Chapter 352: Unforgettable Lesson (2)

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He quit? Yun Feng’s eyes widened, and her ancestor’s voice came again.
“After you enter the Relics of Gods, you will find yourself in a gigantic maze.
We encountered countless problems when we just started our journey.
We lost a lot of men.
In the end, only I and a few Monarch Level warriors continued the exploration.
But we failed in the end.”

“How did you fail? You were a… summoner!”

The ancestor smiled rather helplessly.
“Kid, the Relics of Gods aren’t as simple as you think.
Everything there is immeasurable.
My guts told me that there must’ve been one or more unknown beings deep inside the Relics of Gods.
My only feeling after I entered the Relics of Gods was that I was too insignificant.
I was no better than a grain of dust in the relics.”

The Relics of Gods.
Judging from the name, was the vibe that awed human beings really from gods? Were there really gods deep inside the relics?

“I know you’re determined to join the exploration, and I support you.
However, you must know your strength.
You’re not strong enough yet.
When I explored the place, I was already in the Monarch Level, yet I had to retreat in frustration.
However, your condition is different from mine.
After all, you are a rarely-seen genius, and you’re quite lucky.
I have no doubt that you will get something from there.”

Yun Feng became solemn.
The Monarch Level summoner had felt insignificant when he entered the Relics of Gods.
She was only in the early stage of the Commander Level at this moment.
If she were to enter the place, wouldn’t she simply be pressed to the ground?

She triggered a thought and took out a dragon-shaped jade pendant.
The element density in the outside world was not nearly enough for her cultivation.
If she cultivated in the outside world, it would take years for her to rise to a higher level no matter how hard she tried.
But the Dragon Palace was different.
The element density on its tenth floor was dozens of times greater!

Yun Feng made up her mind.
She disappeared into the dragon-shaped pendant.
Before she entered the Dragon Palace, she had blocked the space around her.
Besides, nobody would be so stupid as to disturb her at this moment! Entering the tenth floor of the Dragon Palace, Yun Feng immediately sat cross-legged.
The dense elements in the air made Yun Feng feel exhilarated.
Her mind and body were surrounded by a delightful atmosphere.

“Master, Brother Fire and I will cultivate together.
It will help your improvement!” Lan Yi’s voice came close.
Yun Feng nodded, and immediately summoned Little Fire and Lan Yi, who sat down next to her.
All three of them entered a state of absolute concentration.
Little Fire was emitting a red halo, and Lan Yi was emitting a green one.
Yun Feng, on the other hand, was reflecting light in five different colors.
Immediately, the mysterious tenth floor was glowing with various colors.

Time was flying by.
Yun Feng and her Magic Beasts trained quietly on the tenth floor and even forgot the passage of time.
The water drops that floated in Yun Feng’s spiritual space were growing bigger and bigger.
The colors in the water drops were getting deeper and deeper too.
Energy was gathering inside the water drops.

Detecting the changes inside Yun Feng’s spiritual space, the ancestor put on a bigger and bigger smile.
This girl was truly extraordinary.
If she were to unleash all the power inside the water drops, she’d be able to confront even the Monarch Level opponents.
It wouldn’t be a problem for her to keep herself alive.

A month passed by quickly, and Yun Feng grew stronger and stronger on the mysterious tenth floor.
Her mental strength communicated and melded with the elements.
The water drops in her spiritual space were getting bigger and more powerful.
During the cultivation, Yun Feng obviously felt the increase of strength inside her body.
And as she cultivated, the black jade pendant she wore was taking effect too, sending the familiar warm current into Yun Feng’s body.
Although it was much smaller than before, Yun Feng could still feel that her body cells were being modified and improved by the Array of Life again.

“Phew…” Yun Feng took a deep breath and opened her eyes.
So did Little Fire and Lan Yi.
All of them looked at each other with a smile.
“Master, congratulations on rising to the final stage of the Commander Level,” Lan Yi smiled.
Because of Yun Feng’s advancement, her contracted Magic Beasts had advanced too.
Lan Yi and Little Fire felt their strength and were extremely delighted.

It was truly lucky for them to be contracted by such a master.
Yun Feng’s talent and speed of cultivation were truly incomparable.
Having been contracted by such a talented summoner, they didn’t have to worry about their advancement at all.
Little Fire shook its body in comfort, and the red light in it gradually disappeared.
Lan Yi stood up too and stretched its arms, the green light on it ebbing too.

“Master, you’re not considering contracting a new Magic Beast?” asked Lan Yi.
Yun Feng had approached the final stage of the Commander Level in terms of wind and fire elements.
As for the other three classes, she was still in the early stage.
It seemed that the requirements for magic cultivation were more rigorous now that she had reached the Commander Level.
She had to work hard to improve her expertise on magic elements.

“A new Magic Beast? Hehe.
That’s an idea.” Yun Feng smiled.
Should she contract a new Magic Beast? It depended on luck.
She didn’t think that she should contract any random Magic Beast, or replace the Magic Beasts she had already contracted.
She would only contract the best ones, such as Little Fire, which was a mutated Magic Beast, and Lan Yi, which was a precious four-winged griffin.

“I look forward to contracting another Magic Beast too.” Yun Feng stood up and glanced at the things that her master had left on the tenth floor.
She was too weak to use any of those things yet.
That couldn’t be helped.
She couldn’t really make use of the treasures that her master left for her until she reached the Monarch Level.

“Alright, let’s go out.
It’s already been one month,” said Yun Feng.
Little Fire and Lan Yi then turned into two streaks of light, one red and the other green, and entered the Rings of Contract.
Yun Feng looked at the changed patterns on the two Rings of Contract with curled lips.
A third contracted Magic Beast? She dashed from the tenth floor of the Dragon Palace to the outside world..
Hardly had she returned when she furrowed her brows.
Did someone come in?


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