Chapter 361: This Opening Belongs to the Yun Family (4)

“Master.” Standing next to Yun Feng, Lan Yi ignored everybody else and waited for her order.
“Bring my brother here.” The emperor frowned the moment Yun Feng said that.
Kasa looked rather awful too.
Lan Yi nodded and walked out.
Next moment, it flapped its wings and disappeared.

“Your brother? Hehe.
That’s really…” Kai smiled after hearing that.
Yun Feng smiled at him.
“If he is strong enough, would you decline him?” What she said gave Kai and the emperor no excuse to turn her down.
If her brother was stronger, why would the Karan Royal Family decline him? If they kept this level 4 mage on the team instead of him, they would be unreasonable.

Ximen Ying, as a student of the Masang School of Magic, was no stranger to Yun Sheng, but she didn’t know much about Yun Sheng’s recent transformation, or the Constellation Society’s matches.
She snorted in disdain, as she remembered that Yun Sheng was useless.
Seeing that, Kasa said in a low voice, “Yun Sheng has changed and become a lot stronger.
Don’t be careless.”

Ximen Ying chuckled.
“I’m in the mid stage of level 4.
How much stronger can he be?”

Kasa couldn’t help but frown, and didn’t waste any time on her.
As the princess, she could only give such a piece of advice, and if that woman didn’t listen, so be it.
Very soon, Lan Yi returned with Yun Sheng, who was rather dizzy after being carried all the way here in the sky.
He said to his sister jokingly, “Feng, you should ask Little Fire to fetch me next time.”

Yun Sheng landed and felt better.
Yun Feng walked to him and briefly told him what happened.
Then, she said to the emperor, “Your Majesty, let them have a match.
The loser between them will be eliminated.”

The emperor wore a complicated expression.
The Ximen family was the richest merchant in the Karan Empire, and provided infinite wealth for the royal family every year.
Most of the royal family’s expenses were covered by the Ximen family.
This arrangement was supposed to be a favor for the Ximen family, because Yun Feng had promised to help Karan win the contest and Ximen Ying didn’t have to do anything.
The royal family had made the great plan of letting Yun Feng return the favor without them doing anything.

Yun Feng didn’t think that much.
She simply wanted an opening, but she accidentally ruined the Karan Royal Family’s favor that they were trying to return.
How should the Karan Royal Family explain to the Ximen family? Saying that Ximen Ying was eliminated because she was too weak would be humiliating… The emperor thought for a long time.
It was obviously impossible to change Yun Feng’s mind.
This was quite a dilemma.
If they refused her, it would hurt the Karan Royal Family’s dignity too.

“Alright, you will have a match.
The loser will be eliminated immediately.” The emperor’s eyes glittered.
If Ximen Ying was eliminated, the Karan Royal Family would just blame it on the Yun family, and let the Ximen family deal with the Yun family.
That would be a great idea.

Ximen Ying walked out.
Yun Feng smiled and looked at her big brother.
They were thinking the same: to take her down, one attack would be necessary.

Everybody looked at Ximen Ying and Yun Sheng curiously, wondering how strong Yun Feng’s brother was.
There was nothing but mockery in Ximen Ying’s eyes, but Yun Sheng simply smiled.
Yun Feng stood aside with Lan Yi casually, knowing that her brother would surely win.

“Alright, you may have a match,” said the emperor from the throne.
He waved his hand, implying that they could begin.
Ximen Ying snorted.
Without further ado, a green ball of light appeared in her hand.
Yun Feng slightly frowned, as the wind element was quite rare.

“You can’t catch up with me.” After Ximen Ying said that, the wind element in her hand enshrouded her body and made her much more agile.
Lan Yi sneered, “What a petty trick.” Yun Feng laughed too.
For Lan Yi, Ximen Ying was truly as slow as a snail.

Yun Sheng didn’t say anything.
The blue water element was gathered in his hand again.
Ximen Ying suddenly moved.
“Yun Sheng, can you catch up with me?” Ximen Ying flashed in the sky, and thought that she was very fast.
However, everybody else saw her movement earlier.
Some warriors already couldn’t stop themselves from laughing, as Ximen Ying was almost like a clown.

The water element in Yun Sheng’s hand emitted icy blue light.
He saw Ximen Ying clearly, and didn’t move at all, as if he was giving Ximen Ying an opportunity to attack.
As expected, Ximen Ying simply roared, “Wind Arrow, go!” A green streak of light darted from Ximen Ying to Yun Sheng, who smiled with the water element ready in his hand.

“Water Arrow, go!” Yun Sheng roared, gathering the water element in his hand into an arrow, which collided into the incoming Wind Arrow.
The two different types of magic elements confronted!

The Water Arrow and the Wind Arrow collided, with the arrowheads hitting each other precisely.
The moment of the collision, the blue Water Arrow destroyed the green element.
“Boom!” An explosion burst out from the sky, making Ximen Ying a lot paler.
She saw that her Wind Arrow had already been destroyed by the Water Arrow, and the Water Arrow was still flying towards her rapidly!

Ximen Ying gritted her teeth and tried to move with the wind element.
However, the Water Arrow was even faster than she expected.
It had reached her before she was able to move!

“Break.” Yun Sheng mumbled.
The Water Arrow fell apart in front of Ximen Ying, and the blue element floated and dispersed very soon.
Ximen Ying stood in a daze, unable to say anything.
Her heart was racing.
The Water Arrow would’ve pierced her if Yun Sheng hadn’t broken it!

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