Chapter 363: To the Cashya Empire (2)

Yun Feng closed the notebook in her hand.
The Cashya Empire was powerful enough to swallow any other country with its ores and summoner.
It was a shame that it didn’t.
The reason why the Cashya Empire didn’t do anything was the pressure from other aspects, such as the Mercenary Union, which maintained the balance of the four empires on the East Continent, and other unknown forces.
The check and balance of the four empires was a good thing.
If one country became too powerful, a lot of people’s interests would be affected.

Yun Feng heaved a sigh, and Meatball jerked on her shoulder.
She had grabbed Meatball and put it on her shoulder.
Meatball seemed rather angry, and glanced at Yun Feng pitifully.
Yun Feng laughed and stroked it with a smile.
How strong was the only other summoner in the four empires? She really wanted to find out.


Three days passed in the blink of an eye.
During the three days, Yun Sheng consolidated himself again.
Qu Lanyi seemed to be the most carefree one, and didn’t do any preparation.
They went to the royal palace together, and saw a lot of people waiting at the gate.
Everybody was here except Kasa.
The emperor and Kai also hadn’t come yet.
They probably had to wait for a while longer.

“Yun Feng!” Hearing Ze Ran’s voice, Yun Feng walked to him with a smile and chatted with him.
While they talked, she felt that someone was looking at him with scorching eyes.
She unconsciously looked back, only to see Murong Yuntian turning his head away.
She pursed her lips.

“Yun Feng, we’re going to the Cashya Empire.
I’m so curious!” said Ze Ran in excitement.
Yun Feng smiled.
“I’m curious about the Cashya Empire too.”

Both of them smiled in delight.
Soon, Kasa walked out unhurriedly, followed by the emperor and Kai.
“Alright, come with me,” said Kai.
All ten contestants followed Kai to a spacious area that was empty.
Soon, noises came from the sky.
Everybody looked up, and exclaimed in astonishment, “Griffins!”

Four griffins were flapping their wings and approaching from the sky, until they all landed.
With their eagle heads and lion bodies, the griffins looked quite awesome.
They had brown feathers on the upper half of their body and white ones on the lower half, which was contrary to Lan Yi’s.
They were much smaller than Lan Yi too.
Lan Yi’s original body was twice as large as any griffin.

The four griffins stood intimidatingly.
Their claws were sharp, but they weren’t threatening at all.
Such Mounts were mounts as best, and couldn’t attack anyway.
It wasn’t surprising that the royal family had flying mounts.
The royal family was evidently quite generous.

Yun Feng observed the griffins quietly, and noticed that someone was staring at her.
She unconsciously glanced at Murong Yuntian, only to discover that it wasn’t him.
At this moment, Murong Yuntian was attentively staring at the griffins.
She suddenly looked up, only to see a man standing on the top of one of the griffins, and the man was gazing at her.

“Sangqu, you’re here!” Kai greeted him.
Hearing the name, Yun Feng remembered that he was the middle-aged man who intervened in the battle between her and Kasa.
He seemed to have told her to find him in the capital if she ever came.
However, she had completely forgotten about that.

“Prince Kai, if they’re ready, just let them come up.
It’s time that we set off.” Sangqu smiled and looked at Kai, who nodded and commanded them to board on the griffins.
Sangqu and Kai each took a griffin, and the warrior team and mage team each took one.
Although the griffins weren’t large, they could still accommodate five people, even though they wouldn’t have a lot of space activity.

The warriors all jumped to a griffin’s back.
All five young men were excited.
Murong Yuntian was no exception.
Kasa glanced at Yun Feng and then walked towards a griffin.
Yun Feng, however, stayed where she was.
That griffin wasn’t bad, but she didn’t really like it.

“Fengfeng, I don’t want this griffin.
It’s so tiny,” said Qu Lanyi in a low voice.
Fortunately, nobody from the royal family heard her, or they would’ve been infuriated.
Flying Magic Beasts were rare and precious.
Yet, she despised the griffins and thought that they were too small.
The emperor would’ve definitely been angered.

Yun Feng glanced at Qu Lanyi and smiled.
Since they had their own vehicle, why bother using someone else’s? Lan Yi was summoned and realized Yun Feng’s intention.
It was wreathed in a circle of green light.
The people on the griffin all looked at her curiously, and knew that as a summoner, she definitely had her Magic Beasts.
If they remembered correctly, Lan Yi had wings.
Then what would its original form be?

Sangqu, standing on the griffin’s back, narrowed his eyes.
After a flash of green light, the griffin’s enormous body appeared in front of everybody.
The other griffins, which had been obedient, became anxious.
One of them even flapped its wings and tried to fly away!

Everybody was astonished to see Lan Yi’s original self.
Griffins were very rare.
Most people had only seen their illustrations, and not a real one.
Lan Yi was even a strong four-winged griffin with a pure bloodline.
It was only natural that those griffins panicked.

“So—So beautiful…” One of the warriors in the team mumbled in fascination.
“It’s so awesome…” Another warrior whispered too.

Both the emperor and Kai were amazed by Lan Yi.
Greed arose in their heart.
How great would it be if the royal family could have such a flying mount, especially on occasions like today?

Kasa was stunned and then infuriated.
Yun Feng truly had the best stuff in every aspect.
Her Magic Beast was so awesome.
Compared to her griffin, the other griffins were like chickens!

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