering too.

She had had field trips in the Masang School of Magic too, but the Masang School of Magic wouldn’t let any crisis happen to the students.
The incident just now was completely different.
If Yun Feng hadn’t attacked, they wouldn’t have been able to do anything except to jump off.
She knew exactly what the result of the jump would’ve been.
She was still quite scared after the narrow escape.

“Is everybody alright?” asked Kai loudly.
Everybody nodded.
Lan Yi hovered for a moment and descended to the other four griffins, which had come back to themselves and were able to move.
Qu Lanyi simply smiled, with infinite mockery in her eyes against everybody who just survived.

“If we’re all fine, let’s resume the trip,” Kai said.
Sangqu nodded and led the griffins onward.
Maybe because Yun Feng’s attack was too obvious, they didn’t endure any other Magic Beasts’ attack on the way.
It was quite smooth.

Although they didn’t endure another attack, they had been quite vigilant and cautious.
Yun Feng, on the other hand, remained casual and relaxed.
They enjoyed the scenery below from Lan Yi’s back.

It was not until they reached the Cashya Empire’s border that they were finally relieved and felt that they were safe.
Sangqu took a long breath, and looked at Yun Feng on Lan Yi’s back.
He couldn’t help but put on a bitter smile.
That kid was truly…

Kai was greatly relieved too.
The griffins flew onward.
After another two days, they finally reached the capital of the Cashya Empire.
They were about to enter the capital, when two soldiers who rode hippogryphs stopped them.

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