Chapter 350: The Yun Family’s Boundaries (4)

“If you’re so pigheaded, you’ll be kicked out of the capital sooner or later just like you were!”

Yun Feng chuckled in a low voice.
“Whoever thinks they can kick the Yun family out, feel free to try.
I’m glad to have you prove whether or not I’m a sharp sword.”

“You… You are threatening us.
You dare to threaten us…”

“Yes, you’re right! I am threatening you!” Yun Feng wore a smile, which made her look like the most beautiful devil.
“As I said, whoever harms the Yun family will answer for it a hundred times more gravely!”

All the bigshots in the room gasped hard.
Good, very good.
They had spent their entire life threatening others, but they were being threatened at this moment! Also, this woman’s threat was so freaking effective.
She was a summoner! Nobody was stupid enough to offend a summoner, unless they wanted to have their family destroyed overnight!

“Father, we should head back.
My brother is waiting,” Yun Feng said to Yun Jing.
Yun Jing nodded.
After today’s incident, he believed that nobody would disturb him again.
The Yun family had always rejected this circle of nobles ever since it was founded.

The father and daughter left the room, and Little Fire’s whisper came close.
“Master, you should’ve at least let me eat one of them…”

“Eat whom? You would’ve spat them out even if you did…”

You’re right, master.
All of them are smelly and nauseating…”

The bigshots in the room, hearing their conversation, had complicated feelings.
Fear, helplessness, hate and fury.
Different expressions replaced each other on their faces.
The only woman in the room collapsed on the floor with anger on her face, but she could not utter a word.

“I truly don’t understand what His Majesty is thinking.
Isn’t it better to just destroy the Yun family?”

The others all curled their lips.
One of them slowly walked to the window and looked out.
“Destroy the Yun family? If the Karan Royal Family takes action, it remains unknown which party will be destroyed… Let’s just stay out of this.
The conflict between the Yun family and the Karan Royal Family is inevitable.
It’s just not the time yet.
Let’s just stand by and watch.”

“Lord De, what will you tell His Majesty?”

The man by the window smiled.
“The Yun family has drawn a line.
I should reconsider which side I should take now…”

“Lord De, are you suggesting…”

The man by the window slowly turned around, with coldness in his eyes.
“I’m not suggesting anything.”


After the father and daughter left the club, Yun Jing was greatly relieved.
Yun Feng had been keeping her head lowered in silence.
Yun Jing patted her head and said, “Feng, I was too weak.
When we just returned to the capital, I felt so glorified that I hoped to keep our family’s position forever and didn’t want to lose it.
I forgot that as long as you’re here, the Yun family will stay glorified.”

Yun Feng slowly raised her head, and looked at her father’s solemn face.

Yun Jing retreated his hand and looked at Yun Feng solemnly, before he whispered, “Feng, the Yun family’s dream of reclaiming its former glory and having another summoner has been achieved, all because of you.
I won’t feel ashamed when I meet the former leaders of the Yun family in the other world!”

Yun Feng felt warmth that was flowing to every part of her body.
She must get stronger to protect those who need her! She quietly clenched her fists.
She had been stuck in the early stage of the Commander Level for a while.
It was time she made a breakthrough.

After Yun Feng returned home, she simply told her father and brother that she would train in seclusion for a month and she was not to be disturbed.
Yun Sheng and Yun Jing nodded.
After learning of her plan, Qu Lanyi and Mu Xiaojin both expressed their support.
Qu Lanyi yawned.
“I hoped to enjoy this vacation with Fengfeng, but she’s more boring than I expected.
Never mind.
I should train in seclusion too…” Qu Lanyi waved her hands and left.
Yun Jing found what he heard rather weird.

“Sheng, who is this girl?”

Yun Sheng smiled bitterly.
“She’s Feng’s roommate.
However, she has a weird personality, and is very sticky to Feng.
She’s also… very strong,” he concluded.

Yun Jing nodded and looked at Qu Lanyi’s back.
His daughter was strong, so it was natural for her to make friends with other strong people.
Yun Feng had explained Yun Sheng’s condition to her father when they had time.
Yun Jing was naturally thrilled to hear the news, and felt that despite all the suffering that the Yun family went through, it did receive unexpected fortunes.

Yun Jing was quite satisfied.
“Sheng, you should train in seclusion too,” said Yun Jing solemnly.
Yun Sheng nodded.
His sister had already risen to a new height.
He certainly didn’t want to be left behind! Mu Xiaojin also smiled and said, “Uncle Yun, I’ll go train myself too.”

Yun Jing nodded.
He glanced at Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin, and quite liked Mu Xiaojin.
They left one after the other.
Yun Jing thought carefully for a while.
The Yun family had few members at this moment.
Although Sheng was too young to be married yet, it wouldn’t be outrageous to set up an engagement for him.
Mu Xiaojin seemed like a good and kindhearted girl.
Sheng seemed to care about her too.
Thinking for a moment, Yun Jing decided to ask their opinion first.
He was certainly not a bossy father.

The important members of the Yun family all started to train for a month, which was exactly the length of the Masang School of Magic’s holiday.

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