n, only to find that the man had been staring at Yun Feng.
He lowered his head.

Kasa had been angry since she jumped on the griffin’s back.
Although Siqi had come with her, she obviously envied her other teammates.
Kasa shouted angrily, “What are you looking at? Do you think a flying Magic Beast is remarkable? The royal family has a lot too!”

Siqi withdrew her gaze and stopped talking.
Kasa gritted her teeth in fury and turned her eyes to Murong Yuntian.
When she found that Murong Yuntian was gazing at Yun Feng, Kasa was infuriated.
Yun Feng, Yun Feng, do you think you’ll always be so lucky as to have everything great? Just wait for it! Kasa laughed with a twisted face, which diminished her grace as the princess.
Before the international contest, an undercurrent was already flowing in the teams.

The Cashya Empire was located to the east of the Karan Empire.
Each of the four empires had two neighboring empires, so they all kept the same pace in any event.
The trip from the Karan Empire’s capital to the Cashya Empire’s would take about five days.
Lan Yi could cover it in two days, but Yun Feng wasn’t in a rush.
She simply followed the rest of the griffins.
After two days, they passed the Karan Empire’s border and entered the borderlands between the two empires.
The moment they entered the territory, Yun Feng felt a depressing vibe.
She looked down, but there were clouds that blocked her eyesight and prevented her from seeing anything clearly.
However, the depressing vibe lingered.
Lan Yi sent a thought.

“Master, we have unexpected guests here.”

Yun Feng furrowed her brows.
She remembered her master’s description of the Cashya Empire about the areas in the south and west of the Cashya Empire, which were isolated and not habited by human beings.
Gradually, Magic Beasts had taken up those areas.

Unexpected guests… They must be the Magic Beasts that rested here… Hardly had the idea occurred to Yun Feng when she detected the changing air current.
“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” Noises came from the clouds down below.
The four griffins were all shocked, and flew even more vehemently.
“Pull yourselves together, and be prepared for battle!” Sangqu’s voice came from the sky.
The five warriors on the griffin’s back were immediately prepared for battle.
Kasa seemed nervous, and Siqi seemed even more terrified.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” More and more noises were echoing.
Gradually, the four griffins halted and wouldn’t fly any further.
Sangqu and Kai were both nervous.
At this critical moment, the Magic Beasts that only served as mounts couldn’t fight at all!

Earsplitting noises were coming close, mixed with the sounds of flapping wings.
The clouds down below suddenly dispersed.
All of a sudden, a swarm of creatures darted upwards.
Seeing that, both Sangqu and Kai became pale.
“We’ve met bloodthirsty bats… And there are so many…” said Sangqu with a shivering voice.
He quickly glanced at others.
The griffins were already too scared to move further..
The swarm of creatures was exclusively made of bats that had protruding fangs on their scary faces.

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