Chapter 354: Unforgettable Lesson (4)

Hearing that, Yun Feng immediately frowned.
“Then please wait for a moment, Princess Kaqi.
I’ll be right back.
Don’t forget to give my Ring of Contract back to me.” Yun Feng smiled at Kaqi and then left the garden.
When she walked to the other side of the garden, she suddenly changed her direction and secretly returned.
She casually leaned against the pillar.
From her perspective, she could observe Kaqi’s every movement clearly.

Yun Feng casually leaned against the pillar and gazed at Kaqi who was inside the garden.
Her every movement couldn’t escape Yun Feng’s eyes.
Standing in the garden, Kaqi looked around prudently.
When she saw that nobody was around, she quickly hid Yun Feng’s Ring of Contract in one of her storage containers.
Then, she took out a ring that looked exactly the same as Yun Feng’s.

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes and scratched her chin.
“You want to claim it? This royal princess is truly greedy… Is she stupid or just too confident of herself?” Yun Feng mumbled and stood straight.
She then patted her clothes and said, “Ah, never mind.
I should teach those members of the royal family a lesson, so that they’ll know that they can’t have everything.” Yun Feng flashed back to the entrance of the garden.
Kaqi keenly noticed Yun Feng’s return, and didn’t seem panicked at all.

She immediately returned the fake Ring of Contract to Yun Feng, and left with an excuse after a few words.
Yun Feng didn’t stop her, and simply watched her get away.
Yun Feng stroked the fake Ring of Contract on her finger, and Meatball suddenly cried and jumped to her shoulder.
It seemed to be gloating with its big eyes too.

“Princess Kaqi, good luck.
Little Fire doesn’t have a good temper.”

Kaqi returned to the royal palace in a rush.
She ran into Kasa on her way, but when Kasa talked to her, she didn’t have time to respond at all.
Kasa was quite puzzled to see her in such a rush.
“What’s wrong with her? Why is she so hasty?”

Kaqi rushed back to her room and locked the door carefully.
She investigated and ensured that nobody was around and everything was fine.
She then finally closed her eyes and took out the Ring of Contract that was emitting heat.

“This is the summoner’s Ring of Contract… How beautiful…” Kaqi touched it in fascination.
She stroked the patterns on the surface of the dark red ring.
The longer she touched it, the more desirable the ring seemed.
She held the ring tightly, with greed in her eyes.
She had the summoner’s Ring of Contract.
If she put it on her own finger, she should be able to summon a Magic Beast, right?

The idea burnt in Kaqi’s heart like fire.
She grabbed the ring in her hand and extended her shivering index finger.
The alluring heat from the Ring of Contract made her heart race.
As long as she put it on, she would be able to summon Magic Beasts too, and she would be a summoner!

She quickly put the ring on her finger.
The moment her finger was about to penetrate the ring, Kaqi shrieked and withdrew her hand, and the Ring of Contract fell to the ground.

Kaqi’s eyes widened.
She held the hand with her other hand.
In the previous moment, the Ring of Contract unleashed such scorching heat that her flesh and blood seemed to be consumed.
She was panicked by the high temperature, so she retracted her hand.
The Ring of Contract fell to the floor.
Kaqi was about to pick it up, when she heard another explosive voice.

“Stupid human being, you think you can summon me just with the Ring of Contract? In your dream!”

Kaqi flinched and looked around in fright, only to see nobody.
Where was the voice from? She searched in panic.
When she noticed the Ring of Contract on the ground, she shivered and reached for it.
However, dark red flames arose from the Ring of Contract.

“W-What’s going on?” Kaqi’s eyes widened.
In a corner in the Yun family in the south of the capital, Yun Feng put on a lazy smile, and whispered, “Little Fire, come out.”

After Yun Feng’s whisper, dark red light burst out of the Ring of Contract.
Kaqi was so shocked at the outburst that she staggered back and fell to the ground.
The dark red light flashed for a while, and Little Fire appeared in front of Kaqi as a tall and huge wolf.
Kaqi looked at it with such fascination that she forgot all her fear.

“This is… a Magic Beast.
Did I summon it?” Kaqi mumbled.
Little Fire was infuriated by this shameless human being! Brutality flashed in the wolf’s eyes.
It dashed out and laid its claws on Kaqi’s shoulder.
Its glittering claws pressed her skin so hard that they would pierce her body if it exerted more strength.

“W-What are you doing? I summoned you.
I am your master!” Kaqi was rather astounded, and in great pain.
She would die here as soon as this huge beast exerted strength! Didn’t she summon it! She should be its master! Wasn’t it how it worked?!

“Greedy and arrogant woman, you’re my master? You don’t even qualify as my food! You think a lesser human being such as yourself can keep a Ring of Contract? You’re truly bold to steal it from my master!” Little Fire spouted hot air at Kaqi’s face.
Kaqi could hardly breath under the hot waves.

“H-How disobedient…” Kaqi gritted her teeth and roared, but she was still stiffened.
Perhaps, everybody from the Karan Royal Family was the same.
They were all stubborn, and had to keep their royal dignity even when they were dying.

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