Chapter 358: This Opening Belongs to the Yun Family (1)

Murong Yuntian glanced at Yun Feng with repressed fury.
He clenched his fists grimly.
“Yun Feng, can I talk to you in private?”

“No.” Qu Lanyi walked over and stood next to Yun Feng, gazing at Murong Yuntian coldly.
Murong Yuntian looked back at her.
“Miss, who might you be? You don’t get to tell Yun Feng what to do, do you?” Murong Yuntian had been quite infuriated since he learned about the marriage deal between him and Yun Feng.
He had returned to his family and planned to propose to the Yun family.
However, Murong Shuli and Murong Ze told him that there was supposed to be an arranged marriage between him and Yun Feng, until it was canceled by them.

Seeing how sullen Murong Yuntian was, Murong Shuli and Murong Ze immediately blamed everything on the Yun family and claimed that the Yun family went back on their word.
Murong Yuntian came back without another word.
The Yun family went back on their word? Murong Yuntian didn’t even need to think to know that the Murong family must’ve asked the Yun family to cancel the marriage.
He gnashed his teeth in fury whenever he thought of that.
The only girl that enamored him had finally shown up.
They were supposed to live happily ever after, but his family destroyed that prospect!

Murong Yuntian left the Murong family in fury.
He didn’t intend to go back anytime soon.
Murong Shuli and Murong Ze, who were both thrilled to see Murong Yuntian back, put on a bitter expression.
Although they blamed everything on the Yun family, they knew deep down in their heart that it was their own fault.

Qu Lanyi chuckled and laid her arms on Yun Feng’s shoulders.
She was slim and much taller than Yun Feng, so she embraced Yun Feng in her arms easily.
Yun Feng had goosebumps all over her body, and couldn’t help but shiver.
Qu Lanyi exerted strength on her arms and said, “I’m Fengfeng’s bestie and roommate.
Am I not, Fengfeng?”

Yun Feng turned her head aside and looked at Qu Lanyi in silence.
Hearing that, Murong Yuntian heaved a sigh.
“Yun Feng, if you canceled the marriage between us, that’s fine.
I won’t force you to do anything.
You’re free.
However…” Murong Yuntian paused for a moment and continued, “I like you.
I want you to know that you’re the only girl that I’ve ever fallen in love with.
I won’t give you up so easily!”

When Murong Yuntian talked, his face was slightly red.
It was the first time he had ever confessed love to a girl so boldly.
However, Yun Feng was the only girl who had made his heart race, and there was no way that he would let her go.
The canceled marriage couldn’t prevent him from pursuing her again!

Stunned, Yun Feng was unable to come up with anything.
Qu Lanyi, however, sneered and said, “You’d better take care of Princess Kasa first.
One girl at a time, handsome.”

Murong Yuntian became anxious.
“I’ve never liked Kasa or shown any affection towards her!”

“Oh? Then why are you two always together?” asked Qu Lanyi, raising her brows.
Yun Feng looked at him thoughtfully too.

“Well… She’s a royal princess.
I can’t…”

“Oh… That explains a lot.
You’re so obedient, handsome.
So you’d marry Kasa if the Karan Royal Family asks you to, right?” Qu Lanyi chuckled and looked at Murong Yuntian with her alluring eyes.
Murong Yuntian replied solemnly, one word after another, “I will only marry the girl I love!”

“Haha!” Qu Lanyi burst into laughter, as if she had heard something amusing.
“Then good luck, handsome.
You may be stuck with Kasa for the rest of your life.”

Murong Yuntian looked rather grim.
Kasa was indeed sticky, and he knew how she felt for him, but he already had his dream girl.
Nevertheless, that woman had a point.
He shouldn’t meet Kasa often.
He had to prove his innocence even though he would suffer pressure from the royal family!

Yun Feng seemed to be uninvolved the whole time.
After they were done, Yun Feng waited for a few seconds, and then said, “Are you done? Then I’m leaving.” She turned around and was about to leave.
Murong Yuntian was rather awkward.
After all, such a reply to his confession of love was quite embarrassing.

Qu Lanyi gloated wickedly when she saw Murong Yuntian’s reaction.
At this moment, another person rushed close hastily.
Then, Yun Feng heard a familiar and earnest voice.
“Yun Feng! It’s truly you!”

Qu Lanyi narrowed her eyes and looked.
Both Yun Feng and Murong Yuntian turned around.
The newcomer was rather surprised to see Murong Yuntian.
“Murong Yuntian? Why are you here?”

Murong Yuntian nodded at the newcomer.
Yun Feng observed him carefully for a moment, and finally shouted after recognizing him, “Ze Ran? Are you Ze Ran?”

Murong Yuntian looked even more gloomy.
Qu Lanyi looked cold too.
The man who just arrived annoyed her even more than Murong Yuntian did.
Yun Feng ran to the young man who just came and circled around him, before she punched his shoulder.
“You’ve changed!”

The newcomer chuckled with a sunny smile.
“So have you! You’ve turned into… a beautiful big girl.
I heard that the Yun family moved to the capital, so I came as quickly as possible.
I didn’t expect that I’ll meet you so easily!”

They were both happy about the reunion.
After all, they hadn’t met in years.
Yun Feng missed the days they spent together as kids.
After talking for a while, Yun Feng delightedly discovered that Ze Ran’s personality hadn’t changed at all.
He was just as sunny as he used to be, which comforted Yun Feng.
It wasn’t easy to keep such a precious personality after all those years.

“You’ve already entered the School of God of War? How did it go? You didn’t embarrass me, did you?” said Yun Feng, chuckling.
Ze Ran touched his hair awkwardly.
“I certainly can’t embarrass you…”

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