Chapter 353: Unforgettable Lesson (3)

There were several men in the Yun family’s living room.
Yun Jing was at the host’s seat, and Yun Sheng sat next to him.
On Yun Sheng’s opposite side was a man who seemed honorable and intimidating.
Next to the man was a cute little girl.
Judging from her clothes, she should be from the royal family.

“Leader Yun, where is my young friend, Yun Feng?” asked the man, chuckling.
He seemed rather intimidating, yet he didn’t seem to be trying to scare anyone at all.
He was quite peaceful.

“Well, my daughter is training in seclusion,” replied Yun Jing with a smile.
“What brings you here, Prince Kai?” Yun Jing wondered why the royal family had sent another person here for Feng again after such a long time.
What else did the Karan Royal Family want Feng to do? Thinking about that, Yun Jing looked rather gloomy.

Kai smiled.
“I’m only here to chat with Yun Feng.
We’re no strangers anyway.
We’ve met several times.
Kaqi insisted on coming with me when she heard that I was going to meet her.”

The cute little girl smiled at Yun Jing.
“Leader Yun, just call me Qiqi.
I’ve voluntarily come here mainly because I hope to see the great summoner, Yun Feng.”

Yun Jing smiled and looked at the two members of the royal family.
He was about to say something, when he heard his daughter’s voice.
“Father, Prince Kai? It’s been a long time.” Yun Feng came close from a corner of the living room.
She amazed everyone when she appeared.
Both Yun Sheng and Yun Jing felt that she was different.
She seemed more reliable and mature than before.

As her level rose continuously, Yun Feng’s eyes and knowledge had been expanding too.
Seeing Kai, Yun Feng walked to him with a smile, and Kai greeted her with a smile.
“Yun Feng, my young friend, it’s truly been a long time.”

Yun Feng nodded and walked to her brother’s side, before she sat down unhurriedly.
She didn’t seem anxious at all in the presence of two members of the royal family, and she wore a peaceful smile the whole time.
“Is she the summoner?” Kaqi observed Yun Feng carefully, and Yun Feng glanced at the girl who was opposite her.
Another princess from the royal family? This one seemed smarter than Kasa.

“She is?…” asked Yun Feng.
Kaqi immediately smiled and said, “I didn’t know that the summoner would be my peer.
I’m princess Kaqi of the Karan Royal Family.
You may call me Qiqi.
Can I call you Yun Feng?”

Yun Feng smiled.
“Of course.”

It’s truly easy for young people to bond with each other.
Don’t you agree, Master Yun?”

Yun Jing smiled and looked at his daughter.
“How about this? Let’s leave the two kids alone, so that they can talk to each other more freely.
We can have a nice talk too!”

“If that’s Prince Kai’s wish, then it’s fine with me.
Father, you should entertain the prince,” Yun Feng stood up with a smile and said to Yun Jing.
Yun Jing nodded.
Since his daughter had accepted the proposal, he might as well just follow.
Kai laughed, and seemed to be in a good mood.
Yun Feng turned back and said to her brother, “Brother, go take care of Xiaojin and Qu Lanyi.
They’re guests anyway.
I’ll accompany the princess.”

Yun Sheng nodded, and felt like his sister was implying something.
He didn’t ask any further, but turned around and left.
Yun Feng walked to Kaqi and smiled.
“Princess Kaqi, let’s go out and have a talk, shall we?”

Kaqi smiled.
“Yun Feng’s proposal shall be obeyed.”

Yun Feng led Kaqi out of the lobby with a smile, to a garden nearby.
While she walked in the front, Kaqi followed her in silence.
After they walked for some distance, Yun Feng suddenly stopped and turned around.
“Princess Kaqi, you’ve been staring at my hand.
What is it that you want to see?”

Kaqi raised her head and smiled at Yun Feng with glittering eyes.
“Your senses are very keen, Yun Feng.
I’m just curious about the summoner’s Ring of Contract.
Oh, if it’s inconvenient, there’s no need to take it out.”

With a smile, Yun Feng quickly took out the dark red Ring of Contract and held it in her hand.
The moment she saw the Ring of Contract, Kaqi was so excited that she was about to dash towards it, but she regained control of herself.
Yun Feng saw her reaction clearly, and handed over the Ring of Contract to her.
“Princess Kaqi, do you want to take a closer look? I’m not a petty person.
Just take it and have a look at it if you want to.”

Kaqi breathed heavily, and gazed at the dark red Ring of Contract in Yun Feng’s hand.
She swallowed and extended her arm softly.
She glanced at Yun Feng, as if she feared that Yun Feng would regret.
Yun Feng smiled and didn’t do anything.
She simply kept her hand open, and allowed Kaqi to take the dark red Ring of Contract.

Kaqi picked up the Ring of Contract with her shivering hand.
When she held the Ring of Contract in her own hand, she clearly felt scorching heat and energy from inside the Ring of Contract.
Her body trembled, and she touched the surface of the Ring of Contract gently along the patterns on it, with fascination all over her eyes.

After touching the ring for a long time, Kaqi returned the Ring of Contract to Yun Feng, who smiled and then put on the ring.
Seeing that, Kaqi’s eyes glittered.
Kai and Kaqi left after spending some time with the Yun family.

To Yun Jing’s surprise, Princess Kaqi visited again several days later.
She went straight to Yun Feng after she arrived.
Just like last time, Yun Feng brought her to the garden where they met before.

“Yun Feng, would you mind if I take another look at the Ring of Contract?” asked Kaqi with a smile.
Yun Feng took out the red Ring of Contract with a casual smile.
Kaqi affectionately played with it in her hand.
Then, she suddenly thought of something.
“Right, your father asked for you just now.
He seemed to be in a rush.”

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