Chapter 356: You Are My Fiancée (2)

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Hearing that, everybody frowned hard.
Randal furrowed his brows too.
How did a summoner’s Magic Beast appear in the royal palace? Was it the summoner’s intention? Or did something else happen?

“I have to report the matter to His Majesty and listen to his decision.
You stay here and keep an eye on it!” said Randal solemnly, before he flashed away.
The other men all nodded and stared at Little Fire.
Little Fire, on the other hand, snorted in disdain, and sent the updates to Yun Feng telepathically.

In one corner of the Yun house, Yun Feng stood up with a wicked smile.
“Alright, Little Fire, just stay there and wait for me.” She cleaned her clothes and unhurriedly walked out of the house.
Seeing that Yun Feng was going out, the butler asked curiously, “Young Lady, where are you going?”

Yun Feng smiled and waved her hands at the butler without looking back.
“I’m just going to take back what’s mine.”

The butler was baffled, but didn’t ask further.
Yun Jing saw that his daughter left the house too.
He asked, “Where is Feng going?” The butler thought for a moment and replied, “The young lady has left to take back what’s hers.
Who’s keeping her things without returning it?”

Yun Jing was puzzled, but he didn’t think further and just entered the room.
The butler shook his head too, and thought that his young lady was rather mysterious.
Whoever borrowed her stuff was just shameless.


Princess Kaqi’s room in the royal palace had already been reduced to debris, with a pool of blood on the floor.
The miserable-looking Kaqi had been sent away, and the gigantic Fire Cloud Wolf stood there at ease.
A dozen men stared at it from the sky, with suppressed fury on their faces.

Randal came to the emperor as quickly as possible, and reported the situation.
The emperor, who was busy with national affairs, was so shocked that he rescheduled all his arrangements and arrived immediately.
The other members of the royal family arrived too.
Someone had informed them that a summoner’s Magic Beast had appeared right inside the royal palace!

There were a dozen strong men in the sky, surrounding Little Fire.
Further away were the members of the royal family who had come to watch the drama.
Kasa was among them.
Her face was pale when she saw Little Fire.
The intelligence was correct.
That was definitely Yun Feng’s Magic Beast!

The emperor rushed as quickly as possible.
When he saw what happened, he breathed heavily.
The pool of blood in the debris indicated that Kaqi must’ve been heavily wounded.
The emperor thought of all possibilities and instructed Randal coldly, “Go find Yun Feng.”

“No need to look for me.
I’m right here.” A voice came from the sky.
Everybody on the ground raised their head and looked, and the strong men in the sky turned around warily.
When they clearly saw the person who was drawing near, their jaws almost hit the ground.
Was that… a winged man?

Lan Yi flapped its beautiful wings on its back, while holding Yun Feng in its arms.
It was handsome yet expressionless.
The mysterious tattoos on its face and wings made it quite eye-catching.
Randal turned grim and whispered to the emperor, “Your Majesty, she is a double-element summoner.”

The emperor trembled hard, not because of fear, but because of ecstasy! A double-element summoner! The summoner who hadn’t appeared in hundreds of years was a double-element one? So to speak, this winged creature must be her contracted Magic Beast too!

Lan Yi flew closer unhurriedly.
The members of the royal family who were watching from the ground were all so jealous.
Many princesses were greedy, and wished that they could have such an awesome Magic Beast too! The experts all looked at Yun Feng, stunned.
Yun Feng, on the other hand, smiled and asked Lan Yi to land.
After Lan Yi landed, the wings on its back disappeared, and he looked like a handsome and mysterious young man.

“Master.” Little Fire moved close to her.
Yun Feng extended her hand and patted its head, implying that she got everything covered.
The emperor approached excitedly and looked at Little Fire and Lan Yi in turns.
He was about to open his mouth, when Yun Feng said, “Before we talk, please answer my question, Your Majesty.” Yun Feng suddenly turned cold and approached a corner in the debris.
She then picked up a ring and blew at it, revealing the redness on the Ring of Contract.
The emperor’s delighted face was instantly frozen.

“Your Majesty, why is my Ring of Contract here? Can you give me a satisfactory answer?”

Everybody fell quiet.
Yun Feng put on the Ring of Contract, and gazed at the emperor coldly.
The emperor didn’t know what to say.
The presence of the summoner’s Ring of Contract in the royal palace suggested that someone tried to steal it!

While Yun Feng seemed cold, she was smiling inwardly.
It was truly exhilarating for her to see the emperor’s expression.
Little Fire had already taught Kaqi a lesson that she could hardly forget.
That greedy princess probably wouldn’t try to steal again.
It was hard for the Karan Royal Family to come up with an excuse.

“W-Well…” the emperor could hardly come up with anything.
How should he explain? Should he defend the members of the royal family, or infuriate the summoner?

“What’s the matter? Did my Ring of Contract just come here by itself?” Yun Feng raised her brows.
She looked as intimidating as the emperor.

“Yun Feng, my young friend, someone must’ve done this on purpose to instigate hostility between you and the royal family,” said Randal.
The emperor immediately agreed, “Indeed.
Someone must’ve done this on purpose.
I’ll definitely look into this matter and give you a satisfactory result.”

Yun Feng smiled.
“After I lost my Ring of Contract, I spent a lot of time searching for it.”

Randal seemed angry, but the emperor smiled and said, “The royal family will satisfy you, Yun Feng..
There’s no need to worry about that.”

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