Chapter 346: International Competition (3)

Murong Yuntian stood there, slightly stunned.
He seemed to be taller, and even more handsome than before.
His facial features were in perfect distribution.
Yun Feng examined him remotely, and found that he had risen to level 9.
He was only level 8 last time they fought, yet he had risen to level 9 in such a short amount of time.
He was indeed a genius.

After nodding, Yun Feng turned around and was about to leave.
She didn’t have time for this love drama.
However, before she walked away, Murong Yuntian had called out to her, “Yun Feng!”

Yun Feng stopped and turned around.
Kasa gnashed her teeth, but didn’t dare to say anything.
She could only stand aside in frustration, while watching the man she loved staring at another woman affectionately.
“Anything I can help you with?” asked Yun Feng casually.

Murong Yuntian noticed Lan Yi, who was by Yun Feng’s side, and was obviously unhappy.
He turned solemn.
Lan Yi raised its brows, and detected the pressure from Murong Yuntian.
It looked back at him.

“Who is he?” Murong Yuntian stared at Lan Yi, who was as handsome as himself.
More importantly, Lan Yi was standing intimately with Yun Feng, which provoked Murong Yuntian.
He didn’t know what was wrong with him, but he was somehow enraged when he saw a male by Yun Feng’s side.

“A friend of mine.
What’s the matter?” said Yun Feng briefly.
Lan Yi glanced at Yun Feng, and felt happy that its master called it a friend even though it was just a Magic Beast.

Murong Yuntian frowned.
Seeing the impatience on Yun Feng’s face, he knew that he overstepped the border.

“Congratulations, summoner,” said Murong Yuntian.
Yun Feng smiled and said, “Thank you.
Congratulations on your promotion too.”

Murong Yuntian gazed at Yun Feng, dazed.
Yun Feng turned around and left without saying another word.
Looking at her slim body and her hair that fluttered behind her, Murong Yuntian suddenly thought that if possible, he should go back to the Murong family and discuss the matter with his father.

Kasa had been standing aside in silence and staring at Yun Feng with the eyes of a viper.
She glanced at Murong Yuntian’s expression, and lowered her head bitterly.
The man she had pursued for a long time was stolen so easily.
Why was she not as attractive as Yun Feng? Damn it! Damn it!

Hardly had Yun Feng left the garden when she felt that the Sound Transmission Jade was buzzing inside the bracelet.
She looked around and saw that nobody was around, so she simply took out the jade, which glittered and sent out Mu Xiaojin’s voice, “Xiao Feng…”

Yun Feng’s heart somehow raced.
“Xiaojin, did something happen?”

The Sound Transmission Jade glittered again, but this time, it wasn’t Mu Xiaojin’s voice, but Yun Sheng’s.
“Feng, we’re in the street of grocery stores in the north.
You’d better come.”

Yun Sheng sounded rather reluctant.
The Sound Transmission Jade glittered again.
“Qu Lanyi… Something is wrong about her.”

Yun Feng was rather shocked, wondering what was wrong with Qu Lanyi.
Did she do something appalling again? Yun Feng had a strong headache when she thought of the things that Qu Lanyi could’ve possibly done.
She looked at the north.
The street was quite far away.
The fastest way to get there was…

Lan Yi extended his arms and held Yun Feng carefully between them.
His wings suddenly appeared, unfolded and flapped! The blue patterns on the white wings were very bright and beautiful.
Lan Yi soon rose to the sky.
The handsome man who flew in the sky with his wings looked like an angel.

Little Fire snorted and simply flashed into Yun Feng’s Ring of Contract.
If it were to run out of the royal palace alone, many people in the royal palace would’ve been horrified to death.

Lan Yi flapped its wings and took Yun Feng to the north of the capital in a blue streak of light.
After they were gone, two people slowly walked out.
The girl gazed in the direction where Lan Yi disappeared in fascination.
“Is that a summoner and her contracted Magic Beast? It’s so pretty…”

The middle-aged man behind the girl also looked at the direction where Yun Feng left.
“If you like it, princess, you can have a Magic Beast too.

The girl suddenly became cold.
“You think I’m as stupid as others? Humph.
A mount? What’s the point of a mount? It’s just useless!”

The middle-aged man stopped talking, and the girl suddenly curled her lips.
“If I can get the summoner’s Ring of Contract…”

The middle-aged man’s face was stiffened.
He glanced at the girl, and then quickly withdrew his gaze.
The girl seemed to have thought of something delightful, as she was wearing an obvious smile.
Yet, the middle-aged man felt coldness spreading in his heart.

The north of the capital was where the civilians lived.
There were grocery stores that were prepared for the civilians.
Although the items in those stores were nothing remarkable, their prices were affordable for civilians, who bought most of the stuff they needed here.
So the street of grocery stores was busy every day.

There was a famous section on the street that sold bizarre items.
Although most of the items were fake, it was still rather popular among civilians.
Unlike the nobles who could play with rare treasures, the civilians could only appreciate and enjoy the items here.
The door of the store was opened, and Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin walked out.
They caught a lot of attention as they seemed like an attractive couple.
Qu Lanyi followed them.
However, she looked quite weird at this moment.
Her face was cold as if everybody else were her enemy.
And she emitted a pressure that prevented anyone else from approaching her.

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