Chapter 341: Revelation (4)

“Keep your distance!” Little Fire howled at the kids who were trying to approach.
Its wolf face, which was not cute to begin with, as well as its scary expressions, prevented the kids from getting close.
Some even flinched and cried on the spot.
Yun Feng smiled helplessly.
A summoner’s Magic Beasts only obeyed the summoner.
They were proud.
Not to mention that Little Fire was a mutated Magic Beast.
It wouldn’t show mercy to anyone except Yun Feng.

If Yun Feng weren’t here, Little Fire wouldn’t mind slapping away the people who were trying to approach it.
Did they consider it a harmless rabbit? It was certainly not!

The three people and the beast disappeared from everyone’s sight while they watched.
Everybody hadn’t recovered from the shock of an unexpected summoner yet.
That mysterious Fire Cloud Wolf, in particular, had breathtaking eyes.
The interaction between the summoner and her Magic Beast made people look forward to the mysterious and powerful profession.

“I wish I could be a summoner…” mumbled a boy, while he gazed at Yun Feng’s back in fascination.
Nobody else said anything, but they seemed to be thinking the same.
A summoner… How wonderful it would be if they could become a summoner?

Yun Feng didn’t hide at all on her way back.
Little Fire walked lazily next to her, and emitted a strong pressure.
Lan Yi wouldn’t have been as scary.
After all, it had transformed into a human being every time, because its true form was too big to be assumed.
On the other hand, Little Fire didn’t like to transform even though it could.
It always showed up as a Magic Beast, which puzzled Yun Feng.

It was fine even if Little Fire didn’t transform.
Yun Feng didn’t want to hide her identity as a summoner anymore.
The Magic Beast was a great help for her to amaze everyone!

On their way, the three members of the Yun family were accompanied by exclamations and screams.
Little Fire had no time to bother the easily-surprised human beings, who were just weaklings that it could smash away easily.
It wasn’t interested in anybody unless they were as strong as itself, so that it could whet its fangs and claws on them.
Getting to the bottom of it, Little Fire was a battle maniac.

They returned to the territory of the rich and the powerful in the south.
The guards were completely dumbfounded to see Little Fire with them.
The people who had been tailing Yun Feng all stopped, as they weren’t allowed to trespass.
They could only watch the Yuns disappear into the territory, and heave a helpless sigh.
Someone suddenly said, “The summoner belongs to the Yun family.
She’s the second summoner in her family! I wish I could join the Yun family!”

Everybody nodded in agreement.
To enter the Yun family meant to get in touch with the summoner and to see the Magic Beast she contracted all the time!

The soldiers of the Yun Army didn’t expect that their young lady and young master would return with not just their lord, but also a Magic Beast!

The soldiers were all dumbfounded, with eyes widened as those of bulls.
One of them asked ignorantly, “Young Lady, did you just buy this? Is it your mount or your pet?” The soldier couldn’t help but glance at Meatball on Yun Feng’s shoulder.
That thing must be a pet, so this one should be a mount.

“Boy, shut up if you don’t want to die!” roared Little Fire impatiently.
The soldier gasped so hard that he almost choked.
Another soldier had to hit his back hard so that he could breathe again.
He whispered to the soldier, “It was truly bold of you to ask that.”

Little Fire narrowed its black eyes, and sent out such a dangerous signal that all the soldiers of the Yun Army couldn’t help but step back.
Some of the soldiers keenly noticed the dark red ring on Yun Feng’s finger.
Their eyes were widened, and they suddenly pointed at their own fingers.
The other soldiers realized their implication, and all glanced at her finger.
Then, they were so startled that they had goosebumps all over their body.

Seriously? Their Young Lady was already shockingly strong.
Yet, she was also a summoner?

One of the soldiers wanted to say something, but another soldier immediately covered his mouth.
Seeing their hilarious behavior, Yun Feng smiled.
“What’s the matter? Is it strange that I’m a summoner?”

All soldiers of the Yun Army shook their heads at the same time.
Yun Feng was quite amused.
“I’m just the same person as I used to be even though I’ve become a summoner.”

Hearing that, the soldiers of the Yun Army were all touched.
Yun Feng was still wearing the same gentle smile.
She was as beautiful as before.
Nothing about their young lady had changed, except that she had a new remarkable title, and… a rather ferocious-looking Magic Beast.

“Yes, ma’am!” The soldiers of the Yun family all stood straight and shouted.
Yun Feng smiled.
Yun Jing and Yun Sheng also smiled in delight.
Yun Feng was already a pillar of the family.
Although Yun Jing was the patriarch, Yun Feng was the person that the soldiers of the Yun Army admired, and the person in which Yun Jing and Yun Sheng’s hope lay.
If the Yun family could be compared to a growing tree, then Yun Jing would be its root and Yun Feng would be the nutrition that the tree depended on!

“It seems that Yun Feng, our summoner, is back, right?” The gate of the Yun family was opened, and a person walked in slowly.
The old butler followed him nervously, and said to Yun Jing, “My lord…”

The newcomer waved his hand.
The three members of the Yun family looked at the stranger who had come uninvited.
The man was young, but seemed reliable and mature.
His eyes seemed clever too.
He also evinced a natural pressure when he was not talking.
Yun Feng considered for a moment and easily realized who he was.

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