Chapter 340: Revelation (3)

Yun Jing didn’t say anything, but simply observed carefully.
After confirming that the Magic Beast on the street was the same as a certain Magic Beast he remembered, he also noticed the girl who was standing next to it.
She was none other than Feng! That Magic Beast was Little Fire that she had contracted! Did something happen?!

Thinking about that, Yun Jing became gloomy and left without thinking.
Seeing that, the man pulled his arm.
“Where are you going, Brother Yun? We’re not done drinking yet.”

Yun Jing managed a smile.
He found it really annoying to socialize with those people.
“My kids are looking for me.
I must go.
Goodbye!” he said quickly and left in a hurry, without giving the man another opportunity to talk.
The man didn’t insist at all, but simply let Yun Jing leave.
After Yun Jing left, he put on a mocking smile and looked down.
“Tamers? Just a bunch of Mr.

After the man’s whisper, someone suddenly opened the door and came in with sweat all over his forehead.
The man frowned unhappily and asked, “What’s going on?”

The person who rushed in took a few deep breaths, and finally said in a low voice, “My lord, a summoner has appeared!”

“What did you say?” The man changed his expression and stepped forward.
“Where? What’s their name? Which family are they from?”

The newcomer took another few deep breaths to calm himself down, before he finally replied, “The Yun family.”

Hardly had he said that when the man rushed back to the window and stared down at the Magic Beast that was surrounded by the crowd as well as the girl next to it, almost sticking his face to the glass.
His eyes glittered again.
Finally, when he saw Yun Jing running to the girl, he clenched his fists and smashed the glass, causing a huge noise.
“The Yun family… The Yun family again…”

Yun Jing ran all the way forward.
He was dumbfounded, wondering why Feng appeared in front of so many people with Little Fire.
After Yun Jing came close, Yun Feng and Yun Sheng saw their father immediately.
Yun Jing looked slightly awful when he saw his kids.
The crowd were rather curious to see him.
“He’s the summoner’s father! Look, look!”

Yun Jing’s face looked a lot grimmer.
Seeing that, Yun Sheng dropped a hint at Yun Feng, who nodded and patted Little Fire again.
Little Fire pulled a long face.
“Master, seriously?”

Yun Feng smiled and squeezed Little Fire’s ears, making it shake its head quickly.
Their natural and intimate interaction astounded the audience, whose eyes were all glittering.
“Did you see that? As expected of a summoner.
She’s so close to her Magic Beast…”

“I wish I could do that…”

“Stop dreaming! You think everybody can be a summoner? It’s been hundreds of years since the last summoner appeared.
Damn it.
Am I too excited?”

The Vice President of the Tamers’ Union was completely pale.
A summoner, whom all tamers envied and hated, had appeared! In the past hundreds of years when there were no summoners, tamers were gods to the people.
Nobody knew Magic Beasts better than they did.
However, it all ended at this moment.
The appearance of another summoner had ended the tamers’ advantages and glory for hundreds of years!

The tamers are doomed… That’s the only thought that the middle-aged man had.
Yun Feng, on the other hand, didn’t even bother to look at him.
Little Fire trotted to Yun Jing.
It was somehow uncomfortable when everybody was watching it.
“You… Come on up,” said Little Fire.
Yun Jing was stunned for a moment.
Yun Sheng couldn’t help but smile, as Little Fire had carried him by holding him in its mouth earlier.

Little Fire mumbled angrily, as it was taking over Lan Yi’s job.
It had barely fought since it became its master’s Magic Beast.
Although it was significantly stronger than before, it had to work as a mount… It didn’t want to be ridden by anyone except its master! However, since this man was her father, it probably had to deal with it…

The obvious impatience and agitation in Little Fire’s eyes made Yun Jing scared.
Should he really hop on? If he did, would this Magic Beast tear him apart in fury? Yun Jing said anxiously, “Feng, that’s unnecessary.
Let’s just walk.
We’ll talk after we go home.”

Little Fire was clearly relieved.
Not bad.
This man wasn’t too stupid.
Yun Feng nodded.
Little Fire hadn’t planned to return to the Ring of Contract.
It had few opportunities to come out, and didn’t breathe as much fresh air as Lan Yi did, which bummed it.
Seeing its expression, Meatball made a noise from Yun Feng’s shoulder.
Little Fire then bared its fangs and snarled at Meatball, asking it to get away!

Meatball grimaced back without giving in.
It was as scary as Little Fire.
It also snarled, as if it were saying, red-haired guy, get the hell out of here.

Yun Feng smiled.
Those two Magic Beasts didn’t seem to like each other.
“Little Fire, no need to go back.
You’ll be free in the future.” Yun Feng sent the telepathic message, and Little Fire looked at her in delight.
It didn’t have to go back? Haha.
It didn’t need to hide any longer? Haha, finally, it could walk around in public!

“Hooooo…” Little Fire raised its head and howled in excitement.
The howl was so astounding that the audience were taken aback and shivered.
The Vice President of the Tamers’ Union shivered too, and felt the essential difference between a summoner’s Magic Beast and a tamer’s again.

The three members of the Yun family, along with the dark red Fire Cloud Wolf, gradually moved away.
The audience automatically made way for them.
Some little kids were ignorantly curious about Little Fire, and tried to touch it as Yun Feng did.
The interaction between her and the Magic Beast let them forget that Little Fire was a ferocious Magic Beast in nature.

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