“Yun Feng.” Yun Feng told them her name indifferently.
Mei Bing was immediately shocked.
He looked at the girl before him with his black eyes filled with astonishment and he couldn’t help but murmur, “Yun Feng, Yun Feng… She’s still alive…”


Seeing Mei Bing’s face, Yun Feng only raised her eyebrows.
News about Yun Feng dying and being reborn had already circulated around Chunfeng Town.
Most people didn’t believe it.
They thought the Yun family deliberately made this up and were unwilling to accept reality.
After all, how could a dead person be reborn? And yet, Yun Feng was indeed alive and she was standing right here looking fine.
The Mei family had always been doubtful about it, but after Mei Bing returned, the senior members of the Mei family would know that Yun Feng was indeed alive.

“Yun… Yun Feng! You’re Yun Feng?!” What was unexpected was Murong Ran’s expression.
After hearing Yun Feng’s name, she was like she saw a ghost.
She pointed at Yun Feng with her eyes wide open, looking very shocked.

Yun Feng looked at her with her black eyes as calm as water.
Why was Murong Ran so surprised? Did she know Yun Feng?

“God, God… Weren’t… Weren’t you dead? Why… Why are you still alive? What should I do? What should I do?” Murong Ran’s tone made Yun Feng frown uncomfortably.
Why did she sound like she hoped Yun Feng was dead?

Murong Ran was in panic at this moment.
Her eyes glittered slightly when she looked at Yun Feng.
The Murong family sent her to Chunfeng Town to do something and Yun Feng’s death was the key that caused this thing.
However, she had never thought that Yun Feng would be alive.
How could a dead person possibly be reborn?

Murong Ran struggled in her mind.
She might not be able to finish what she had to do.
She had to report this to her father immediately and see how they should deal with it next!

Murong Ran surprisingly didn’t say anything else along the way, as if she had become dumb, but she still kept glancing at Yun Feng with a complicated look from time to time.

Yun Feng had never turned around to look at Murong Ran.
She walked in the front with big steps.
Even so, she could still sense Murong Ran’s small movements with her mental strength.

Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened slightly.
Murong Ran definitely knew her.
An outsider came to Chunfeng Town with an unknown purpose and her tone just then sounded like Yun Feng ruined her big plans because she was alive.
Thinking of this, Yun Feng’s face couldn’t help but become a little colder.
If someone wanted to do something to the Yun family, she would let them know that they would have to pay a hundred times for one move!

They walked out of the outermost area of the Foggy Forest after a while and saw the road nearby.
Mei Bing and the servants of the Mei family couldn’t help but feel relieved.
They were finally out.

“The Foggy Forest? Even a level-5 Magic Beast ran away…” Murong Ran glared at the forest in disdain, as if this mysterious and dangerous place people talked about was like the grove at her home.
She beat a severely injured level-5 Fire Cloud Wolf to death and a level-5 Purple Electric Leopard ran away all of a sudden.
Everything made this Young Lady feel like she was pretty impressive and she started looking down on Magic Beasts instead.

Yun Feng heard her.
A level-5 Magic Beast ran away? She knew which one they encountered after pondering for a bit in her mind and she could imagine its funny expression and moves.
She smiled helplessly.
The Purple Electric Leopard was quite smart.
It knew it had to hide from her.

Yun Feng guess was totally right.
The Purple Electric Leopard only ran away in panic because it sensed Yun Feng.
It could only sigh for its bad luck.
It finally met a group of people that it could use to vent its anger.
And yet, it had never thought this little girl was nearby.
The Purple Electric Leopard wasn’t dumb.
When it wasn’t strong enough to fight with her, it would hide!

So, if it weren’t for Yun Feng, this group of people would have already been dead in the mouth of the Purple Electric Leopard.
How would Murong Ran still have extra energy to despise the Foggy Forest?

Yun Feng suddenly remembered something.
When the others weren’t paying attention, Yun Feng took out a fluffy fur ball from the bracelet.
Once the meatball was taken out by Yun Feng, it immediately widened its big round eyes and looked at Yun Feng, as if it was complaining, which startled Yun Feng a bit.

“You should go back, even though I don’t know why you followed me.” Yun Feng put the meatball on the ground and asked it to go back into the Foggy Forest, then strode forward.
And yet, she turned around after walking a few steps and she saw that little meatball was still following her.

“You…” Yun Feng was a little frustrated.
The meatball was chubby and its body that was covered with white fur was extremely cute.
It intentionally looked at Yun Feng with a pitiful face like it was being abandoned, which made Yun Feng very speechless.
This was the first time they met.
Why did it look like she abandoned it?

“So cute!” Following an exclamation, the meatball was picked up by a hand.
Its big round eyes immediately moved around constantly and its claws also kept waving in the air.


Yun Feng looked at the person who picked up the meatball.
it was Murong Ran.
She was pinching the meatball’s neck with two fingers right now.
She seemed to like it a lot.
She then looked at Yun Feng opposite to her and lifted her chin.
“Hey, make an offer.
I want it.”

Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes slightly and felt annoyed by this arrogant and domineering girl before her.
Mei Bing also came over and was a bit confused when he saw Murong Ran holding something in her hand.
However, after hearing what Murong Ran said, he frowned.

“This doesn’t sound good.
It belongs to her after all.
This…” What was the difference between this and robbing?

“I’m already saving her face by buying it.
Hey! Make an offer!”


Yun Feng’s face turned completely cold.
She always thought a person would have certain knowledge and at least have some respect for others, but the woman in front of her taught Yun Feng a lesson.
If a person was shameless, there could be no limit!

“It’s not for sale!”

Murong Ran’s face turned dark.
She held the meatball with her fingers and swung it.
“Not for sale? Haha, okay, this thing is in my hands.
If you don’t sell it to me, I’ll squeeze it to death!”

She was already so ruthless at such a young age.
As Murong Ran grew up, she had been spoiled by the elders of the Murong family to a nearly deformed state.
If she couldn’t get something, then others couldn’t get it either!

Yun Feng’s face immediately became cold.
She looked at the meatball that was constantly rolling in Murong Ran’s hands.
She didn’t believe that the meatball couldn’t get rid of this girl.
After all, she had seen the meatball’s terrifying speed with her own eyes.
However, why wasn’t the meatball trying to escape at all right now? Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated.
The meatball obviously wanted her to help!


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