Chapter 338: Revelation (1)

More and more people were attracted to the drama because of the participation of tamers, who weren’t as rare and mysterious as summoners, but were still reasonably intriguing.
They were envied because they could deal with Magic Beasts.
Also, their capabilities were easier to understand.
They were more popular and renowned than summoners, who hadn’t emerged since hundreds of years earlier.

“They’re truly tamers.
It isn’t easy to meet them…”

“If they fight, will we see Magic Beasts here?”

The audience discussed, and looked at the middle-aged man curiously in admiration.
The middle-aged man chuckled with a cold smile.
“Little girl, you think you can get away after offending a tamer?”

Yun Feng smiled, and wasn’t bothered at all.
The young man nearby cried in dissatisfaction, “My master is the Vice President of the Tamers’ Union.
Girl, there’s still time to apologize! Do you know how strong Magic Beasts are? If you don’t want them to rip your throat out, apologize now!”

Yun Feng glanced at him and simply said, “Ignorant and stupid.”

The middle-aged man clearly lost his cool.
Usually, he was the one who was respected and obeyed.
Even the Karan Royal Family respected him.
“What an arrogant girl.
Let’s see if you can remain arrogant in the presence of a Magic Beast!”

Brutality flashed on the middle-aged man’s face, and the young man next to him laughed.
Obviously, the middle-aged man was going to do something.
There were whispers in the crowd too.
They all looked at the middle-aged man curiously.
The tamer was going to take action.
A Magic Beast was coming!

“Come out!” roared the middle-aged man.
Suddenly, part of his skin glowed, and a huge Rock Lizard appeared in front of the crowd.
The lizard had the skin color of rocks, and was almost thirty meters long.
The audience stepped back upon the appearance of the lizard, which was letting out hoarse noises.

The crowd was excited.
A Magic Beast! A Magic Beast had appeared in the flesh!

The Rock Lizard, crouching on the ground, opened its mouth at Yun Feng, without the slightest aggressiveness.
The Magic Beasts that were domesticated by tamers had lost their combat ability, and could serve as a mount or an unusual pet at best.
However, the ordinary people didn’t know that, and thought that the tamers were awesome enough to rein the Magic Beasts.
They all exclaimed, which made the middle-aged man feel better.
Yun Feng, however, burst into laughter after seeing the scene.

Hahahaha!” Looking at the Rock Lizard, which was big, but as cowardly as a rat, Yun Feng laughed so hard that she was almost weeping.
The middle-aged man became gloomy, and the young man next to him cursed aloud, “Bi*ch, what are you laughing at!”

It wasn’t easy for Yun Feng to stop laughing.
She coldly stared at the two men.
“I’m laughing at you, who don’t realize your identity as counterfeits!”

“I beg your pardon…” Veins on the young man’s neck were protruding when he heard that.
The middle-aged man became grim and waved his hand.
While everybody was watching, another part of his skin glowed, and an enormous Cloud Splitting Leopard showed up in front of everything, making a lot of people change their expression.

The Cloud Splitting Leopard carried beautiful patterns that looked like clouds on its fur.
Such Magic Beasts were very fast and looked very awesome.
They were the most popular species for the tamers.
They were often used as mounts.
Most esteemed members of the Karan Royal Family rode Cloud Splitting Leopards.

After the Cloud Splitting Leopard appeared, it stared at Yun Feng with its yellow eyes, without the ferocity of a beast at all.
In Yun Feng’s eyes, it was just an obedient kitten, but the crowd who were watching exclaimed again, “Oh my god! Two Magic Beasts! They look so awesome…”

“What do you think? He’s a tamer! That’s a bigshot! This girl is going to suffer!”

“I think so too.
Little girl, you should apologize to this tamer right now!”

Yun Feng heard all that they were saying.
Meatball, who was on Yun Feng’s shoulder, raised its head and grimaced at the audience, baring its fangs.
Quite a few of the audience were intimidated.
The man whose hair was gray put on a smile after seeing Meatball.
“Little girl, are you a tamer too?”

Yun Feng raised her brows and gave him a casual smile.
“A tamer? I’m not a counterfeit like you.”

“Master! Teach her a lesson! She has no respect for you at all!” cried the young man.

Yun Feng glanced at him impatiently, and took out the red Ring of Contract.
The moment the middle-aged man saw the ring in Yun Feng’s hand, he narrowed his eyes and trembled hard!

“That’s…” The middle-aged man’s lips trembled.
He gazed at the ring in Yun Feng’s hand.
Yun Feng smiled, and slowly put the ring on her finger, which silenced everybody.
At this moment, even the sound of a needle hitting the ground would be heard clearly.

Everybody held their breath as they watched the girl put on the ring.
The mysterious dark-red ring and the strange patterns on it made their heart pound.
Some opened their mouths, but could not utter a single syllable.
All of them stared at the ring on the girl’s finger, blushing.

“I have Magic Beasts too,” said Yun Feng casually.
Then she roared, “Little Fire, come out!” Under her instruction, a dark red streak of light flashed out of the Ring of Contract.
After the light was gone, the temperature suddenly rose.
Many people had sweat on their foreheads.
The middle-aged man who stood opposite her swallowed hard.

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