Chapter 362: To the Cashya Empire (1)

The winner was obvious.
Ximen Ying palely stared at Yun Sheng.
Wasn’t that man famous for being worthless? When did he become so strong? Why was the gap between them so huge?

Seeing that, the emperor coughed and glanced at Ximen Ying, as if he was greatly disappointed at her performance.
Ximen Ying awkwardly backed off.
It seemed that she wouldn’t get to participate in the international contest anymore.

“The Yun family’s descendants are truly extraordinary.
Not bad, not bad.” The emperor praised Yun Sheng and looked at him with a smile.
Yun Sheng replied, “You flatter me, Your Majesty.” He then stood next to Yun Feng.
If his sister hadn’t let him cultivate in the Dragon Palace, he probably would’ve been stuck in level 3.
This was all thanks to Yun Feng.

“Alright, there should be no objection anymore, is there?” The emperor looked around and stared at Yun Feng.
Yun Feng showed that she had no objection.
After being eliminated, Ximen Ying walked out, blushing and embarrassed.
After she left, the teams for the international contest were established.

Kai stood up and, gazing at the ten excellent boys and girls, opened his mouth.
“The international contest is where the four countries show their strength, and where the young people of those countries compete.
Always remember that you represent the Karan Empire! There are amazing geniuses in other countries too, but don’t be intimated.
Just try your best.
Whatever you get in the end, Karan will be proud of you!”

That was quite a nice speech, but Kasa simply snorted in disdain.
Kai continued, “The contest will be held in the Cashya Empire instead of Karan.
I will go with you.
However, you will also need a leader, who must be strong and meticulous, so that Karan won’t suffer any loss in dealing with other countries.
I think Kasa is perfect at doing that.”

Kasa put on a smile, and Yun Feng smiled too.
As a member of the royal family, Kasa was most suitable for the post.
Otherwise, the other three countries might despise the teams because their leader wasn’t from the royal family.

Without any objection, Kasa became the leader.
The emperor smiled, and Kai continued, “In the international contest, the matches for warriors and those for mages are separate.
Each of the teams will need a captain.
Now, elect one.”

The warriors soon had an answer.
Undoubtedly, Murong Yuntian became the captain of the warrior team.
On the mages’ side, everybody fixed their eyes on Yun Feng, but Yun Feng pursed her lips and said, “Don’t look at me.
I won’t be the captain.” Qu Lanyi chuckled.
“If Fengfeng doesn’t, let’s elect Yun Sheng.
Do you have any doubt about his strength?”

The girl named Siqi shook her head.
Kasa stood with an awkward expression.
It suddenly occurred to her that she was being isolated in this team.
Yun Feng, Yun Sheng and Qu Lanyi were on the same side, and she didn’t know Siqi very well.
She didn’t really have any followers in the team.

There was no objection.
Or rather, the objection that someone had was simply ignored.
Yun Sheng became the captain of the mage team.
He smiled awkwardly.
He had just come here, yet he became the captain.
His sister should be more suitable for the task, but she didn’t seem interested in the job.

Now that the captains of both teams had been elected, the emperor said, “The two captains must listen to the leader’s command.
You must stick together!”

As the leader, Kasa naturally had the greatest power, and the respect that she deserved.
Then, there were weapons.
The royal family was rather generous in that aspect.
They gave a weapon that corresponded with the contestant’s strength to everyone.
Murong Yuntian had the most awesome weapon, which had nine holes and nine crystal cores, and all nine crystals were level-5 Magic Beast cores.
That weapon could significantly strengthen him.
Yun Feng, unwilling to confess her real strength to the Karan Royal Family, declared that she was level 7, and so did Qu Lanyi.
Her brother didn’t conceal his strength.
As the captain, he had to be strong enough to awe others.

On the mages’ side, Kasa, being in level 6, ranked second to last, which made her blush again.
Yun Feng didn’t grab a new wand, but simply added a few holes to it.
At this moment, such holed weapons weren’t too useful for her anymore.
She had to build a Commander Level fused weapon someday.

She didn’t intend to replace the crystal cores on the weapons that the Karan Royal Family offered, certainly not on such an occasion.
She knew that she shouldn’t expose her wealth easily.
She could always upgrade her weapon after she won the contest and started exploring the relics.

There were three days to go before they left for the Cashya Empire, and a month until the international contest.
However, the four empires were all used to sending their representatives early, partly to familiarize them with the arena and partly to familiarize them with the representatives of other countries.
There was no telling if they had other purposes.

In three days, they would set off.
Yun Feng didn’t go anywhere during the three days.
She read the notes that her master left behind carefully.
The Cashya Empire Empire was most famous for its ore production.
It was said that it boasted more ores than all the other three empires did together.
Compared to the Cashya Empire, the Karan Empire was rather barren.
It must be quite greedy about the Cashya Empire.

Thanks to the abundant ores, the Cashya Empire was stronger on average.
Its royal family was stronger than the Karan Empire’s too.
Reading her master’s description of the Cashya Empire, Yun Feng was rather surprised.
She was even more surprised to find that the Cashya Empire was the only empire that had a summoner!

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