Yun Feng glared at the meatball that was performing hard in Murong Ran’s hands and grunted coldly. You meatball! If you want to act, I’ll cooperate and act with you.

“You can nip it if you want.
I’m not selling it.”

What Yun Feng said made Murong Ran freeze for a moment.
Murong Ran was also shocked.
Even the meatball that was still struggling hard earlier paused its moves.
It looked at Yun Feng with its round black eyes, as if it couldn’t believe it was abandoned just like that.

Yun Feng turned around and didn’t look at Murong Ran at all.
She kept striding forward.
“What are you looking at? Keep up!” Following Yun Feng’s shout, the meatball in Murong Ran’s hands was immediately full of beams.
Its eyes brightened up and its body twisted flexibly, landing on the ground gently under Murong Ran’s surprised gaze.
Its chubby body then sped towards Yun Feng’s direction at an unimaginably high speed!

“You animal! How dare you fool me!” When Murong Ran saw the meatball run and even so effortlessly, a sense of humiliation and anger of being fooled by an animal rose in her head.
She flipped her hand.
A ball of yellow elements jumped out and gradually formed an arrow, pointing at the direction of the meatball.

“Arrow of Earth, go!” As Murong Ran yelled furiously, the arrow formed with earth elements shot out fiercely from Murong Ran’s palm.
The power of her level-3 magic created yellow glitters on the earth elements of the Arrow of Earth.
Mei Bing was also stunned after seeing this.
He had never thought Murong Ran would really attack!

“Watch out!” Mei Bing yelled.
Murong Ran watched indifferently and there was also a cold smile at the corners of her mouth.
She was a level-3 mage.
There were originally not many mages on the East Continent, so the talented Murong Ran became the pride of the Murong family.
Besides, reaching level 3 at such an age, she could certainly be regarded as a genius.

The arrow shot towards the magical elements with the power of the earth element.
The earth element wasn’t the strongest in attacking but defending.
However, the earth element known for its defensive power also had magic for attacking.
In Murong Ran’s eyes, the animal that fooled her definitely couldn’t resist level-3 magic.
It was also impossible at all for Yun Feng to block it!

How old was that little girl? How powerful could she be? If she wanted to resist level-3 magic, she must have the strength of at least level 4.
How would that girl be above level 4? Was this a joke?

Yun Feng had already known what Murong Ran was planning when she gathered the earth element and she sensed the earth-element magic coming towards her.
Yun Feng didn’t care about it at all.
With the meatball’s speed, it was a piece of cake for it to avoid the magic.
However, Yun Feng had never thought that the meatball didn’t want to dodge at all!

It made a deft jump with its chubby body and hopped onto Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Feeling the furry touch on her cheeks, Yun Feng’s face immediately darkened.
You meatball! You want to use me as a shield!

Yun Feng’s furious look created a smile in those huge eyes of the meatball.
As the meatball jumped onto Yun Feng’s shoulder, the Arrow of Earth shooting behind them also arrived!

“Swish!” “Boom!”

The sound of the arrow breaking the air and the sound of it hitting Yun Feng’s body came at the same time.
A layer of dust was stirred up at the spot where Yun Feng was.
Seeing that the attack was successful, Murong Ran’s sneer at the corners of her mouth became bigger.
She was planning to shoot that animal only, but it jumped onto the little girl’s body.
Haha! That was even better.
If she could kill Yun Feng, she would also be able to complete the things her father asked her to do.

After seeing this, Mei Bing couldn’t help but look terrified.
He was about to run over and see if Yun Feng was alright.
However, when he stepped his foot forward and saw the human figure after the dust dissipated, he stepped back again.

Murong Ran’s sneering lips couldn’t help but move a little.
Looking at Yun Feng who was still standing there stably after the dust lifted, Murong Ran’s eyes popped out and she looked like she couldn’t believe it at all.
How was that possible? She wasn’t injured at all after being attacked by level-3 magic.
This wasn’t real!

Yun Feng stood there and gently released her clenching fists.
The magic of the earth element had already been destroyed by her punch just then.
Yun Feng truly felt the obvious gap between the level of their power as well.
Level-3 magic didn’t pose any threat to her at all and she could send that Murong Ran to Heaven with only one punch.

“You’re not allowed to go.
You’re not allowed to go!” Watching Yun Feng leave slowly, Murong Ran shouted furiously.
She wanted to use the magic of the earth element with her hands again, but Mei Bing stopped her coldly.

“Your magic didn’t hurt her just now.
Do you think you can harm her when you use it again?”

Murong Ran bit her lips hard and she watched the figure gradually go further away from her in anger.
A glint of resentment flashed through her eyes.
Mei Bing looked at Yun Feng’s back as she left and remained silent.
There was a lot going on in his mind.

Yun Feng wasn’t injured at all after being attacked by level-3 magic.
This proved that she already had the strength of not lower than level 4.
She looked like she wasn’t even ten years old and she had become a level-4 warrior at such an age… What a scary talent… Even though Mei Bing had broken through early-level 4, he also wasn’t confident he could resist Murong Ran’s magic attack without being injured at all.
Yun Feng was stronger than him.
This fact made Mei Bing’s heart shake.

The Yun family was indeed a different family.
Even though they had declined, there was still such a talent in the family… Yun Feng, the terrifying genius who came back to life.
After Mei Bing reported these things to the senior members of the Mei family, they would certainly think about their relationship with the Yun family again.

The Mei family was one of the three largest families in Chunfeng Town.
Speaking of the three large families in Chunfeng Town, they were all different as well.
According to the richness of their backgrounds, the Yun family undoubtedly deserved to be the first, while the Mei family was the second and the Lin family the last.

The Mei family wasn’t as lucky as the Yun family which had one summoner.
However, there were always some talents among the warriors and mages of the Mei family.
Each generation had a couple of them, which made the status of the Mei family in Chunfeng Town stable.
After the Yun family moved to the Imperial Capital, the Mei family became the top family in Chunfeng Town.
They were well-deserved in both wealth and strength.
Of course, the Mei family had once been jealous of the Yun family’s luck.
They had a summoner.
There were only five in total on the East Continent.
The status of the Karan Empire rose greatly because of the Yun family’s summoner and the Yun family also kept advancing and soared up into the sky.

Even though the members of the Mei family envied the Yun family, they were all calm.
They knew their strength.
Unlike the other people who were jealous, the Mei family was extremely cool in this respect.


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